What Is The Problem Of Urination

What is the problem of urinary ? Why is it How to solve All the details.

Although some urinary tract infections do not cause life-threatening Disease, it can ruin a person’s life. So apparently there is no such deadly Disease, but its. It creates a lot of weird and unhealthy situations. One of these rages is urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence.
What is the problem of urination

What is peripheral disability?

Dr. Ghasse: In the medical terminology, urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence is the result of any urine coming out of the body, either unconsciously or unwillingly. This problem occurs for a variety of reasons, some of which can be easily remedied. These problems can be solved with a variety of ways, ranging from minor changes in lifestyle, to medicine or surgery.

If this rag is healed?

Dr. Ghasse: See, with the advancement of medical science, nowadays there have been various measures to cure this rage. So there is no reason to be afraid of such problems. In a nutshell, it is possible to make some improvement in the symptoms of every human suffering from urinary incontinence with the doctor’s advice.

Are there any variants of this Disease ?

Yes, renal impairment can be of two types. Gentle. Phase and acute phase. A very small amount of urine is said to occur in the soft phase. It is not difficult. However, in the acute phase, normal life becomes unbearable. The clothes have to be changed repeatedly. Body. You have to be appalled at the possibility of smelling bad from. On the other hand, according to the nature of the rage, they are stress incontinence and arge incontinence. These are divided into two parts. Urinary incontinence is caused by stress incontinence and urinary incontinence due to weakness of the mouth of the urinary bladder

Who is more affected by this Disease ?

This rage is more commonly seen in women who have given birth to children, but women, children and men who have not had children
This can be a victim of national disability. |

Many of the time is embarrassing to the doctor I heard you say no.

Listening right. Knowing from a survey done some time ago.
It has been reported, at least on average, after suffering from urinary incontinence After 5 years, women seek medical advice. Many of them Feeling ashamed of expressing one’s own problems, some feel that a physical difficulty is expected after childbirth. And it doesn’t mean to do anything about it. Many went to the toilet again for a long time and tried to handle the embarrassing situation.

What are the symptoms of this anger?

In addition to involuntarily urinating, there may be other problems in this rage. For example, than usual. Frequent urination, urination or complication. In some cases there is a sudden and uncontrolled urination. In such an emergency, if you do not reach the toilet in a timely manner, there is a risk of urination. Usually these problems are caused by inflammation of the bladder. Moreover, you may have to get up again and again to go to the urine. Again, it is difficult to empty the bladder or urine does not come out, or it is too late to get out.

 What is the reason for this anger?

To understand in detail about urinary incontinence, it is important to know a few things related to the formation of a bladder or bladder. In fact, the bladder detrusor is made with a type of tender muscle called the mass. In the kidney The ureter that is made is carried and deposited in this bag. A ring-shaped muscle called the urethral sphincter underneath the bladder helps to hold the urine from shrinking during deposition. In addition, partial relief of the pelvic or pelvic floor muscles is required. If they do not, the rectum and the urethra hold up.

Does the brain have to deal with urination?

Yes, coordination between different parts of the brain and both optional and involuntary activities is responsible for the activity of the bladder. The urethral sphincter is two parts of the muscle. Their work is also different. The internal sphincter created in involuntary muscles is controlled by the brain. Uninterrupted. With the help of pressure, they close the mouth of the bladder.

On the other hand, the extracellular sphincter, which is created in the optional muscle, does not allow the urine to pass through the pelvis consciously. One problem with these muscles is that they get a little tired if they are too narrow. Because of this, three or four times a sneezing or coughing loudly, the contraction becomes loose and the possibility of urine coming out.

How do newborns or older children learn this control ?

A newborn baby urinates every hour. As a result, the bladder itself becomes empty. The nerve flows to the bladder and spinal cord behind the event, and the brain participates.
. When the bladder is full, the sensory nerve is stimulated, which, with the help of the conductive meter, compresses the bladder. Urinary tract as well. Stretching facilitates urination. That is, the urinary tract is emptied automatically at this time when it is filled with urine. The urine is not stored.

When did Matiya participate in the control work ?

 By the time the baby is in a better state of maturity, the sensor begins to block the signal from income, and does not allow the automatic reversal to occur instead of emptying the bladder. From this time onwards the pouch continued to serve as a repository of ideas. Since learning to do the closet later, the child gradually took lessons in planetary behavior and began to use brain parts related to controlling the uterus. Urine excretion has an effect on the brain’s functioning, for example, when many people have the urge to quit urine at the sound of tap water king water.

 How does the bladder work ?

The bladder works in two stages. Storing urine and emptying it later. Although the urinary tract is shrunken during storage, the pouch remains stretched. Just the opposite when emptying. Things happen During this time the bladder muscle is shrunk, and the urinary tract is stretched.

How long will the urine be determined ?

How long the urine will last depends on the urinary capacity of the pouch. Suppose someone drinks 1.5 liters of water a day and his urine can be 5 milliliters of urine. In this case, the person will have to urinate

approximately 7 times a day. Similarly, if the capacity is 5 milliliters, you will need to urinate 5 times. Usually a healthy person will urinate 3 times a day or 2 hours a day. As you age, urinary capacity naturally decreases. So much You have to urinate repeatedly at age. In young women, the urinary bladder is capable of diarrhea of ​​3-5 ml.

The onset of cerebral impairment. How about

The bladder loses its effectiveness in closing the inner part of the mouth and urethral sphincter. The urinary tract itself is unstable or inactive. May be (detrusor irritability). That part of the brain is the bladder. Although related to its effectiveness, the problem is compounded.

What causes this problem?

Urinary Tract Mouth And urethral sphincter are at risk of damage. On the other hand, if the bladder container weakens in the structure. Thali’s face comes down and aggravates the problem. Delivery time In addition, chronic complications such as chronic constipation or chronic cough of smokers can occur. The exact cause of urinary incontinence or hyperactivity is not known.

However, with this problem the loss of normal control of emptying the urinary tract or nerve damage due to childbirth. Or may have any previous surgical correlates of urinary incontinence. Stroke or spinal cord injury can result in the loss of a particular part of the brain that is linked to the functioning of the bladder. This time. | Inflammation of the lower part of the spinal cord is disrupted with the upper part of the brain. It reverses the pattern of childhood urinary tract emptying (reflex pattern). Any pressure on the bag causes problems. For example, stools in the anus due to fibroids or constipation. The problem increases.

In most cases, why women are infected ?

As I said before, any man. May suffer from urinary incontinence. But for the most part, women are the victims of this rage. There are many reasons behind this. For example, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and infection.

What is the problem during pregnancy ?

What is the problem of urination ,

One of the physiological differences in a woman’s body during pregnancy is urinary tract and pelvic changes. This time the kidneys produce more urine
If you start urinating repeatedly. Either. However, due to the extra pressure, the pouch is not emptied properly. Bacterial infection of the urinary tract due to this.

Increases and in many cases leads to urinary incontinence. On the other hand, this time the uterus is expanding into the urinary tract. The pressure to urinate more often when you start to stress. About one-third of women have this type of stress due to their excessive stress. Unknowingly, urine comes out. The problem, however, goes away slowly after childbirth. However, the nerves that control the pelvic muscles can become damaged during pregnancy and cause problems in the future.

What is the relation of childbirth with urinary incontinence?

Muscles and pelvis are helpful during childbirth. There is a risk of damage to the structure. During normal birth, the lateral wall and pelvic muscles expand. These damaged muscles and muscles are not fully healed. So finished Until cervical discharge (prolapse) occurs.

It is not possible to say in advance who is likely to have such a problem. However, the number of babies, the type of delivery, the weight of the unborn baby, the duration of delivery troubles, the delivery pressure can affect the pelvic area after birth.

And menopause ?

 The pelvic calluses of women are estrogen sensitive. When ovarian stops during menopause, estrogen levels in the blood dramatically decrease. This decreases with the level of Hermine. The pelvic muscles and muscles gradually become thin and anterior. Lose the ability to bear the load. This resulted in the displacement of the country.

What is the role of infection ?

 The pelvic structure of women increases the chance of urinary tract infection. Because the pathway between the urethra and the urethra is relatively loose, it is easier for the bacteria to enter the urethra to facilitate infection. This is possible.

How to catch a Disease ?

If someone has a discomfort in their lifestyle despite suffering from mild urinary incontinence, he or she may seek medical advice. The doctor arranged for treatment to determine the cause of the problem. Since there are many reasons behind this anger, it is best to start treatment after knowing the right reasons.

The problem is, what exactly is causing the problem in a rage of urinary incontinence. Symptoms do not go unnoticed. After searching, the problem is found. Mouth weakness (stressful), or pouch restlessness (arrhythmic). In some cases, however, problems arise for the combination of the two.

Can it be caused by infection?

Certainly could. And for that reason it is first seen. Whether there was an infection in the urinary tract. The infection is easily cured. Subsequent tests can lead to inaccurate results if the infection is not healed.

What is done to understand the effectiveness of the bladder?

An easy way to quench the urinary tract’s function, | After looking at the prepared chart for five days, determine how much water is reggae.
Eat and how often you urinate. This Frequency Volume Diary |

Says. This information often helps determine other types of sources. | For example, a person with diabetes will drink more water and urinate more often. Moreover, due to insufficient water intake. Increasing the concentration of urinary tract and increasing the urinary tract, the rate of urination and | Desire grows. It also increases the chance of urinary infection.
Pad tests can be done to find out the amount of urine that comes out. |

In this test, any reggae that is in full bladder
Pads are worn on a dry weight that is pre-weighed. In that case Reggie was asked to perform various activities for an hour. For example, sitting, standing, lifting, descending, etc. The pad is finally re-weighed and this time it is involuntarily fine How much urine came out.

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what is the problem of urinary
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