What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

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What is emotional stress? An easy way to relieve stress. This article is about to get bigger. Those who are reading this article, please be patient and hope that all your mental problems will be solved.

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What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

Despite significant improvements in the medical world, the invention of new medicines to control and treat diseases, the modern medical world has failed to treat mental illness.

Even in the golden age of allopathy, we have no way of measuring emotional stress. We have no reserves for the standard of mental stress.

We do not have any units like money, centimeters, decimeters, liters or kilograms to measure mental stress. No such medicine has been invented yet … which can cure mental stress or remove mental stress from our mind and body.

From this information it becomes very clear that our body and brain are far superior to this modern medical science. The things that modern medical science has done over the past decades are – eliminating spring disease, finding out the cause of AIDS or cancer, finding new ways to make modern medicine, developing genetic engineering and so on.

But when we talk about the development of psychiatric disorders or psychiatric disorders … all these perceptions of modern medical science seem to be too small for them.

Modern medical science has not yet understood the complex systems of the brain, the mechanisms of stress production, the emotions, the limbic system of the brain (tantra associated with sadness, hatred, love, hate, anger, desire, and happiness), and yet it demands many new discoveries.

Keeps telling. All those things become secondary to the fact that mental stress is the root cause of many medical and psychological problems.

Today, more and more people are dealing with diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, tendency to commit suicide in coronary heart disease, psychiatric disorders, insomnia etc. Almost all of these diseases cause excessive mental stress.

The irony is that despite rapidly improving in all other ways, we are losing the battle to reduce stress. Medical science has not yet understood human use and mechanism.

There is still much work to be done to address this issue in depth. Mental stress can include anger, sadness, stress on the mind, physical reactions to the sender, restlessness, irritability, fear, anxiety, panic, thrill, dissatisfaction, disappointment, exhaustion, emotional stress, burden, conflict, haste and roughness.

The human mind is so developed that it can measure all its uses as light, restrained, or serious. It seems that, in the absence of any authentic material from medical science, we can measure it with the most reliable instruments in the world – that is, our brains.

Psychological stress can be learned through psychological questions or psychological tests. To understand your stress. You have to apply your brain.

Such a test can only measure the use of type ‘A’, the happiness, the anxiety, the healing emotional and intellectual talent and rough use. In addition to the other symptoms of mental stress indirectly, the physical towards mental stress Can be measured by the reaction.

The presence of adrenaline in the urine over the past 24 hours, visualization of brain waves in the EEG of the brain, the introduction of ganometer-assisted psychological stress sweat (GSR), cardiac response size (heart rate and pulse rise); There are a few ways … with the help of them, emotional stress can be measured.

But we do have mental stress. How can I eliminate the stress or how to make my life free from stress? All these questions have never been discussed in detail, nor has medical science been able to give a satisfying answer in this regard.

Stress – Distress

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

Pick up a newspaper or magazine or watch TV. V. See … you can definitely see something about the stress.

Why do you feel so suddenly attracted to emotional stress? Whatever the case, this emotional stress is then. Coming from … Ever since Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden of paradise. Is that why?

Because nowadays the level of stress is increasing? Has the nature of contemporary stress become so different and dangerous? Or has scientific research proved that emotional stress causes various physical and mental disorders?

The only answer to all these questions is – “Yes, yes.” The power to heal it is hidden inside our body. We need to develop this intelligence of our own … so that we can know it.

How, with the help of these hidden forces within our own bodies, can the disease be protected and improved in health? Good health should be considered much greater than the absence of disease.

It is a state of physical and mental healing that underlines the importance of the relationship between the mind and the body and shows that these two. Inseparable.

We want you to subdue this mental pressure … so that it can work for you, making it even more productive instead of being drawn to self-destruction. Mental stress is one of those consequences of life that cannot be ignored.

As Hes Tully (named after this) said – “There is no life without emotional stress.” Just as distress can cause disease … In the same way, good mental stress or stress can be beneficial to health. It is not necessary that mental stress will always be bad.

Winning in a race or a vote can lead to emotional stress … but it can also lead to a completely different kind of physical reaction. To a point, productivity increases as mental stress increases. However, in our case, this pattern varies. It is like the stress of falling on a violin wire.

The difference in tone can be when the pressure level is reduced or increased. We need to find the right and appropriate level of stress … so that we can work with full productivity and produce harmonious music in our lives.

What level of mental stress is needed in reality?

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

If we talk about managing stress … then I want to warn you. You cannot expect to reach zero mental stress. That can be an impossible goal for any of us. In order to be in this society, you will need some degree of emotional stress to perform your duties.

Without it you cannot stay in society and you have to leave everything alone. It can be divided into four sections for understanding stress. Since there is no measure of mental stress … we cannot measure it – but this grading can still be done.

  • 1. Minimal mental stress
  • 02. Ideal stress
  • 03. High emotional stress
  • 04. Human tendency to be extremely high emotional stress.

 Work or display and emotional stress are correlated. This explanation can be followed by the following curves and can be known to produce a person’s function.

See for yourself In order to be in the community, it is necessary to have a minimum or a certain amount of emotional stress and to live a happy and awakened life.

Heart disease and mental stress

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

Mental stress, like physical stress, is one of the main causes of angina pain. Excessive mental stress has been linked to severe cardiac attacks, such as irregularities in heart rhythm and heart disease. Many times, all these diseases lead to death.

Mental stress sympathetic nasal. Stimulates the tantra (the autonomous part of the nervous system, which affects many organs of the body, including the heart). This has a negative effect on the heart and other organs of the body.

  • Blood is somewhat chatty due to mental stress (in preparation for possible injury). It also increases the chances of blood clots forming in the veins of the heart.
  • Sudden pressure increases as the pumping action of the heart becomes faster, heart rate. The blood flow decreases as the veins rise and the veins become compressed.
  • Mental stress signals to the body that it should flow fat into the bloodstream … to increase blood cholesterol levels.
  • Estrogen levels decrease due to mental stress in women … which is detrimental to the health of the heart.
  • Because of the stressful events, those women and men … of whom the lower levels of the rotransmitter serotonin are less concentrated … have to produce a greater number of immune systems (somatophobia) … which causes greater damage to the body and heart cells.
  • We all know the relationship between mental stress and hypertension.
  • People with mental stress who regularly have an increase in blood pressure … After a while the internal walls of their blood vessels get damaged.
  • People with persistent mental stress are more prone to heart disease and they are. May also suffer from hypertension. Mental stress is affecting different areas of life

Imbalances are the leading cause of stress in many areas of life. If careful attention is not given to it, then it is responsible for the stress. People who do not understand its importance … are often stressed. Those are the fields – money, work, love, family and support, ego, social, health and spiritual fields.

What are mental stress and life-style disorders?

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress
  • 01. Hypertension.
  • 02. Anjahana.
  • 03. Gastritis peptic ulcer.
  • 04. Diabetes.
  • 05. Andrew.
  • 06. Obesity.
  • 07. Headache due to stress.
  • 08. Anxiety.
  • 09. Tiredness.
  • 10. Bronchial asthma.
  • 11. Terror.
  • 12. Mucus And Cough.
  • 13. Diarrhea.
  • 14. Pandelitis.
  • 15. Back pain.
  • 16. Shoulder pains.
  • 17. Elaji.
  • 18. Stroke and paralysis

What is causing stress?

The reaction to the stress of the new body is very much like an airplane ready to fly in the sky. All the Tantras (heart and blood vessels, immune system, lungs, digestive tract, various senses and brain) are ready to face the potential danger.

Production of stress

Mental stress is the interaction between two major factors
01. Factor of external stress

This external stressor provides its own application to cause mental stress. Even recognizing it is extremely helpful in managing stress.

02. Internal mentality or ethos

It is our past experience, training, values ​​and hope. The result is. Our beliefs, hopes, instincts, and aspirations influence these internal factors.

The factor of external stress

These are all the causes and events … that cause stress. If we If used properly, it can be useful to reduce stress. If we are good with it. If we learn the art of using … then by this we can gain happiness.

It is all about those things … most of which we have no control over, such as corruption, the bad bosses who are let down, an aggressive family member, the crowds, the unrestricted transportation system, and so on.

Chronic emotional stress

Modern life often creates stressful situations … that are repeatedly in front of us. And we need to suppress them or resist the urge to fight them. Eggless is a chronic stressor, such as stress-induced work stress.

The problem with long-term relationships is loneliness. Continued financial problems.

Inner mentality or thoughts

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

This is the second factor causing stress. We can also call it ‘internal thoughts’ to understand it better. A newborn baby does not have any mentality … so he does not see any difference in his surroundings.

Gradually, as the internal mentality develops, the person becomes bored or overwhelmed. If I have vegetarian thoughts … then serving meat in front of me will create stress. On the other hand, it will not have any effect on a carnivore.

This difference is only due to the internal mindset. External factors can be explained only on the basis of internal mentality or thoughts … so as not to cause more emotional stress.

Your mindset is gone.

Your likes, dislikes, beliefs and perspectives Your values ​​and morals are your priority. Your social expectations.

Your efforts to fulfill and fulfill your responsibilities Our expansion training. He is our physical hope

Your efforts to protect your ego

Factors influencing internal mentality

The current social structure. Your mother is your family. Your school and education Your religion and spiritual training How do you grow up among people? Your physical structure; TV, radio, newspapers, books, financial resources and assistance.

Personal experience: gain, loss, happiness and disappointment etc.

The cause of mental stress has increased over the past 50 years

Five factors of mental stress

  • 01. Overload of work
  • 02. Lack of time
  • 03. Overproduction of information
  • 04. Excess of Requirements |
  • 05. The prevalence of the disease

More than work means every person has to do more things nowadays, such as buying goods from the market, cleaning homes, paying bills, educating children, schooling them, paying a variety of taxes, maintaining a bank account. .V. | Repairing, repairing a car, cooking, meeting people, working on a computer or learning, reading, writing and so on.

It is because of the excesses of these tasks that mental stress arises. | People didn’t have to do that much 50 years ago … then people worked 6 to 7 hours a day. Lack of time means less time. In this modern world, everyone is busy. Work has grown so much …

There is also a time when mental stress has increased. The feeling of being late at work also causes stress. After that the information has become greater. People are overloaded with information.

Nowadays, 4-year-olds also have to read 4 to 10 books. Older people have to read different pages of newspapers every day, watch different TV channels and read numerous books … so that they can keep themselves connected to this modern age.

Excessive pressure causes our brain to become stressed. Our needs have now grown even more. Our TV, AC, bank account, expensive sunshine, want and this endless list never ends.

You have more to get. You have to work hard, earn more and learn more. This kind of bitching continues. After that, the prevalence of the disease also causes increased mental stress.

Due to a bad lifestyle, we do not have time to exercise and mental stress is becoming more and more … resulting in more stress. Combining these five factors does not give you any chance to increase your mental stress manifold.

Mental stress is measured

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress
How to recognize a mentally retarded person?

I have met many people over the past few years … who refuse to admit that they have been subjected to emotional stress. Here are the changes and reactions that cause the body to respond to stress.

You will soon find that the human body responds to emotional stress. Most reactions are extremely harmful to a person’s personal, social and business life.

Physical changes

  • 01. Lack of humor
  • 02. Forgetting things
  • 03. Lack of common sense
  • 04. Fear of the unknown
  • 05, memory loss
  • 06. Lack of backward thinking
  • 07. Lack of creativity
  • 08. Making the unnecessary mistake
  • 09. Talk inconsistent proverbs
  • 10. Break down

Definitive changes

  • 01. Change of face
  • 02. Changes in body way
  • 03. The leaves of the hands rise in sweat
  • 04. Finger chills
  • 05, mouth dry
  • 06. Shaking hands
  • 07. Feeling heavy in the stomach
  • 08. Tension in the muscles
  • 09. Frequent urination
  • 10. Breathing becomes irregular.

Psycho-scientific change

  • 01. Blood pressure
  • 02. Heart rate
  • 03. Blood Sugar
  • 04. Beat waves in the brain
  • 05. Acid formation in the stomach
  • 06. Contraction in muscles
  • 07. Breathing Speed
  • 08. Cholesterol
  • 09. Trilyserhad
  • 10. HDL.

Emotional changes:

  • 01. Itchy temperament
  • 02. Anger of unreasonable anger
  • 03. Needless to say
  • 04. Uredeg
  • 05. Tiredness
  • 06. Unreasonable ‘fear
  • 07. Fear of insecurity
  • 08. Unnecessary aggression –
  • 09. Do not sleep.

Changes in usage

  • 01. Social apathy
  • 02. Volatility
  • 03. Smoking
  • 04. Tobacco consumption
  • 05. Consumption of stimulants
  • 06. Eat more or less intake
  • 07. Looking at the Void
  • 08, Driving out loud
  • 09. Drinking
  • 10. Chewing nails or hammering.

How can mental stress be reduced?

If you want to reduce stress … then you should first recognize the symptoms and then take the following three steps.

  • 01. Reduce the production of stress
  • 02. To relieve stress.
  • 03. To manage whatever emotional stress is left.

Developing moral values

In the modern age, a decline in moral values ​​is the leading cause of social, cultural and consumption loss. Each person shows indifference to it, despite knowing it. Good personality For construction, the following rules should be followed.

  • 01. The existence of others
  • 02. The unity of the human race
  • 03. Communal harmony
  • 04. Non-violence
  • 05. Acquisition and consumption limits
  • 06. Integrity in use
  • 07. The purity of the accomplishments
  • 08. Authenticity
  • 09. Fearlessness

When the anger comes … what to do?

  • 01. Do not act quickly. Let your anger subside.
  • 02. Think about the positive side of criticism.
  • 03. Apply the Wrath Writer and do something that only you will need, such as seeing an old book or reading a text chapter.
  • 04. 04. Talk to your closest colleagues and friends.
  • 05. 05. Granting Forgiveness. Learn the art of doing.

Definitive – Usage technique

Definitive – Use techniques are one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. It includes identifying sources of stress, redesigning priorities, changing responses to emotional stress, and ways to reduce and manage emotional stress.

This effort can be especially helpful when a chronic illness or illness causes stress.

Know the sources of stress

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

Maintaining a diary is best done … so that the process of reducing stress can be triggered. It should write down all the facts of daily life. It may feel like a stressor to do so … so it is not necessary to go too far to do this. It will be sufficient to give details of the events and times of Kale.

First, write down the activities that put negative stress on your time, such as giving negative physical reactions, such as those in the stomach or head, which also give you refreshing emotionally or physically. You feel an appreciation.

After a week or two, try to figure out which movements will cause you to repeat. Or making it unstable.

Examining sources of stress, such as –

Answer the following questions:

Do all these stressful activities target my or anyone else’s goals?

Is there anything in his hands that can be done logically?

What cuts are under my control and no work is under my control?

Redesigning priorities

Involve activities to reduce stress. First of all, create a balance between the emotional stress reduction kits. Although emotional stress cannot be completely eliminated … it can be reduced.

Some examples

Take a long stroll or go on a long vacation.

If you are at home due to stress, spend most of your time at home. Remove the burden of unnecessary work and incorporate masking tasks.

Make time for recreation.

Share your thoughts.

In fact, the concept of extension and sharing one’s mind with others has been so widely publicized that it has lost its true meaning.

It is no longer considered a good psycho-scientific consultation class. It should also be noted that anger or anger is never accepted … This can lead to feelings of bitterness and depression.

Sharing your thoughts does not mean that you will expose yourself to the waiter or your subordinate, dull friends, or cast artificial tears at your kindness.

If people who are full of sadness for a long time suddenly become angry … then their blood pressure may increase. Many experts suggest that such people should not express their anger.

Positively go to a trusted person. They should express themselves. It does not require direct extension. Writing a diary, writing a poem, or even writing a letter can prove beneficial…. More than half of the problem of soliloquy is solved if they express their thoughts.

If you want to build strong relationships with them, you need to learn to listen to them, show empathy and understand their reactions. Only then do you find emotional fulfillment. , Can reduce your mental stress.

Create or strengthen a collaborative network

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

All people are healthy and happy in life despite their emotional stress … studying their lives. The downside is that they have a good social support system. Even people who get upset during stressful events get help from a stranger … theirs. Blood pressure levels decrease.

Relaxation Technique.

Mental stress is a priority in everyone’s life … that’s why every person looks for a way to get rid of it. Stay The relaxation technique should be adopted for this. This is a natural way to reduce stress.

This will lower blood pressure, slow down breathing and pulse, reduce muscle pressure and emotional stress. This process is completely personal … but a few more efforts may work.

If they are Mixing can be done … then it’s better. With all these efforts, the stress of mental stress is expected to vanish. Should not be done … but if they can be done on a regular basis … then they can be quite effective.


For many years, meditation has been practiced in Eastern civilization. It has now been recognized as a relaxation technique all over the world. The process of meditation, whether religious or therapeutic … aims at the same – calms the mind and the jurisdiction.

By this practice, hormonal levels of mental stress are reduced and mood improves. All kinds of physical effects can be noticed by meditating on the body and the practitioner can feel the difference on his own.

Different types of meditation

  • 01. Imaginative Meditation
  • 02. Vipashyasana Meditation
  • 03. Kundalini Meditation.
  • 04. Brahmakumari meditation.
  • 05. Yogandriya.
  • 06. Easy Addition |
  • 07. Zen meditation
  • 08. Anand Marg
  • 09. Mehar Baba Meditation
  • 10. Sufi meditation.
  • 11. Tibetan Meditation
  • 12. Osteopathy
  • 13. Turi meditation.
  • 14. Ponder over meditation.

Massage method

Massage reduces the heart rate and relaxes the body. Massage promotes activation rather than sleep. There are many ways to massage.

Chronic emotional stress
  • 01. Try to reach the root of the problem. Find an honest solution for that.
  • 02. Train yourself for extraordinary expansion. Half the words of the person in front of him are his thoughts. Bye comes forward.
  • 03. Make changes to your speech. If your statement seems wrong, apologize.
  • 04. Learn to Protect Your Promise.
  • 05. Be firm in social matters and do not get in trouble because of it.
  • 06. Try to understand your critics.
  • 07, Give Your Critics Correct Response.
  •  08. Make a compromise … that can be easily implemented. 09. Change Your Hope to Your Will.
  • 10. Receive positive thoughts.

How do you bring about a change in the internal mindset?

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

There are only two ways to reduce the production of stress. External psychological stress is Kirkgalor

Be dealt with properly and bring about a change in the internal mindset – which is a much more practical way.

Many people think that will it be possible to bring about a change in the internal mindset?

 According to Saul, this is sure to be possible and this can be done by every person. Our inner mindset or thoughts change over time.

The person who was our absolute friend some time ago from today may seem to be the enemy today. It may even be two years from today. Maybe you didn’t like noodles … but now you eat and love it. All of this depends on internal thinking.

When we talk about changing internal thinking … we should point out that once you understand it well, it becomes very easy to bring about change.

Here are three reasons why we bring about change in internal thinking. Presenting If a person likes all these reasons … then it will be easy for him to come up with a change. There are three reasons for this

01. Change with society.

Be it society or use, fashion or clothing; Currently, change is the biggest mantra. If you do not change your inner thoughts accordingly … then you have to face more with your changing situation.

About 20 years ago today, sons used to touch their father’s feet every morning, students would touch their own cows … but even if we were to expect it today, it would ease the stress. In the new, the new judgments do not match the old thought … because the old thought refuses to transform itself.

Innovation is a product that cannot be interrupted. Now there are only two possibilities left – either they are different from each other … or the old ones will have to be welcomed to curb the issue.

This second option here seems appropriate. Your brain should come to new trials every day. No one needs to change in one day … but the door to your brain should always be open. Each day there will be sufficient ways to incorporate some new judgments into their brains.

02 Understand the ‘many’.

Most Hacheh is a word of Jain philosophy … which means ‘decision of many points of view’. ‘Most’ means that every person thinks and uses his own way … because he has the right to do so Many mean more than one.

In other words, it means that there can be multiple instances or instances for a single object or event. The father may want to do something one way and the son wants to do it another way.

According to Ankant, both of them are right with their point of view. Like them, it is the harvest of their inner mind. Both of them have the full right to think in their own way.

It may also be that a family member wants to do a thorough cleaning of the entire house and family. There is something else in the mind of another member.

One person likes cleanliness and another person seems to think that doing creative work is more important than cleaning the house. By and large, they are both ok. If you admire the decision of ‘many’ … then you are easily in your inner mind.

Can bring about change. You will be able to better understand the views of others and also analyze their way of thinking. You will also learn to respect the viewpoint of others.

Even if you do not accept them, you will understand them. In this way, the production of emotional stress will be reduced in a certain way. The decision of ‘many’ is especially important in managing stress.

03. Society is based on exchange.

The third way to reduce the production of stress is by ‘exchanging’. If the yogurt lights of different jurisdictions are together, work … then surely there will be a difference between their two thoughts – because no two people can have the same kind of thinking.

This is where the demand for ‘exchange’ is hundreds. To satisfy each other’s demands or needs, both will be like poems of their own. This is the rule of a healthy society.

It is very important to leave. If the husband had a sangas about me and both of them had their own opinions … then the movie about too much pressure would break that relationship.

It is true that all members of society or society should understand this decision. This is one of the reasons I joined couples in our heart training program in Seoul.

How do you speak without the art of stress and emotional stress?

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

Extension techniques

Most of the emotional stress and mutual conflicts are due to the wrong method of negotiation, namely because of lack of knowledge about the banana.

If you know about extension bananas … then yours There will never be a dispute with anyone in life. Dr. Ornish applied the concept of filamentation very well, and we learned from him.

Any executive, officer … even family | It is very important for members to know the art of promotion or conversation. On the other hand it is our mental Can also relieve stress. Half of us are at the root of social pressure, the wrong method of extension.

Here are some tips on this topic.

When the person in front says something … then listen to him.
  • • Do not criticize him or insult him on the face of anyone. Just express your thoughts.
  • • Simply put, just say the things that have meaning …
  • • Apply verbal expressions before speaking for yourself.
  • • If you want to have a normal and regular conversation, keep your voice down.

Time management

What is Emotional Stress? Easy Way to Relieve Stress

We have a total of 24 hours a day. The President of America, a big industrialist or a beggar on the street. – Everyone is equal in this regard and everyone has to finish his or her work within this timeframe.

How you can fulfill all your duties and responsibilities … It depends on your time management. You have to plan every action beforehand. Is the best If you make a long term plan and from time to time, make short term plans.

Examples, you have to go somewhere or prepare for a special interview. You should ideally sleep for 6 to 7 hours. Spend some time with your family at the end of the week and try to spend time with them during the holidays.

Except for the daily routine tasks, the rest of the time is for work. Now set your own priority, split time. If you feel like you can’t finish a task within the given timeframe … then think about sharing some of your work with others or say ‘no’ to all of those tasks.

Follow your daily routine and rest the holidays. If you analyze … then you will find that most of us do not use our time … but waste time due to mismanagement.

A practical way to reduce stress.

Stay away from making friends with evil and bad theories. Don’t help anyone who is trying to harm others.

Don’t be happy to use those people who are pressuring you.

  • • Do not attempt to exercise authority over any object.
  • • When to visit someone … Have some spare time on hand.
  • • If you do not know anything … then it is better to admit your ignorance than to mislead others.
  • • Whenever there is a disagreement with someone about you … just put yourself in front of the person and try to know his point of view.
  • • The more frustrated a person is towards you … the more calm and quiet he / she will be.

Make some changes in your life. Not every job should be hurried. Try to understand the root of your stress and try to solve it from there. Show yourself kindness, even in small matters.

Look at the interests of other family members too … Give them time. Whenever someone completes a task … use complimentary words to him. Apply your own broadcasting techniques. Don’t expect more than you need.

Turn all these hopes into your own desires. Don’t forget important dates like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Help others unselfishly even if you do not get anything in return. Do not try to be the best at every task.

  • We always remember the Lord in our bad times. We should also show our gratitude to him in good times. Never hate anyone. Learn to forgive others. Keep your self-esteem … Never look down on a job.
  • Eliminate your ego and learn to accept your defeat. | Try to understand the use of Type A people. They are stressful and unnecessarily emotional Be skilled at creating stress.
  • People with type ‘A’ expect perfection in every task … resulting in unnecessary emotional stress. Make this level of completeness a bit easier.
  • Take time to meditate 5 to 10 minutes each day.
  • Always keep a diary full of positive statements. Never give a lie to a liar.
  • Never be a pessimist. Always keep in mind that there are many people who … | You are spending the day worse than you are.
  • Maintain a good balance between your income and expenses. Never spend more than your income.

Develop one or two interests for yourself. They are especially helpful in reducing stress.

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