What is a seasonal allergy? Why are allergies? What is the treatment of allergies?

During the spring, suddenly there are many different types of allergies. It is not surprising that breathing from it! Chest physician specializing in counseling.

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What is an allergy?

If people are more towards anything. Sensitive, that’s allergy. It’s The personal characteristics of each human being. Suppose a dust or flower molecule floating in the air entered the nose with a breath. In our bodies, The airways are very sensitive to the wall.

Tissues begin to drift into the tissue. Of. As a result, different types of reactions are observed. As if breathing, the chest is feeling the pressure, eyes are turning red, with the nose. Falling water etc. These are the symptoms of allergies. However, there are different symptoms for different allergies.

What are the most common allergies in the spring?

No one knows when this time the allergy tends to go up or down. There are no specific rules. In some cases allergy problems may increase, in some cases, it may decrease.

The whole thing depends on the person. This time around the end of winter, as the breathing increases, so does anyone. Someone stays the same again. Not only for this but also for allergies, the temperature variations, and the smoke.

There could be problems. Especially in the spring. New flowers come to the tree. There are many flower molecules floating around, molecules of grass flowers.

As they float in the air, they enter our nose, eyes, and lungs. There are many dangers associated with this. That’s it. May also be allergic to. The ones that are. They may also be more susceptible to allergy to asthma. However, no one can say for sure that spring will mean an allergy trend.

What precautions are needed?

What is a seasonal allergy? Why are allergies? What is the treatment of allergies?

First of all, there is no need to panic in advance, considering that you may be allergic. In the case of seasonal allergies. All precautionary measures should be taken at least 15 days before the specified time.

If the medication is needed, it is advised by the doctor to continue it till the end of the season. Have to go, However, depending on the type of symptoms, preventive measures need to be taken. For example, many people have itchy eyes, often sneezing.

In this situation, people will need to take anti-allergy drops or take regular medications. This time there is a respiratory problem. Them. Should be left with an inhaler. Again, if you go somewhere you may have allergies. They have to keep this matter in mind and consciously. Places to be avoided.

However, there are no restrictive rules for what causes allergies. In many cases, certain foods, such as the use of different types of creams or junk jewelry, are used in dusting, pain relief drugs or antibiotics, if you have asthma. May cause allergies.

Then at least everyone will play colors. It has different chemicals. There are various skin problems. May appear This can lead to allergies.

How do I understand the problem caused by allergies?

You need to be a little cautious when certain environmental conditions start to cause similar problems. Doctors may be consulted on the site. With a little examination, the matter becomes clear.

However, as the seasons change, the problems that arise or begin to form have a certain type. If alert at that time, allergy problems can be largely controlled.

Why are allergies?

One, because of some gene properties and two, for environmental reasons. There are two types of allergies again. Seasonal and. Perennial.

If you have allergies to the flower molecule in the fall or spring, it is called perennial, and the allergy that occurs throughout the year is perennial.

Allergy treatment?

What is a seasonal allergy? Why are allergies? What is the treatment of allergies?
  • Treatment of allergies is basically three steps. Either. The first step is to ask the patient about his history. That is, what is allergic to it, is it during the season. Doctors know whether the increase is happening. Try to diagnose the cause of allergies. Is done
  • The second phase of treatment is followed by a blood test called Skin Peak Test and Radio Allergosorbent Test, to identify the cause of the allergy.
  • The treatment is just beginning. The reason for this is allergies. Suggestions to be excluded from life. | Either. Besides, the doctor gave some medicines to the patients.

Allergy Drugs

Symptoms of allergy to the body. Treated with anti-histamine in the initial condition. In many cases, mediator’s national drugs such as leukocysteine, prostaglandin are also used. If the problem is complicated, it is often treated with steroids.

Metaphysics, medicine to understand the situation. Is given. But in these cases do not go to the drug itself. Get help or advice from a specialist doctor. Because many times anti-allergic. Many people start breathing after using drugs. Forced to exercise steroids.

In the case of seasonal allergies, all precautionary measures should be taken at least 15 days in advance.

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