What is Kangaroo Mother Care and who needs this care?

We all know there is a technique called Kangaroo Mother Care that is applied to the newborn and his mother. But we don’t know if this kangaroo mother care is needed for any other mother and her child.will know with special analysis.

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When we hear the word kangaroo, we see a beautiful gray animal from Australia seen on the Discovery Channel. The kangaroo-mother jumps around with her baby in her outer pouch. This wonderful, inseparable bond between mother and baby is the foundation of Kangaroo Mother Care.

What is Kangaroo Mother Care

A special method of caring for low birth weight (LBW) or low birth weight newborn is Kangaroo Mother Care, with which the ball is called KMC. Newborns that weigh less than 2,500 grams at birth are called LBWs. These newborns may experience various complications due to physiological and other reasons. Here’s how to avoid it:

  • Keeping the newborn warm.
  • Only breastfeeding
  • Preventing infection

It is possible to give all this to the newborn in the KMC method. Adding to this is the creation of a strong emotional bond between mother and child. The main two aces of the K, M, C method are to touch the skin to the skin and to breastfeed only.

What is Kangaroo Mother Care and who needs this care?

 Who is KMC applicable for?

  • In order to give KMC, it is important for the newborn to be medically stable.
  • If the newborn weighs more than 1600 grams at birth, it is usually stable. Therefore, KMC can be given to such a newborn immediately after birth.
  • If the newborn weighs between 1200 and 1800 grams at birth and his condition is stable, he should be given KMC. It can be given.
  • A sick or unstable newborn cannot be given KMC until he or she is healthy or stable.

When to start KMC

Whenever the mother is healthy immediately after delivery Do, then K, MC can be started. But before starting, the pediatrician or nurse mother and family members about KMC Explain in detail about its necessity and benefits. As a result, the mother will be eager to give KMC. If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

KMC should be started under the supervision of a pediatrician. Later, someone other than the mother, such as father, grandmother, or grandmother will be able to take care of the child in this way. At least one hour must be paid for KMC.

What is Kangaroo Mother Care and who needs this care?


Studies have shown that the rate of breastfeeding and duration of breastfeeding in newborns with KMC is much higher than in those who did not receive this method. As a result, their weight increases rapidly and their physical development also occurs rapidly.

Newborns with KMC get skin-to-skin contact all the time, resulting in better body temperature control or thermo-regulation, and these newborns have a much lower risk of hypothermia or a sudden drop in body temperature. Even if the body temperature of the newborn is already stable, K, M, C is safer than an incubator and more helpful in controlling body temperature.

  • Apnea is an important problem in an LBW baby. Newborns with KMC have a lower risk of apnea
  • They are less prone to pneumonia and less susceptible to other infections.
  • They spend less time in the hospital.
  • This method keeps both mother and baby tension free. Their bond is intense. Increases mother’s confidence in child care.
    It doesn’t take a separate racquetball. It doesn’t cost anything extra.
  • If the mother rests, anyone else can give KMC.
  • Above all, KMC stimulates the child’s five senses. Skin-to-skin contact increases warmth (touch), mother’s voice and heartbeat (hearing), breastfeeding (taste), keeping an eye on the mother’s eyes (seeing), and smelling the mother’s body (smelling), thus activating all the senses simultaneously.

Preparation for giving KMC

  • The mother should wear a dress so that her front part can be played easily. For example, a loose blouse, shirt or maxi, etc. played in front.
  • The baby will be barefoot but will wear a hat, diaper, or diaper. In winter, you can wear clothes worn on the front.
  • The mother will be mentally ready to give KMC.
  • The mother will lie down on the bed or sit comfortably.
What is Kangaroo Mother Care and who needs this care?

Rules for giving KMC

The baby should be placed in the middle of the mother’s two breasts while lying down, so that the skin touches the skin properly.

The baby’s head should be turned to one side and slightly tilted backward. It will play with the baby’s airways and the mother can easily look into the baby’s eyes.

The baby’s arms and legs will be folded (according to the frog).

The midline of the mother’s body will touch the baby’s abdomen along the bottom of the ribs.

In KMC condition, the baby can easily drink breast milk. The flow of milk is more at the touch of the baby. The mother can give KMC while sleeping only if she can keep the baby in the right place by tying it conveniently.

The duration of skin-to-skin care should be gradually increased. Except for the time of diaper change, KMC has to be given the rest of the time (i.e. about twenty-four hours daily).

If it is not possible to give KMC for more than one hour in a row, it is better not to start it.

When to stop giving KMC

KMC should be continued till the newborn weighs 2500 g or age (gestation + postpartum period) until 40 weeks. However, if the mother or baby has difficulty in the corner, it can be stopped earlier.

KMC follow up

Regular following up of the baby is essential for successful KMC to continue. The less weight the baby needs, the more frequent the following needs to be. The neonatologist performs a thorough examination of the baby and immediately treats any problems in the corner. So even if he goes home, in the interest of the child, it is necessary to bring him to the hospital for regular follow-ups on the appointed day.

Special note

Following this article is very beneficial for mother and child, But the period to follow it is before a terrible infection like COVID-19 and after the infection is completely eradicated.

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