Worm Problems? Easy way for kids to deal with worms

Worm Problems? Easy way for kids to deal with worms |

Worm infections are a very common occurrence in children. So if you do not follow the rules of health, you will have to relieve it.

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It is often seen, that the member of the house is not in a good mood. Irritation with the anus, occasional abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea.

Many people think of this problem, the body from the abdomen to the stomach. Doing bad But these are signs. Worms may appear. Worm problems in children are not new. But let’s do it. How to know that.

Why worm problem?

Pediatrician Dr. Wonderful. Ghees said, “Usually worms enter the body of children through excreta, nail dirt, etc.” Drinking water also worms. Infection can occur. ” A lot of Children play hands to play. Gives, even toys, in the mouth Drop it On the ground again.

At the base. But through him, the worm can enter the body. The worm infection begins when the baby starts to crawl or learn to walk. So keep an eye on when the child is on the ground.

Worm Problems? Easy way for kids to deal with worms

What do you understand?

Worms usually in children. No symptoms of infection can be seen that way. But there may be some abnormalities. For example, it is one of the symptoms of frequent abdominal pain and loss of appetite.

If it is found that the child does not want to eat or if he has pain in his stomach, then the doctor. Have to take advice.

Many children spit again or need to spit, spit, bite. Worm infestation increases but such symptoms are seen. At times, worms also come out through the mall. So you have to look at the stool.

Can also be tested

To see if there are worms. Stool exaggeration can also be done. In that case, the stool should be examined not once a day, but three consecutive days. Worms can be confirmed in the barrel.

But at times. Worms are not detected in this experiment. Then take action according to the doctor’s advice. Give medicine to needed.


Pediatrician Dr. Chun Gangopadhyay said that from the age of three, worms can be fed regularly at the age of six months. Usually twelve years old. Until feeding this drug. Goes In addition, it is important to adhere to hygiene. Keeping your baby clean is also essential to prevent worm infections.

Adhere to that hygiene

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before changing your baby’s food, water, or even nappy. You can also use hand sanitizer
  • The baby must be well soaped when playing outside or at home. Wash her hands and feet with.
  • Keeping your baby’s nails clean is also important. Cut the baby’s nails for a few days. Take care, he is. Don’t eat nails. Worms can enter the body from the dirt that accumulates in the nails.
  • Bring fruits, herbs from the market and soak them in water Although worm problems are normal, it is best to suppress them. Then the child will not suffer. For this, everyone in the family must follow hygiene.
Worm Problems? Easy way for kids to deal with worms

Urgent thing

  • Sharing the child must be taught. But how much, teach that too. As it turns out, your child’s hands are clean. But the food that his friend played from his hand is not clean. Worms can also be infected with it. So if someone gives something, he should not take it immediately and take it. But eat it right in front of you at home. |
  • Apart from you, everyone else in the household who catches the baby or his belongings, cleanliness is also important.
  • Do not wash chips or cakes in the street or wash your hands. Keep hand sanitizer with you to give it alone. Provide food only if the child’s hand sanitizes.
  • The baby should also be aware of the clothes and nappies during the slaughter. Crush it with soap, wash with antiseptic, of course.
  • Give your baby water to boil well.

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