Why is exhaustion attacking the child’s mind? Are parents responsible for this?

Pregnancy planning is very important. It is your responsibility to keep the child well before you know it. If you don’t plan ahead, your baby may be harmed.

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The child, the boy or the girl, is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it? The child is like a flower, innocent. There is no violence in the child’s mind. And for that, the guardian has to fulfill this responsibility.

Both parents need to take equal responsibility for the future development of the child. Even the minds of difficult people become soft for a moment when they are touched by children. We, the parents, have left these days and we still love those days.

Sometimes it seems in the work gap that our children are enjoying the right side of their childhood! Or are they in trouble because their busy parents are not able to give their time properly?

Why do we feel this way?

There is a reason behind it. One of the reasons is that ‘Childhood Depression’ has become more prevalent among children under the age of fifteen in the last few decades.

Why is exhaustion attacking the child's mind? Are parents responsible for this?
Why is exhaustion attacking the child’s mind? Are parents responsible for this?

I say to the parents, that is, for the purpose of parents, the child is ready before it is born, think.

Think about everyone in the family, but both husband and wife should discuss whether it is the right time to have children. Give importance to each other.

Suppose the wife is studying a subject in the corner which is still three years away from completion, then let it be three years. Give importance to the wife’s words. And when you are a child, everything will be fine, this statement is true, but not everything is true.

Pregnancy planning is very important, think about the minor issues beforehand.

Such as where the mother will stay during pregnancy, father-in-law’s / father’s house. After the birth of the child or where it will be.

I know the mother of an eighteen-year-old boy whose idea is that if she had stayed at her father-in-law’s house in town during her pregnancy, she might have avoided complications during the birth of her son. And the boy may be born healthy. His hopes may not last a lifetime.

I would also like to remind you that if the mother feels unnecessarily upset after giving birth to a child, it seems that her independence has diminished a lot or she always cries, then she should talk to a psychiatrist without delay.

Statistics show that one out of every two mothers is a mother, but this time it seems so.

This condition is called ‘maternity blow’ in medical terms. If you don’t notice at the right time, you can get very depressed or exhausted.

This situation is a psychiatric emergency in the language of our psychiatrists. Because the mother and baby stay healthy depending on the immediate treatment.

Why is exhaustion attacking the child's mind? Are parents responsible for this?
Why is exhaustion attacking the child’s mind? Are parents responsible for this?

Then let’s talk about the different stages of becoming a teenager or a teenager.

A biological bond is formed between the baby and his mother within the first six months after birth. You know, these few months after birth are a very sensitive time for the baby. The child was quite helpless then. He wants to get his mother. When they are hungry, when they are asleep, when they are in pain, when they are scared, they want to get close to their mother.

And most of the time, crying is the language they want. If the child gets to the mother as soon as he wants, then there is no question. This finding gradually builds trust or ‘basic trust’ in his mind. That is why the baby is very much needed at this time, especially near the mother.

Once this ‘basic trust’ is formed the child does not have much of an objection to leaving his mother. Because he knows that his mother loves him. If this relationship is not right but various problems start. Children lack safety.

The child does not want to go to school at all. Do not want to get in the lap of others. When he is a little older, he cries a lot when he goes to spend the night at a relative’s house in Kona. This type of separation anxiety can last for a long time.

This problem is more pronounced when living in a hostel or leaving the parents to sleep in a separate room. If a two- to three-year-old child is developing mentally, the mother will not cry when she is blindfolded.

He will speak in six sentences. Make a train or a model by arranging six blocks. Give them brightly colored toys during this time. Give them gifts to create something new, so that they are encouraged.

Children of this age often consider birds, trees, dolls, pens, etc. to be living things. In every corner, the child also has an imaginary partner. Even Shana goes, the child is telling her mother, mother knows, tomorrow the fairy came and gave me so many toy dolls.

Why is exhaustion attacking the child's mind? Are parents responsible for this?
Why is exhaustion attacking the child’s mind? Are parents responsible for this?

It is not a matter of anger or sickness. Such ‘animistic thinking’ of imaginary children is quite normal.

The funny thing is – you can take part in their fantasy world too. However, without restraint, the imagination often confuses the difference between the real and the dreams of children. But then you have to intervene. It has to be said that what Chhata-Bhim or Superman does on the TV screen can be a terrible danger if it is done in reality.

Help children to discover the world around them. The more you tell their stories, the more you get to know the plants and animals in the space of travel, the more their desire to know will increase.

At present, under the pressure of 24×7 work, most of the parents are handling the responsibilities of the family according to the machine. This should not be done. Many people think that talking is a waste of energy. Talk to them, otherwise how will they learn to talk? How can good language come?

Let me tell you a little about myself. When I was 7-8 years old, one of my mother’s Botanist students loved me very much. He knew me a lot of plants. I also liked it very much.

But remembering the Latin names of these plants is a long way off, just to say that my teeth are broken. But since I loved him, I memorized a couple of names.

Why is exhaustion attacking the child's mind? Are parents responsible for this?
Why is exhaustion attacking the child’s mind? Are parents responsible for this?

But today I do not have a single name in my head. But since I came close to him, I have known nature since then, which is the first part of my life to know nature. I still remember that touch of his affection.

And adolescence is a big problem. Lack of proper sex education. Many unwanted problems can be easily avoided if parents simply let their children down.

Sex education is not just about knowledge of biological matters. The reciprocity of the relationship between men and women should also be gradually clarified. You have to learn how to say no if you don’t like the proposal of a girl or a boy. I have to emphasize.

Again, it is important to teach that saying ‘no’ does not mean being rude. The matter of rejection must be politely conveyed to him so that he does not throw acid on anyone.

He may like to see a girl on the street corner. This means that just as it is inappropriate to look at him, it is inappropriate for someone to wear dirty clothes, which means he is not ‘playing’. These teachings are also part of sex education. And it has to be given to the parents. Not on textbooks.

Let me say a few words at the end:

  • Parents need mental preparation before the child is born.
  • In the first six months after birth, the baby’s confidence is created. Which helps shape his personality for the rest of his life.
  • Explain the difference between imagination and reality by softening them easily.
  • When the child grows up, give them freedom, which is called ‘telling.
  • Tell stories to enhance their imagination, take them on trips.
  • Much in sex education “Parents have to take responsibility. Not just biological issues, teach them to love each other. To love as well as to respect, to accept rejection.”
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