Yoga for women's health,What yoga needs women to be free of disease.

Yoga for women’s health,What yoga needs women to be free of disease.

Yoga is very effective for staying physically and mentally positive. The practice of yoga also awakens the energy hidden inside the cells of every cell in the body.

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What do we mean by good health? Health is a combination of physical, mental, nutritional and behavioral wellness! There may be a whole host of health problems in one’s throat. Especially, if girls have mental problems there.

To meet serious physical problems. Starts giving. Meanwhile, whose mental structure. Be strong, his physical problems will be less. | Just as the body receives nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals, it is essential for mental nutrition to be honest in its use.

Yoga for women's health,What yoga needs women to be free of disease.

If you are mentally strong, you have to be positive. Because the body becomes bad when it becomes bad Weak. So physically and mentally. | Jegason is very positive in terms of being positive. | Effective. Jegason is addicted to the body Hiding in the cells of each cell Power is also awakened.

As a result, it starts to decline. Boredom Reduces physical and mental discomfort! The brain is engulfed in utmost peace and bliss. Patience increases. | 10 minutes a day in the seat and | After 10 minutes pranayama changes the body and mind.

The spine returns to the spine. Various bone fractures are alleviated, the problems caused by hormone changes are also reduced. Muscle movements | Comes back See this change in the body The change comes in mind. Well, physically and mentally back.

Changes come in eating habits too. Exaggerated | Food intake is reduced. There is also a tendency to consume oily and fatty foods. Remember that at any age you can perform jayasana and pranayama So get a seat today.

Any seat between the ages of 20 and 40 years


Get dressed. Two hands Set it up and move it forward. Now, with your spine adjusted, sit down in a chair and slowly lower your waist. The posture of the body throughout the meta story Much will be in the opinion of the ‘Da’ of Bengal. However.

The hand will be on the stern in the front. Be careful, the chest is arranged. Now count to ten, keeping your breathing normal. | Get back in shape and back again. Return to physical location. Thus You have to do it three times.


Fold the legs from two knees, lying on the floor and bring the ankles to the buttocks in two pairs. This time, with two hands, the cheekbones of the foot hold tightly to the chest and thighs above the ground. | Pull towards Be careful, the floor

As if sticking with the soil. The sight will be in front and neck at the back. Is normal Breathe into your mind ten times. Slowly. You can count up to thirty slowly

After 40 Years

Yoga for women's health,What yoga needs women to be free of disease.


If you are not accustomed to regular jogging, go for a quick walk at first. First, bend down or pressure on the abdomen Lie down Now fold the elbow and place the two hands along the neck line.

We read a lot of story books. The way I put my hand. Now hold the chest slightly higher. Then quietly. Take a deep breath and exhale. In this case, think ten times in your mind.

After a few days, the pain can subside, following the rules. That is, lift the elbow from the ground, lift the upper part of the body from the navel to the head with the mass on the palm of the hand.

Now those whose body is a little heavier, the problem of keeping the chest in such a way. That is, they push the elbows to the ground and lift the chest as high as possible. |

In this way, slowly lift the chest ten times and release it. Come back to the house and return to Bhujangasan again. And gradually increase the response time for breathing and exhalation


This seat is for anyone. Can do First, cry out and lie down. Now fold your right knee. Then bring the knees to the chest with folded hands with two hands. Going crazy is not as easy as it sounds.

So hold the folded knees close to the chest and hold the knees with two hands. However, be aware that in the confused state, the left-handed palm should be the right-handed elbow and the right-handed palm left.

The elbow touches the hand. Keep breathing normal. Think in this situation. Think ten times. When the knee is finished, the left knee should be folded and the chest and abdomen should be held tight. About This seat works very well in all kinds of abdominal cramps.

Regardless of age, rest for at least 5 seconds in each room after taking a seat. |


Lie down and spread the legs wide. The hands are anatomical on both sides of the body

Keep in mind the cheetos will be loose. Lying in the opinion of the deceased, thinking that the hands, feet, body have disappeared.

That seat as many times. And as long as you practice, you should rest exactly as often as you like and in the shower. Breathing will be normal. Now let us come to Pranayama. Pranayama can be performed at any age.


Sit in comfort and close your eyes. Stay that way for a while. You will feel calm. Then the right finger with the finger in the right hand. Close your nose and breathe with your left nose.

Holding the breath with the right hand ring finger. With the left nose closed, remove the finger from the right nose. Now with the right nose. Exhale and breathe again with the right nose and pull it with the left nose. This way you have to do five minutes.


First, sitting in Bajrasana with the fingers of two hands open the ears and eyes closed. Please. Then after breathing through the nose. Breath of the eyebrow according to the nose to breathe.

When leaving, a kind of vibration will be felt on the ear screen. With the breath. Repeat this procedure six times without breathing.

Yoga for women's health,What yoga needs women to be free of disease.
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