What is thalassemia? How do survive thalassemia?

What is Thalassemia? How do survive Thalassemia?

Thalassemia does not mean end of life. With proper treatment, it is possible for patients with thalassemia to lead a normal life.

What is thalassemia infectious disease?Is it possible to live in the opinion of five others? Many questions arise over and over again whether Thalassemia’s patient death is inevitable.

In fact, many questions may arise because of the lack of proper understanding of the disease. Doctors, however, claimed thalassemia sufferers and five others. Can live You can marry the family.

How Thalassemia is Caused ?

It’s actually a blood disorder. And genital rage. The family traditionally binds the baby’s body. As a result of this disease, hemoglobin levels in the body decrease. The blood vessels and hemoglobin levels in the blood of thalassemia rabies are severely reduced. Naturally, anemia may arise if both parents are carriers of glaucoma, in which case the child may suffer from thalassemia. However, Khalassemia does not reach well.

Types of Thalassemia

There are usually two types of thalassemia: alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia.

Alpha thalassemia is less severe than beta thalassemia. Alpha Patients with thalassemia. Symptoms are alcoholic or moderate in nature. In the case of beta thalassemia, the severity of anger is high. However, the prevalence of alpha thalassemia is high in the world.

Alpha Ahalassemia

The number 16 is present on the chromosome is present in the alpha (mutation or deletion of the gene that produces the gene). Alpha thalassemia chain is formed from four genes.

One or more genes in the chains obtained from the parents. If there is a defective gene, no signs or symptoms of thalassemia will be seen, however, through the person affected by the disease.

It can spread rag, mild symptoms can be seen if two genes are defective, called alpha, thalassemia minor or alpha, thalassemia trait. If defective, it is called alpha thalassemia major or hydrops fetalis.

Beta Thalassemia

The two genes are composed of the beta thalassemia chain. Gene inherited from parents. The defect is caused by beta thalassemia. | If a gene is defective, there are few symptoms.

This is called beta thalassemia minor or beta thalassemia tract. Two genes. Moderate to severe symptoms can be seen if defective. It’s called beta. | Thalassemia major or hydrops fetalis. Newborn babies that have this

The problem is, they are quite healthy at birth. However, the first one is born Within two years the symptoms started to appear.

Symptoms of Thalassemia

Mainly anemia or anemia. Yellow skin or jaundice, excess iron accumulation in the body, infection, creplin, or spleen, enlargement of the mouth. | Bone deformity or mongoid facies, | Physical growth is found to decrease, the stomach. | External stretch, dark colored urine, heart problems and so on.


An HPLC test is needed to diagnose this rag. Of the test. The old name is High Power Liquid. Chromatography. In addition there is a complete blood count, DNA test, hemoglobin electrophoresis test. X-rays of the hands and head are done.

When Treatment is Urgent

Thalassemia Minor usually does not require treatment. Because they are basically carriers of this rage. The symptoms or symptoms of rage are that way. Can’t be seen But thalassemia. Major medical attention is needed.

Blood Transfusions

In this case Reggie has to change blood regularly. To take blood There are three parts to the case. Major for major thalassemia in the first six months of childbirth. The transfusion program was taken.

In the case, hemoglobin in the blood is reduced to 12 g / dL. . With this treatment, a reggae can last up to thirty years. On the other hand, hypertension is applied to adults. Here the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is between 8 and 12 g / dL. Is kept Another method is Safe Level.

At this level, Hemaglobin is given once a week to Reggie. You have to give blood to maintain the level or level. However, there are side effects of regular blood donation. In it. Excess iron accumulates in various organs of the body. As a result, liver failure is also expected to kill Reggie.

Medication and Supplement Iron Selection

Iron chelating is given to remove excess iron in the body. Do not eat iron foods and medicines. With it As a folic acid supplement. Is given. Professor Dr. Maitreya Bhattacharya was saying, “It is important to eat folic acid and calcium regularly, just as the excess iron is removed from the body.”

Excluding spleen and gallbladder

Many give blood because of repeated blood. The spleen grows bigger. It is recommended to skip it with the doctor’s advice. The gall bladder was also eliminated by surgery.

Bon Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplantation or Ben Mare transplantation is an effective treatment. However, these medical procedures are very complex. And cost-effective.

How Do Prevent Thalassemia?

Prevention of thalassemia is not impossible if people are a little aware. If the spouse is the carrier of two thalassemia or between the two. In the case of a thalassemia carrier and a carrier of hemoglobin E, about 20 percent of infants may become infected during pregnancy 50 percent of the baby again.

There is a possibility of being the carrier of this patient. Doctors say the remaining 25 percent of babies can be born completely healthy. Again the husband and wife. If one of them is healthy, then the newborn’s thalassemia. There is no chance of happening. However, the possibility of thalassemia carriers remains.

Dr. Maitreya Bhattacharya was quoted as saying, “Because of all this, the carriers of this rage are not married to each other. Good to do That is why blood tests are mandatory before marriage.

Should be Awareness is essential in all of this. Only then can I pull this rage away. ” | If two thalassemia. In case of the carrier’s marriage, fetus blood tests should be performed during pregnancy. Pregnant child in thalassemia. To know what is infected. Chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, fetal blood. Sampling – Doing these tests. Prayzon.

If one of the family carries thalassemia, however. The rest of the blood test. Should be However, Dr Maitreya Bhattacharya was saying, “Thalassemia means life is over, not at all. Rather, it is possible to live well by regular treatment.

Get married The family can also do thalassemia rabies. There is no problem with having a baby. But you have to take care of yourself. Be a little careful with, so that no more children with thalassemia. Born. ” More publicity is needed to prevent thalassemia. Prayajan also make people aware. Only then will this anger be released.

Something urgent

  • Blood tests are mandatory before marriage. Two Thalassemia carriers should not be married
  • Even if two Thalassemia carriers get married. It is also important to have fetal blood tests done during pregnancy
  • Thalassemia is not an infectious rag so there is no question of staying away from the rabies or locking them in.
  • Instead of extending a hand of sympathy to the reggae sufferers of thalassemia, give them the strength to fight.
What is Thalassemia? How do survive Thalassemia?
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