What kind of fruits do you eat in your diet? How much do you eat?

What kind of fruits do you eat in your diet? How much do you eat?

Diet is done only with fruits. But before you start this diet, it is important to have a good idea about what kind of fruits to eat, how much to eat and how much.

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Fruit is a meal that is self-sufficient. There is not much exercise for eating fruit. It looks like a meal. It doesn’t matter to eat.

As a result, time is also saved. But if you want to diet only with fruit, how will that diet be? That is the turn of knowing this time.

Why eat fruit?

Looking at the fruit family, you can see what kind of material is stored in it. The sugar is there, a lot. Amount of potassium, magnesium.

It is also rich in antioxidants, starting from national minerals. So it is important to eat fruit regularly. But if you want to diet only with fruits, it is more than two or three days.

What kind of fruits do you eat in your diet? How much do you eat?

Should not Heavy to clean the pelvis or detox body. After eating, you can eat this kind of fruit diet for two to three days. But what kind of fruit to eat or how much. Eat, it’s important to know.

Diet with fruits

You can start this kind of diet with berries in the morning. Not too many berries are found in India Even though you can count on strawberries, raspberries.

Berries contain a large amount of antioxidants. Cholesterol and Blood Pressure | Helps keep you in control. It contains phytonutrients. That is, the berries are more nutritious than the amount of nutrients they usually require.

Then you can have a Smoothie. You can use ripe bananas, berry or fruit for making Smoothie. Before taking the banana, you should see that it is quite ripe.

After two or three hours, put the fruit of salad. You can keep the seasonal fruits in cucumber, Jamul, grapes, ripe papaya, apple seeds. Sprinkle the fruit into thin slices and spread the juice of salt and salt over it.

Have lunch for watermelon, ripe papaya, banana national fruit. This kind of fruit takes longer to digest. As a result, you can eat such fruits in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, rely on citrus fruit. You can eat a mulberry or orange peel.

At dinner, you can have avocado, guava, banana fruits. Avocado is expensive. However, it has a lot of nutritional value.

What kind of fruits do you eat in your diet? How much do you eat?

Remember that

200 grams at a time Don’t eat too much fruit. Two to three | You can eat fruit without the bell.

Mango, jackfruit | No need to skip it at all. A healthy adult is a human day. You can put a mango on this diet.

Caution is necessary if diabetic reggae. For example, if prediabetic, you can eat two or three slices of mango at breakfast.

If you have acidity problems, you will not get up early in the morning and eat fruit. Eat a solid meal and then eat the fruit.

This time the question is, how much is it during the day? Fruits can be eaten. Only fruit. A healthy male admits to one and a half kilograms a day if he adheres to the diet. And healthy women can eat 5 kilograms of fruit a day. |

Come on Dry Fruits. Remember, Dry Fats are also high in fat. So Kazu, Walnut, pasta national dry feet. | If you want to keep it on the diet, it will be there.

But it’s in the fruit diet. Don’t read. Follow the two-day fruit diet. | After that you can add a little dry diet to the diet. |

If you just want to adhere to the fruit diet, do not pull it for more than two or three days. After that, you can add grains, little protein or grains to the fruit diet. Keeping the fruit high, adding a little carbs or protein will also help control the weight.

What kind of fruits do you eat in your diet? How much do you eat?

However, you need to be careful when buying and eating fruits. As a result. Lots of pesticides are used. So wash well and eat the fruit Adhere to the Fruit Diet or No, remember, Razakar. Keeping some fruit in the food. Need From the nutrients of the fruit to the fiber … all are very beneficial to the body.

For the child

For children or teens as well. It is important to eat fruit regularly. Cucumber, watermelon, guava and citrus fruits. A little in the daily diet. |

Have to keep Now Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation problems are very common among teenagers and children. Because of today’s raging habits. Junk on the diet.

Reducing the amount of fruit will increase their intake of fiber. As a result, constipation will be eliminated easily.

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