What kind of exercise should be done in the disease?

What type of exercise should be done in the disease? This article is suggested by eminent yoga expert Dr. Amiyakumar.

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The words’ body fit, you hit. And to keep the body healthy, the exercise pair has to match. However, exercise should not be done during an illness. It has the opposite effect.

Again not all exercises or exercises can be done in all patients. Let us see that some illnesses should not include exercise, pranayama, and asanas.

Waist pain:

If someone has a pain in the waist, arthritis hack or any other reason, they are prevented from leaning forward. In that case, no inclination towards the front can be done Examples are folding seats, free-hand exercises.

What kind of exercise should be done in the disease?

If or to risk, very little, one-third to three. Even if you do not exercise, all pranayama can be done. Again, as blood circulation increases in the forehead, it is very good for those who have pain or spondylitis in the waist.

Spondylitis in the neck:

Those who have spondylitis in the neck, they can bend all the way to the back. Cannot bend front. The West cannot be ruled out.

High blood pressure:

Special guidelines are required to comply with high blood pressure. In this case, the forehead should be done very slowly. You should rest for at least five to six seconds before giving two strokes.

Very fast If there is a forehead, blood circulation will increase. As a result, the head can relax. Can turn heads. Overall for the hypertensive patient, the tops are very harmful.

Knee pain:

Those who suffer from knee pain, doctors tell them to exercise their legs to fold. However, doing so will result in the reversal of not wearing clothes under the knee.

What kind of exercise should be done in the disease?

Asthma or shortness of breath

Reggae with colds, coughs, asthma or respiratory problems should not be unlabeled. Because these seats are made in an empty space. So they have to be tied around their neck, ear cloth or muffler. Especially on a cold day. Likewise when doing Chandravedi. Be careful. However, they can make the sun.

Prostate Problems:

Special caution should be exercised when having a hernia or prostate problem. These patients have to be tied on the bottom of the navel with a towel. Hornier patients backs are prohibited from exercising. But they can lean forward.


Those with prostate cancer cannot perform external pranayama or Agni. In fact, exercise or pranayama is recommended for those who have cancer in the body.

Liver, appendix problem:

For those who have liver problems or have appendix problems, the West seats are forbidden. Because this seat has to bend forward and the head is to bend. It causes abdominal pressure. Sagittarius also cannot be used for liver and hernia regimens.

What kind of exercise should be done in the disease?

Heart Disease:

Heart or weak blood vessels should not be salvaged (front or back bending).

Gastric ulcer:

These reggae. Myurasan, nonsense is absolutely forbidden.


It is not good to have sinus or migraine regimens.

Nose tumors:

If there is a polyp or cyst inside the nose, it is dangerous to start a formula. However, the water can be taken later.


Bhujangasan cannot be consumed in the gardens. Turning backward means more pressure on the abdomen.


During this time the body remains weak. So the body has to exercise to understand. Otherwise, the body may become even weaker.

This article was taken from the Bangla Magazine titled Monthly Magazine Body & Health. Contact your doctor to get better results from this article.

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