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What is the best way to live healthy and diseased?

Who wants a central obesity? But fast food, love for junk food, no discipline in eating and definitely exercise. Reluctantly, the consequences are swelling. And this is what the bull calls. Quite unhappy. #Live Healthy#

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One of which is heart disease diabetes. So how to reduce this bull? And how do you keep yourself fit for those who have not yet suffered from Central Obesity? Let’s know it’s easy. In some ways

What problems does central obesity bring?

Central obesity, that is, the inflamed abdomen and waist, pushed us to open the door to cardio diabetic rag in the face of some problems.

For example, 1) cardio myopathy, which is a weakness of the heart muscle that subsequently disrupts blood flow to the heart, 2) ischemic heart disease, such as lipid problem in the blood.

Cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, HDL, VLDL increase the chances of a sudden heart attack. * Insulin resistance in the central obesity or the body of the puppy, that is, disrupts the normal functioning of the pancreas.

As a result, the road to diabetes is opened. Diabetes is called Silent Killer. Because of diabetes, almost every part of the body is damaged Begins to be.

Central obesity increases the likelihood of polycystic ovarian disease (P | C&D) in girls. If PC&D, 1) ovary | Bark can be made according to the grape vines, 2) during the period Severe pain is felt, 3) the time may be long before or after the time period, and 4) the ability of the child to have a PCOD after marriage, which is called infertility.

Type of obesity

What is the best way to live healthy and diseased?

There is a saying in English, ‘Prevention is better than kiyor.’
It is better to look at the reggae than to cure the anger. But before that, Obesity’s Ruckoff needs to know

Juvenile obesity or extra body weight:

Many children, teenagers and teenagers have excessive body weight. There is a lot behind it. There are reasons.

As such, 1) it is hereditary. Maybe 2) excessive addiction to TV and mothers sitting quietly at home after school and tuition. Reluctance in sports or exercise; Avoid eating too much junk food or fast food for long periods of time. *

Professional Obesity:

This type of obesity can be of two types: 1) When one enters the field of study, it is often seen that these men and women work all day. There’s a lot of movement. There are no breaks,

2) Many people spend time on leisure activities without doing any exercise or physical work, and then suffer from obesity by overeating or irregular sharing.

What is the best way to live healthy and diseased?

Older Obesity:

After an age, people become more and more heavy under normal rules. This stability is shaped by obesity (excess body weight) when that. Older men or women retire from active life and become completely inactive.

Read on Newspapers, TVs, seniors only. Spend the rest of your life avoiding jogging and skipping a diet discipline, walking, etc.

Then it came out of these fields and was healthy. What is the way to walk quietly?

Awareness of parents is essential for children, adolescents and adolescents. In many cases, parents leave early in the morning to return to work and return home at night.

Then I was obliged. Teenagers eat junk food out of school or order a variety of preservatives and extra-oily foods online. In this case the duty of the parents is at least as much as possible towards their child.

Keep an eye on Children should be outdoors at least two to three days a week. Lets look at. Nothing but bicycling, walking if possible while going to tuition, a little jumping with friends at school tiffin time or two or three times on one-to-three playgrounds.

Swinging, swimming in the summer, etc. Doing so can be a great deal. But parents and children. Will motivate you to move on the right path.

Professional obesity problems can be solved only when possible. – Employers will try to keep themselves good. Don’t stress yourself out. If only it was impossible to keep yourself healthy with a tugada. So I think, to keep yourself healthy, you have to love yourself. It doesn’t matter –

1) Those sitting down can use the stairs at least up to three floors while climbing up and down the elevator during Tiffin breaks; In that case. Take two stops first, walk at least twenty minutes to the house;

Walk a bit around the house and then enter the house; Do not sit in front of the house for at least minutes, 7) If possible, at least five walks in the morning, do not go bad. It is easy to keep yourself fit if you apply some of these rules.

The solution to the aging obesity is the strong desire to keep working.

What is the best way to live healthy and diseased?

For example, 1) morning walk | After (at least 30 minutes). Return home from the bazaar, 2) If possible, visit the grandchildren at school. Upon arrival and after the holidays. Going to fetch and 3). To shop, to keep himself busy in the affairs of the world. It holds both the body and the mind well.

Remember that.

There is a saying in English, ‘Ideal man’s brain is a devil’s workshop. Throw away all the negative thoughts completely. Enjoy life In the case of diet, eat a light meal at least once a day.

Following these little rules will help you realize for yourself how good you are. It seems to me that it is much more powerful to give one’s heart than to give.

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