What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

The virus is frightening the body, Whether it’s a morning walk or sweating in the gym. Find out what precautions should be taken in the coming days to deal with COVID-19.

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Although various states have been under lockdown this month, there have been exceptions in some cases. But for those who are health conscious, in more detail, “Jim Freak”, they still have to wait.

The gym may open in phase three of Unlock One across the country. That means that time is still waiting for a month to come. But in the meantime, a number of non-machine workout studios and Jagasan centers have been opened with clearances.

Many gyms have started taking online classes again during the lockdown. Some have dared to go for a morning walk.

Office, restaurant, shopping mall, or shooting floor rules are slowly returning to work in all areas. Physical training there or why stop?

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19
What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

Those who say they can’t lose weight despite hundreds of attempts at home, how will they exercise in this lockdown?

Those who are thinking of returning to a workout center or morning walk routine, what are the precautions to be taken?

After all, it is the gyms that are waiting to play or how many precautions are being taken. To ensure the safety of their members?

Use a mask during exercise?

The fact that the unlock episode has started does not mean that the virus is gone. Rather the rate of infection is highest at this time. If it is not absolutely necessary at this time, where physicians-researchers are still not advising outing from home, how appropriate is an outing from home for health care?

How do you exercise with the initial protection in the sense of wearing a mask in an outing?

General Physician Dr. Subir Kumar Mandal said, “We need to get more oxygen to our brain during exercise. The respiration rate also increases. So it would not be wairing the mask during exercise ”

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19
What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

If you don’t wear a mask again, there is a risk of infection. Guruprasad Bandyopadhyay, head of Guru’s Dream Gym, suggested that if a large handkerchief could be tied around the face, it would be possible to breathe freely through its lower part.

The nose and mouth are also exposed. However, it is recommended not to wear a mask during cardio or breathing exercises.

Sweating in AC

Most gyms are centrally or partially air-conditioned. Could a gym cold storage become a ‘high risk’ zone at this point in time for infection?

From the gym-owner to the doctor, everyone is advising that after the gym is open, you should not exercise with more than one member together on the floor for at least a few months now. As an alternative to reducing the number of members in each batch or introducing a rational class.

There is nothing better than open air healthcare. Was there air conditioning in the gymnasium the day before? In our own interest at some point in the future. We have to go back to the basics. “

The same tune is in the words of Soumen Das, the captain of ‘Soumen’s Workout’. His workout Classes have already started in the studios. In those non-machine studios, the weight of the customers is brought under control through workout sessions like Arabic, Pilates, etc. without any types of equipment.

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19
What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

If it is not very hot at the moment, Soumen is in favor of opening the doors and windows and turning off the AC.

As long as the gym is not open, health-conscious people can now go for morning walks or weight jogging. But there are some things to keep in mind.

Many have the habit of teaming up in the morning walk. The habit of hanging out or shopping at the end of the walk.

It is better not to walk together at this time. The chat will not work, if you go back to the market, wear a mask. You can also use a face shield while walking. It will not be difficult to breathe, you will have to take protection again.

Risk-free gym-floor

The captains were asked what precautions are being taken in the class starting at the workout studio, before going to the gym or what kind of sanitation method they are going through.

Everyone agrees that from now on, the number of members will be determined by the floor space in the gym. If 10-12 people used to exercise together before, this time it will be reduced to 4-5 people according to the rules of social distance.

The floor area of ​​Salt Lake’s Guru’s Gym is about 1,700 square feet, and if it is opened, no more than 5-6 people will be allowed at a time, said the owner, who previously left the gym. Or floor mats would be provided, which will also be personalized from this time.

In Soumen’s words, “Everyone who comes to my studio now has been told to carry their own towels, water bottles, gloves, sanitizers, and mats.”

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19
What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

The mat should be left in the oven for two to three hours after use. It is also important to use gloves when exercising against the wall. No one is sitting or standing in front of anyone during the exercise.

The instructor is also instructing from a distance that at the moment I am not admitting children under 6-7 years of age or senior citizens of 55-60 years. ” Jim means machine treadmills, pull-up bars, dumbbells, etc. Critical Care Medicine Expert and Academician Dr. repeatedly warned about the need for sanitation. Arindam Kar.

“Everyone has to go through screening at the gate while going to the gym. In addition, proper sanitation of each machine after use is essential. Many times the use of sanitizer results in stickiness. In that case, there is no pair of soap water.

Dr. Karr reminded us that the virus would not be transmitted through the hand if we put that hand in our face. So there is no alternative to using gloves or washing hands, feet, and face thoroughly with soap at the end of a workout session.

In his words, “Usually young people go to the gym more. If they are not careful, the elderly in their home, who are at high risk of becoming infected, may be at risk. ”

According to Sweden, “reverse isolation” has prevented the spread of the disease in the country. Doctors are advising the younger generation to be more careful as it is not possible in our country.

Repair without machine

Oil is one of the most common weapons of the coronavirus Macabella. And in addition to the use of hard machines that can be in shape, the gym-instructor is showing his way at this time.

It doesn’t matter if you have your own dumbbells or resistance bands at home. If not, you can start the exercise with a heavy water bottle and a stick.

What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19
What precautions should be taken to exercise into COVID-19

Do deep breathing and warm-up exercises at the beginning. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the lungs, the muscles will be released.

Practice lifting two 2 liter water bottles instead of dumbbells for weight loss. This method is very good for shaping and toning the muscles of the hands and back.

Lift the top of the head with a stick, take a deep breath with. Exhale while lowering. Do this exercise on both sides of the front and back of the head.

Do front and back push-ups by the side of the window or chair. You can also do squats and lunges with a water bottle in hand.

Stand in one place and do spot jogging, jumping jack, floor twist, sidekick.

COVID-19 panic deprives you of the tools of a simple daily life, but physical exercise can be continued with caution. Following proper precautions when opening the gym, continue to practice health in the morning walk with proper protection.

Virus-poker will not be able to scare easily if you have a healthy body and immunity.

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