What is constipation? Why? And what is its treatment?

What is constipation? Why? And what is its treatment?

It is recommended that each person have a bowel movement once or twice daily. Although constipation is not a rage, this problem can also be caused by several other rages … It is advisable to have a medical examination.

What is constipation?

Less than three times a week ‘defecation’ is usually called constipation, so that the feces is usually hard and rigid. People who have constipation find it difficult to bowel movement.

There are other signs of constipation and feeling abdominal bloating, feeling weak or sluggish or feeling uncomfortable. Although defecation is common and regular, many feel that they are suffering from constipation. For example, some people feel that they have constipation every day, even without defecation.

Although there is no fixed number of feces per day or per week, in the general case, fistula is three times per day or three times per week. May be It depends on the person. Besides, some people’s stools are a bit stiffer than others.

Almost 100 people suffer from constipation in Kakhna-na-Kakhna. Common causes of wrong eating, eating and exercising. In most cases, constipation is temporary and not serious.

The reasons for this are to understand that the only way to stay away from them and to get rid of proper treatment is constipation. A standard procedure has been reported, so that any of the two symptoms mentioned below are combined for up to three months.

  • Tough stool.
  • Excessive force during defecation.
  • 25% time less susceptibility to incomplete defecation.
  • Going to the toilet 2 or 3 times a week.

Who is constipation?

Constipation is more common in men and women over the age of 65. Pregnant women may also have constipation and this is a common problem that occurs after the operation and after childbirth. |

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal infections. But most people treat themselves without seeking medical advice, for example – spending too much money on stomach cleansing drugs.

Importance of digestive tract

The digestive tract begins at the mouth and ends at the sacrum. When we receive the soaking, it is cut and crushed by teeth and tongue. There is a discharge of saliva in the mouth, which starts the digestion process.

After this the uterus reaches the abdomen by the tube, where the gastric juice acts on it. It then reaches the intestine, where vital nutrients are absorbed. Liver (bile juice) and bowel juice help in this process.

After that, the indigestion vessel goes in large. 90% of the water here becomes sedimentary. After that, half of the faeces get solid and go into the anal canal. From where it is shipped out.

Big bowel

Its mats are 1.5 meters or 5 feet in length. On top of this. Ascending Collane, Inflamed Collane, Downward Collane, Seahead Collane, Rectum and Anal


Faecall there because of the gradual gathering of malls in the mall
Substance is created. As a result, the pressure is constantly increasing in the rectum. |

When it reaches 18 mm Hg, the urge to discharge is apparent. Once this pressure reaches above 55 mm Hg, the Sphincter is refilled and compressed into all the rectal muscles. After that, we get the external self-will to relieve the fungura and the stool becomes empty.

Bowel movements.

  • Segment kinetics for mixing.
  • Slow peristalsis 9 kinetics. Every minute
  • Adequate levels of action and contractions – The level of activity in it is intensified.

Definition refills intensify the movement of malls.

Stocking theory of malls (approximate)

  • Fluid 75%
  • Nitrate 25%
  • Bacteria 08%
  • Fat 05%
  • Minerals 03%

Causes of constipation

It is awkward for the constipation to know how cholera (elder A) is. Works Fold that with the inside of the collagen. On the go, it avoids the pail when making stools or separating out other garbage.

The contraction of the muscles in the choline pushes the stool towards the rectum. By the time the mall arrives at the mausoleum, it is solid enough … because most of the group’s remnants are done immediately.

In constipation, the stool becomes stronger and drier, if the cholene absorbs too much water or if the cholera slows or stops due to contraction of the muscles. The speed of the stool from the collagen is extremely slow.

Lack of fiber in food

One of the most important and common causes of constipation is the lack of foods that are available in fiber, such as whole foods, fruits and veggies, and those foods that have high levels of fat, such as cheese, eggs and meat. .

Individuals who consume high-fiber fats are less likely to have constipation. The fibrous fibers are easily swallowed in water and the bowels. | One of them creates a mixture like a malaise gel.

The adhesive fibers pass through the intestines without any changes. This type of fibrous malaise protects the stools from being hard and dry … because these stools are extremely difficult to remove. In our normal distribution, fibers are usually found in low doses.

Children and the elderly … all have excessive frying and heavy frying … which reduces the levels of fibers. Fried fermentation is important in causing constipation in older people … because at this age, they have a disgust for the distribution and they are delicious.

And became interested in fiberglass. In addition, older people prefer to eat fatty foods because of the difficulty in chewing and swallowing … which causes them constipation problems.

Lack of liquidity.

Water and juice mix well with the liquid and melt the feces into the oil … making it easier to defecate. People who have constipation should apply these supplements in sufficient doses, such as those lasagdas, which contain high levels of caffeine (coffee and cola drinks) or alcohol … which results in dehydrating effects on their body.

Lack of exercise.

Many times constipation is caused by not exercising … but doctors do not understand why this is so. For example – in most cases, constipation can occur even after an accident or because of a rage, lying in bed for a long time or not exercising.


Some drugs also cause constipation, which includes –

  • Painkillers (especially narcotics).
  • Drugs to remove acidity, which contains aluminum and calcium.
  • Blood pressure drugs (calcium channel blockers).
  • Parkinson’s Preventive Drugs.
  • Antipasmedics.
  • drugs to reduce depression.
  • Iron. Drugs to meet needs.
  • Urine related. Drugs.
  • Anticonvulsants.

Irritable bevel sigrome.

Some people who have IBS (also called pastic cholene), have them. Choline pulls on … which influences their movement. Constipation and diarrhea escapes and general problems arise in the abdomen.

Although IBS can cause symptoms for a lifetime … but it is not fatal. Although this mental stress gradually worsens from bad to worse … there is no specific cause or any kind of abnormality to be seen by the callmen in the colon. |

Changes in routines

Haman’s changes in pregnancy may cause constipation in women or may also be due to coughing, which compresses the intestines. The elderly can also make the rectum irregular … because then the functional capacity of the bowel decreases and the tone of the muscles decreases.

Apart from this, many people also have constipation when visiting because it affects their normal diet and daily routine.

Abdominal cleansing medication.

Various types of hallucinations about constipation are clear on the stomach. Disease is caused by a rash of drugs. This is often the case for people who want to have regular bowel movements every day. | All of these drugs have no affinity, and they develop a kind of habit.

When becoming a habit, it takes the help of these drugs to relieve bowel disease. Over time, these drugs damage the cells of the umbilical cord and interfere with the natural ability of the collagen to contract. For this reason, the constant application of the Enemas affects the normal bevel action.

Suppress the urge to defecate.

Those who suppress the urge to quit, their desire to quit is gradually wiped out … causing constipation. Some people are late to defecate … because they don’t want to use the toilet outside their home.

Some other people suppress the hiccups because … either because they are too busy or they have emotional stress. The kids are late to the bevel movement … because they have the right toilet. They are not trained or they do not want to allow themselves to be interrupted.

Something special Disease

The rages that cause constipation are neurological disorders (metabolic abnormalities), metabolic or endocrine abnormalities, and systemic disorders. Situations, which affect the organs of the body. All these abnormalities slow down the movement of the colon through the colon, rectum and toes.

Some Disease that causes constipation?

  1. Brain abnormalities
    Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s rag, idiopathic
    Serious obstruction of the bowel, stroke, damage or injury to the pineal cord.
  2. Metabolic causes
    Diabetes, more or less active thyroid gland,
    Uremia, hyper semia.
  3. Systemic abnormalities
    Amylohydasis, lofts, scleroderma.

Choline and rectal problems.

Inflammation of the intestines, damaged adhesions, diverticulitis, tumors, colorectal structures, Hirschsprung’s Disease of 715 intestines and compresses the rectum in the oil … causing constipation.

Problems with the functioning of the intestines (Sirius idiopathic constipation).

Some people have cirrhosis of the constipation, which is not the case in general treatment. This rare condition is called Sirius idiopathic constipation and can be associated with problems with the functioning of the intestines, such as hormone control, pulse and collagen, rectum and leg muscles.

Functional constipation is both a child and an adult … and it is common for women to have constipation. | There are two types of functional constipation delayed in cholenic inactivity and circulation, which causes a lack of muscle activity in the collagen.

These symptoms may affect the entire collagen or it may be restricted to the lower border of the colon. | Functional constipation, which can cause abnormalities in the rectum and feet, is called anorectal dysfunction or anismus. This abnormality is caused by the contraction of the rectum and leg muscles … thereby affecting the process of rectal stooling.

Emotional stress and constipation

In the busy world of the present, there is “no one who can relieve the effects of stress on one’s own body. Many health conditions are caused by emotional stress or worsening. Constipation is not an exception.

Mental stress causes constipation for two reasons. First of all, because of emotional stress, we do not accept the lifestyle that our bowels have. Secondly, emotional stress directly affects the digestive process.

Changes in lifestyle to relieve stress and constipation:

Our health is affected by the deviation of our priorities every day. When we are busy and stressed, we pay attention to our bodies. I can’t. Many people are late to the bathroom because they are busy. |

Delay in bevel activity is a very important and common cause of constipation. The stressful daily routine has forced many to eat in a hurry. Most fatty foods contain high levels of fat, meat, ghee, soda, etc., and low levels of food and fruits.

This type of scaffolding often causes emotional stress and constipation. Most people. Eat food in haste and do not chew food or eat fast food. Irregular. Irregular bowel movements, mental stress and constipation problems arise from eating and irregular bevel activities.

The direct effect of constipation and emotional stress.

The nervous system of a person is very sensitive to emotional stress. During emotional stress, constipation becomes apparent as a direct effect of changes in the nervous system. Simple. Bevel activity is the result of a complex network system signal system.

Excessive emotional stress creates a barrier to this signal, which affects many parts of the digestive tract. This reduces the movement of the intestines into the oil that causes excretion.

Relieving constipation related to mental stress

If you have constipation because of stress, there are several ways to get rid of this problem. Exercise is a good regulator of stress, and it also promotes healthy digestion.Eating and controlling premature ejaculation can help with constipation problems.

You are better off not eating food, keeping Nance etc with you for a busy time. If you need to eat quickly, choose a dish that will be healthier for you. Some fast food restaurants also make foods that are nutritious. Always keep water with you.

If you have water in your car or on a table, you are. Do not miss the water in Kakhna. If you suffer from Symptoms of Symptoms of Constipation, it is best if you consult your family doctor about this. In addition to this, you can take other ways to look after your physical or mental health – such as yoga, meditation, etc.

Treatment of constipation

Although treatment depends on the cause of the anger, the depth and duration of the rage, etc … but dietary and lifestyle changes alleviate some of the symptoms of constipation, soothing the oil and reggae.


An unhealthy diet (20 to 35 grams per day) helps to produce malaise and high levels of feces. A dietician or a doctor will help you control your diet. High-fat foods include bean grains, edible herbs, fresh fruits, oranges, such as sprouted foods, copies, carrots, bunsen, asparagus.

People who are more prone to constipation should avoid foods that are low or not at all, such as ice cream, cheese, meat, heavy foods, etc.

Changes in life style.

Other changes that help relieve or treat constipation. Either way, they are in sufficient quantities of water and other liquids, such as drinking fruit and Sanji juice and cleaning soup, exercising every day, and enough time for excretion. Make the bar In addition, the defecation of the defecation should not be suppressed.

Stomach cleansing medicine.

People who have mild constipation have no need to consume these types of drugs, even though those who have experienced changes in their diet and lifestyle … Still suffering from constipation, they prescribe such drugs or enemas at a particular time according to the doctor’s advice.

You can use it until you can revive the rectum. Training for short periods of practice and regular defecation is also very useful for eliminating constipation. |

People who apply abdominal cleansing medications and depend on them should stop this practice gradually. The doctor can help you with this. In most people, these things return to their natural state of contraction in the large intestine Who brings

Other medical

The treatment can be for no particular reason. For example, a physician may suggest an anorexia problem, such as stopping the use of drugs or fixing drugs to correct the railway pelvis.

They can use the feedback to fix the muscles in their body that regulate defecation. Bayes-feedback is used to monitor the activity of a muscle by applying a cesarean, which sends information about the body’s actions to the computer screen.

The health practitioner uses this information to teach the patient proper use of the muscle. Surgical removal of the large intestine may be one way for people with severe constipation (that is, from choleraic insufficiency).

Although the benefits of this surgery should be linked to the associated complications, such as abdominal distress and diarrhea.

It should be decided by a physician when reggae is required for laxatives (abdominal cleansing ooze, and any form of it is best), available in the form of laxatives, tablets, mattresses, powders, and chatty substances taken by mouth.

  • (Bulk) laxatives are usually the safest … but does it hinder the abstinence of the drug. These are also called supplements and are taken with water. These contain water that absorbs water and makes feces soft.
  • Stimulants cause contraction of muscles in the gut. Research it
    It is reported that phenophthalene, which is a laxative stimulant, increases the risk of cancer in a person’s body. Several laxative suppressors have stopped the application of phenolphtha Pheroshthalein or are using it more conservatively to its detriment.
  • Making lactate in the stool prevents dehydration by increasing the moisture content in the laxative stool. In most cases this laxative prognosis is advised after childbirth or after birth.
  • Smooth the lubricant feces, increase the circulation of the intestinal tract and oil. Mineral oil is the best example of this.
  • Nanata acts as a laxative sponge to absorb the intestinal cells, so that the ejaculation of the stool can be facilitated. This type contains laxative magnesium milk (Milk of Magnesia).

Here are some tips to keep in mind for people suffering from constipation

  • Do not cling to the stool.
  • Drink water in the morning and morning for two months to improve gastrocolic reflux. Filled stomach causes obstruction in the bowel movements. This is why getting up in the morning and drinking water helps clear the gastrocolic reflux stool.
  • After drinking the water, do a free hand exercise to stimulate the bowels. Lean forward on the buzzer. Anisa is also a good exercise for the stomach.
  • Provide sufficient time to work on excretion. Do not rush into this task. Be patient It takes a while for the bowel to clear properly.
  • Drink more water for 6-6 months than your usual thirst. This prevents the stool from falling hard.
  • Combine high-fiber dishes (whole grains and pulses, sprouted food, leafy sanji, bedding vegetables, radishes, salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, fruits, figs, papaya, munas, orange lemons, bananas, guava) in your dish. . High-fibrous fats keep the feces in the correct dosage and keep melaim.
  • Honeyma can also be taken in oatmeal for oil by rubbing feces. This is helpful for people with severe constipation. But oil should not be made into a habit.
  • Physical exercise at porjapto levels every day is essential to regulate bowel movements. Exercise can be done in any form. Start by walking … Then you can do some special yogic exercises, like – Ansar.
  • Isabagail – This is a type of bhushi. Mix it with three cups of hot water and take it overnight. This is one of the safest drugs in the stomach.
  • Green water – Research has shown that green water. Provides relief from constipation problems.
  • Fast in Kakhna-Kakhna and eat fruits till doses Junk Food Irregular Stools | One of the important reasons. For this reason, if you fast, the stomach becomes well cleansed.
  • The warmth of light in the stomach stimulates the process of excretion in the oil.
  • 13. Indian toilets cause stress on the abdomen. Indian toilets are recommended for toilets.
  • One teaspoon with honey and light hot water with lemon-water.
  • hot water with salt.
  • Fenugreek beach in Vejana: Soak it in water overnight and chew it with water the next morning.
  • Abdominal massage also stimulates the bevel.
  • Take trifala and blanket, bark and large green chillies with light hot water overnight.
  • After bhajrasan and it is the jagasana which is used for digestion, it is the only seat which can be done after eating. This is the best recipe for digestion.
  • Conduction – This is the process of cleansing the stool with large quantities of water. This is the natural form of stomach cleansing medicine and it cleanses the stomach just as water enters moisture.
What is constipation? Why? And what is its treatment?
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