Chicken Pox

What is Chicken pox ? What is the treatment of chicken pox ?

During winter, children are exposed to various skin rashes, especially chicken pox and fungal infections. May be So be careful. Today is our introduction to chicken pox and some fungal infections at the beginning of the cardamom.
Chicken Pox

Chicken pox when and how.

 Chicken pox infection at two special times of the year. | Either, after the winter is gone and the winter is coming. A little earlier The rage is more prevalent in March and April and October and November when viewed as a month. Chicken pox is a viral infection. The name of the invading virus. Varicella zoster virus.

Who is

From rats, men and women can be infected with this rag. However, those whose body is less immune to rage, especially for children and the elderly, attack chicken pox. If it is more then it may cause other types of rage symptoms. For example, Ray’s syndrome, skin infections, pneumonia, hepatitis, etc.

How long does it last

 Depending on the extent of the infection, chicken pox can be eaten for 9 to 21 days. Spreads all over the body, especially the chest, back and mouth. The infected person suffers from fever and sore throat. The lower part of the body is also infected with this rage. May be Within the first two or three days, the chicken pox that gets out of the burrito leaves. 7 Within 14 days the water vapors begin to dry. After drying, the scalp stays on the skin. However, the stains in this bud usually disappear within a few months.

Terribly contagious

Chicken pox is an extremely touching rag. Infection spreads from one person to another. Two days before Lisan Berna’s day So far the fear of spreading infection is very high. Pregnant future mother. If one is pregnant three days before or five days before the scheduled delivery. If the woman has chicken pox then the victim should be given acyclovir drugs. In that case the newborn baby may also need treatment.


When chicken pox is mixed with a little glycerin then calamine lation is useful. On the advice of doctors, antihistamine drugs or adults should be taken with 5 mg of acyclovir 3 times a day for 5 days.

Some fungi are infected rags.

 Among the types of rabies that can be infected with fungal infections, the rags below are mainly from children’s school seats, used litter, home-made organisms. An infection of the rag can occur. In this case, there are three types of problems: • It can be seen in the head, but adults can also be affected.

Tinea capitis.

  • Catching occurs in the joints according to the joints.
  • Hair follicles become yellow in the hair follicles.
  • Gale is the gale patch. Hair thick. The hair becomes brittle.

Tinea Corparis.

 This rag infection is mainly in the back and waist. Tinia. To see Corparis, Gael was in the opinion of the Gael Punch. The affected part is severe itching. This problem is more prevalent in adults who suffer from diabetes. The problem is women in Tinea Kurris
From men to | Is more Two Thai | Fold and backward. | (In a nutshell) of this rag. The attack is high. The affected part becomes red. Goes on and on with severe itching. This rage of men. They are more likely to suffer because they have to wear tight lingerie for a long time. Also hot and humid This problem is more prevalent in the weather. |

Tinea pedis and tinea manum

Tinea pedis infection occurs at the foot. On the other hand, tinea manum is folded in the finger of a hand. In both cases the problem type is almost the same. Rag foot due to infection from the toes or toes. It can also spread to other parts of the hand. In very hot weather And tinnia because of wearing shoes for a long time. Pedis are more. This fungal infection can occur on the nails. This type of fungal infection is high during the summer and monsoon.

 Tinea Anguiam.

The elderly are more affected by this fungal infection. The original color of the nails gradually changes because of the tinea angioma. The nails become thin. The nails are thickened and the nails come in hand.


This problem is mainly due to the accumulation of East or Fungi. Infection of the fungus is more common in places like ear leakage, runny nose, anal, female genitalia. For those who have diabetes or AIDS, that is, those whose protection system is not strong. The fungus can spread quickly in the body. Basically unclean. If this rage is high. In addition, broad spectrum antibiotics or corticosteroid or birth control pills are more common. The problem is more.

 On the Intertriga.

This rag is mainly for kids. Children do not clean. If worn, always wear a nappy pad. Infection of this rag is more common in children’s nappy area, Thai folds, neck.


Fraconazole works best in fungal or fungal infections. National medicine. In addition, ketoconazole works very well in national medicines. Anti-fungal soap can be used on pyaage. But whatever you do, do it with the advice of a dermatologist.

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