Let the body be cool. Join the mind with him. This heat is not new. The medicine for dealing with heat is quite old. So this article has given the way on how to keep the body cool on the hottest days.

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When the country is above the Tropic of Cancer, heat is not a new thing. However, people have mastered various strategies to compete with him for ages. What is the harm of using that method?

With the use of AC and fridge, the way the meter is going, the traditional way can be relied on.

Have fun with Magali beverage

When the Mughals came to India after crossing the gorge of Samarkand, they brought with them a group of ‘Abdars. ‘Ab’ means water. Their job was to provide cold water day and night. The technique of cooling the water was also fancy.

The earthenware pots were filled with water and left overnight on the roof or grass. It was cold all night according to the laws of nature. He would go to the basement before seeing the light of day. In other words, in the basement of the house.

To keep the body cool, the water was mixed with aromatic spices, fruit juices, saffron, and candy. The sherbet was made. Nurjahan or Khas was a fan of this beverage.

This royal beverage companion hack is yours to reduce the heat. You can also add Gandharaja lemon juice, raw mango burnt mango juice, and watermelon juice to the list. Put two pieces of ice in it. But was it so easy to find ice in Bangabhum then? That’s another story …

What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1
Healthy fruity papaya juice in a glass on a wooden table.

Ice cream from the ice

In order to keep the body cool in the hot lands of India, the British devised a strategy by holding regular meetings. As soon as it got hot, they started moving to the hills of Dalhousie, Darjeeling. The beginning is summer vacation, which is still going on in all schools.

But how long will you spend working in the mountains? That’s right, ice will be brought to the ship from their country. But it will take time to bring ice to the water and the ice will melt. Is that the way?

Frederick Tudor of Boston pointed out the way. He sent 180 tons of ice to Calcutta port. Massachusetts lifts ice from Lake Water and covers it with wood powder, bringing it in double-plank pots with that much-valued ice.

The rich people of the city went to the port to see the snow. Surprised, he grabbed the ice and dropped it. Blisters on the hands! However, the British were relieved to start importing that ice.

Thirty years later, a Persian businessman served ice cream for dessert at his house party and set the shelves for the guests. After that, various ice creams were made by mixing fruit shells, milk and saffron, chocolate, and many other drinks.

Popsicles are made by simply mixing fruit juice and sugar. Make watermelon juice, mix sugar syrup and chaat spices in it and add it to Momand. He found the stick in the middle. Made popsicles. If you are not diabetic, you can eat one and a half.

What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1
Healthy fruity papaya juice in a glass on a wooden table.

Stomach cold in cold position

However, the British also understood that seasonal food to be chosen to keep the body cool. Seasonal fruits like cucumber, watermelon, mango, etc. were cut and eaten in the afternoon. And in the house of Bengalis, the kind of food addiction began to grow.

Then there is no shortage of plants. The raw mango of the tree fell on the branches. Amdal is perfect for reducing heat. The fennel began to be cooked. Fennel, candy or lollipops were soaked in a stone glass all afternoon. In the afternoon, water from earthen pots was poured into it and eaten.

Jal-batasai was the first service even when guests came to the house. And there was rice soaked in water, with chopped onion, the stomach is also cold.

In hot weather, the desire to eat is very low. In many cases, heat causes vomiting in the elderly and children. So light food is digestible at this time. Now, of course, to keep the body cool, you will get sour yogurt, ice cream, cold soup, salad.

Cold soups and salads are a relief on hot days. Crush the cabbage leaves, apply mayonnaise, and keep in the fridge. Perfect for the bar. It can be eaten mixed with chicken. Beat sour curd and mix cucumber, cabbage, onion, and tomato in it and keep it in the fridge. It also tastes great to eat.

To make cold soup, boil the tomatoes in hot water. Then remove the peel of the tomato, blend it with cucumber, onion, garlic, olive oil, and put it in the fridge. If it is cold, you can spread seasoning and eat it.

However, if it is hot, one does not have to be reminded to drink water. Even before the widespread use of refrigerators, Bengali people used to live in huts. As an alternative, you can use earthenware.

What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1
What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1

Inside the icy cold

The Mughals devised thousands of ways to keep the house cool. Sometimes he used to keep the house dark by hanging curtains. Sometimes the curtain would be soaked with water to create the impression of an air-conditioned room. Even if it was a cloth curtain, it would be heavy so that Raed could enter the room Can’t.

Turning a little to the right from Delhi, the mahals of Rajasthan are also built on the strategy of keeping away the heat. In the middle of the lake, the wind used to come to Nirmahal by water. As a result, the cool air was the special guest of those palaces.

On the other hand, the air palace of Jaipur was built. Keeping in mind the need to maintain ventilation through ventilation.

Most homes now do not have ventilation. So if the window is left a little gap, the hot air from the roof can escape. On the other hand, the cold air from outside also enters the house and keeps the house cool.

Large containers filled with water can also be kept in windows or verandas. On the way to cover the house, the air will spread the coolness of the water inside the house. On the other hand, birds are also looking for water this summer. Hang out on your porch or window cornice.

What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1
What a Way to Stay Cool on The Hottest Day(Desi Cool Status)1

The dress will be according to the wind

Blue according to the sky, future according to the wind, thin clothes according to the water if found! So rely on cotton and linen.

If it is a cotton garment, make sure that it is not worn or new. But then the heat will not decrease. The cut of the garment should also be loose so that the air circulation inside the garment is not obstructed.

The hot season will cut comfortably. Queen Cleopatra used to bathe with milk to keep her skin cool. So much milk can’t be wasted now. So you can clean the skin of the face only (since it is sensitive) with a little milk. It will not cause rashes on the skin in hot weather.

When there was no fridge or AC, people still survived the heat. Even at this age, try to use the old method without breathing in the heat, you will get quite comfortable. Reliance on refrigerator-AC will also decrease a lot.

Eat cold in hot weather

Cucumber, watermelon type results in higher water content. So you can eat that kind of fruit. If you get it close at hand. You can also eat lemon, tamarind pickle.

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