Why is the child not talking? He is listening right?

Why child not talking? He is listening right?

No abnormalities are seen in the first few months in the behavior of a child with hearing loss. But it is too late for the child to learn what to do when the ears are not sharp. Awareness and treatment at the right time.

March 3 is ‘World Hearing Day’. Childhood The first few years. Very important time to learn to speak. By observing the children around us well (As you can see, some of them are not able to express themselves in half words or words.

Never mind or gesture. Trying to make sense.Baby’s health after normal birth and surrounding environment are normal, immediately after learning to walk. The two express themselves in one meaningful word.

This is the natural law of nature, that word can be ‘mother’, ‘father’ or ‘tata’. Children in any language in the world can speak meaningfully at the age of 12 to 6 months. Children with back-to-speech speech and language (DSL) or language development.

Reasons not to speak

One of the main reasons for not learning to speak is hearing impairment. In addition, mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation.

Other structural defects in speech, such as the ‘cleft palate’, may also be due to difficulty in speaking or falling behind in the development of children’s language. There are other problems besides hearing impairment. |

For example, a child who is lagging behind in mental development, even after getting a little older, starts saliva with his mouth. The autistic child does not want to mix up with anyone else or tolerate strange sounds.

Many problems, including cerebral palsy baby walking, are noticed. When looking at the face of a child suffering from a cleft palate, his structural defect is observed.

On the other hand, hearing impairment, however, is not easily avoided. Therefore, it is also called ‘invisible barrier’. If this is a obstacle, the child is just in time.

Don’t learn to speak It shows a tendency to express emotions in gestures or gestures. In the first few months there is no abnormality in the behavior of the hearing impaired victim since the birth of the baby.

But when the ear is not sharp, the child learns about it It’s late If you want to get rid of all these problems, baby If there is a hearing problem, it needs to be worn first. This problem If you understand there is a need for proper treatment.

Why is the child not talking? He is listening right?

Identification of ear problems

The closest person to a child is his parents. Other then the family Members. They are only a little aware.

The first few weeks after childbirth. In the meantime the problem of infertility of the baby Well, you can understand it or not You will be able to understand the abnormalities of the breasts.

In this case, the child will close his eyelids with two, otherwise his sleep will be broken. At 4-5 weeks of age, hearing such a loud noise indicates his normal hearing ability.

At 6-5 months of age, the baby rotates the neck. ‘Look for the word Urs. If you have a slight sore throat for 5-6 months, ‘Smile quiet. Being naughty? Saying that, the child will cry and weep by the face.

At this time, Ari’s angry tone can be heard separately after such a simple test The baby’s parents or family can easily do it. Remember, the first few years of life Very important time for learning the language and the language.

So the sooner the hearing problem can be identified, the better for the child. Hearing If the problem arises immediately no | Of a hearing specialist or audiologist. Have to go along with it. It will be possible to avoid major dangers.


Children do not listen normally. If you need to get a quick hearing with a speech-hearing specialist. We are originally called Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists.

There are several public-private organizations dedicated to hearing impairment. You can visit them in every medical college and district hospital. Follow their advice.

Train yourself with them. Remember, having a hearing problem does not mean your child is completely deaf. Maybe your child listens to high-pitched or high-pitched sounds.

So if the words of our speech and the environment improve, then it goes to Shenana. He can hear To hear this way, the child will learn a little.

So that is a measure of how much loud noise can cause feelings in his ears Need to An audiologist and audiologist use special modern equipment in his laboratory.

Speech Therapy

Remember, not just a cochlear implant or a hearing aid. Patience is needed when a child has hearing impairment.

Regular Speech and Language Training. It is generally spoken. Called ‘therapy’. Amplification Device ‘(after hearing implants or cochlear implants, this is done * with regular care’).

It is also important to have an experienced hearing specialist, specialized teacher and parents.
Listening to your child through efforts and “Speech Therapy Language Interventions” and special education.

Regardless of the problem, the order is normal Be able to live life.

Why is the child not talking? He is listening right?
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