Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain

Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain|

The secret to the problem of pancreatitis may be hidden behind the abdominal distress. What is this pancreatitis? How to avoid it?

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Surprisingly mousumi one day began to crawl into the stomach of an impossible stomach. The intensity of the agony was so great that the hands and feet of the monsoon were getting colder. There was vomiting.

All the tests after he was taken to the hospital. Is done It is known that there is no common cause of abdominal pain. Seasonal suffers from acute pancreatitis.

What is pancreatitis?

Pancreas is a Greek word. Which means’ All Flesh. Pancreas. An important part of the body. The name of the pancreas in Bengal is the pancreas. Making digestive juices or enzymes. Which helps us digest our food. Sugars, Amish and Affection … These three types of foods help digestion.

Again with pancreas, some doctors have intestine or intestinal infections. Through which the digestive tract of pancreas reaches the gut. Then the process of digestion begins. This is called the exocrine pancreas. Another function of the pancreas is to produce insulin or blood sugar controlling hormone.

Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain

It is called the endocrine pancreas. It is usually inactivated in the pancreas after the formation of the digestive tract or enzymes. They are activated only after reaching the gut. And the ability to digest food is created. But if for some reason stay in the pancreas.

When the enzymes become active, they begin to digest the pancreas gland itself. This process of digestion results in inflammatory mediators. Which helps with inflammation or inflammation. This inflammation of the pancreas is called pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis types

Inflammation in the pancreas can be of two types. One is sudden inflammation or acute pancreatitis. The second is slow inflammation or chronic pancreatitis.

The reason for the Disease

Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain

Acute pancreatitis can occur for a variety of reasons. The main cause of this is called bile stones and excessive drinking. Acute pancreatitis is more common in women due to gallstones. And in the case of men due to alcohol.

In addition, the lipid or calcium levels in the body can be increased by this rag. Even if the fire is somehow hurt, this rage is likely. Remain In addition to drugs. Doctors think the rage can be caused by side effects such as steroids, viral infections, and some surgical side effects.

Acute pancreatitis is also likely to be caused by a genetic or unknown cause. Drinking is one of the most important causes of chronic pancreatitis. Because. Other than that. Due to pancreas ducts. If blocked, the digestive tract does not reach the gut. In those cases, the possibility of chronic pancreatitis.


Acute pancreatitis causes severe pain in the abdomen. Beginning on the abdomen, the pain gradually spreads to the abdominal cavity, including the stomach. Chest pain can also occur on the chest.

In many cases, again with severe pain, vomiting occurs. Gastroenterologists say that the severity of pancreatitis causes very little pain. Without pancreatitis, the blood supply to the gut stops, and it is dead. It is a severe pain even after becoming.

Chronic pancreatitis. In cases, there is frequent abdominal pain. Food is not digested weight loss. Diabetes can occur. The digestive boss in the gut does not reach, say, Pratin or. Abdominal problems start with eating fatty foods. There are frequent stools.

Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain


Many complications can arise from pancreatitis. For example, if the pancreas is damaged, the digestive tract that is in the pancreas can cause problems. (SIRS). As a result, the blood vessels that are in the gutta body lose their ability to hold blood or fluid.

The blood vessels begin to leak in it. Rigi’s shock is created by leaking fluid. The shock caused the initial death toll. There are actually three parts to acute pancreatitis. Mild, Moderate and Seaver. About 90 percent of patients are covered by Mild or Moderate.

About 10 percent of patients have severe pancreatitis. In this case, there is a high risk of death. There is a lack. With the body of the SIRS Hall. The main five organs, namely, the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, can slowly develop.

  • The likelihood of diabetes Remain.
  • The gall bladder becomes thin. As a result, the fear of being jaundice also remains.
  • If chronic pancreatitis is prolonged, the pancreas can also cause cancer.


This rag is usually detected by examining amylase and lipase enzymes in the blood. In the urine Amount of amylase can also be seen.

Apart from this, the overall status of Disease and Disease is estimated by looking at blood, overall test (CBC), blood sugar levels, calcium levels, creatinine levels, liver enzyme levels (ALT, AST). Intracranetogram. And even after scanning the city, the structural condition of the pancreas is poor.


Sudden inflammation in the pancreas is an emergency. As soon as possible, the hospital has to start treatment. Remember, it is good to have Reggie admitted to a hospital that has ICU facilities. Because at that point. As the various organs of reggae begin to fade, respiratory problems may arise.

Why is Stomach Pain? How to Get Rid of This pain

In that case. ICU or CCU is urgent. Surgery is mandatory for bile stones. However, surgery should be done only to cure pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis can be completely cured. Doctors, however, say that if someone repeatedly acute Suffer from pancreatitis, |

Then the pancreas begins to suffer. In that case, the probability of recovering is 5 percent. So | You have to be very careful. | In the case of chronic only symptoms are treated.

Do not digest exactly. So, in that case, the enzyme supplement Has to pay If the pain, the pain. | Have to give medicines. Many see again, digestive juices puree Staying in the pancreas. Can’t reach the bowels. In that case endoscopy or surgery.

It is bypassed so that the digestive tract can reach the gut. Do not panic if acute pancreatitis. In fact, it is possible to become fully healed by following the doctor’s advice. And in the case of chronic, a lot more caution.


Fatty foods like eggs, milk, red meat should be avoided if chronic pancreatitis. Oil. There will be a national meal or grill. Smoking and drinking must also be stopped. Certainly, pancreatitis is a rag complex. However, it is timely treatment and some precautions Reggae can be healed.

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