What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?

What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer, what foods should be eaten? What is the relationship between smoking and cancer? I will discuss all this in this article.

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About Cancer

The Union for International Cancer Control celebrates World Cancer Day on February 4 to raise awareness about the deadly disease cancer and to build a cancer-free world. Chooses a popular theme in support of this universal campaign against cancer We have to decide the program to move forward towards that goal.

The theme chosen for this three-year Cancer Day celebration from 2019 to 2021 is ‘I Am and I Will’. To save billions of people worldwide from the fear of cancer. World Cancer Day is celebrated every year to help the general public to change their negative attitudes towards cancer and to make people aware of the dangers of cancer.

One of the aims of this Cancer Day celebration is to organize public opinion to put pressure on the government and administration of the country in this effort to create awareness. For example, only the government of the country can legislate to ban the sale of all types of tobacco and tobacco products in the country.

But in the public interest, this much-needed task of banning tobacco and tobacco products to prevent cancer has not yet been enacted by law. The issue has been kept under wraps with the impression that smacking is harmful to health.

At the World Cancer Summit Against Cancer in Paris on February 4, 2000, it was decided to observe February 4 as World Cancer Day every year as a step towards eradicating this millennium from cancer.

Earlier, in 1993, the Union for International Cancer Control celebrated the first Cancer Day in Geneva with a call to do something for the 12.7 million people who are dying of cancer. At that time, 7 million unfortunate cancer survivors would die every year by surrendering themselves to fate.

According to 2019, this is the second year in 2020. The theme of Word. Cancer Day (I and I Will) is that I will follow the cancer prevention program and inspire others as well.

But how can I single-handedly engage myself in cancer prevention? How much power do I have? The Cancer Control Union has laid down seven guidelines for you that can be easily followed by everyone to prevent dreaded cancer. Let’s briefly discuss them.

First of all, to avoid cancer, refrain from consuming all kinds of tobacco and tobacco products. The use of all tobacco products including bidi, cigarettes, khaini, gutkha, tiranga, gurakhu, betel spice, betel pollen should be stopped completely. It’s in your hands.

What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?
What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?

To prevent cancer, the country needs to ban the production and sale of tobacco products, which no government in the world has done. Because the influence of the tobacco lobby on the ruling party is huge and extensive. Printing a picture of a cancerous organ on a pack of cigarettes or writing that smoking is harmful to health does not end the responsibility.

Because smoking is inextricably linked with cancer. Made for each ginger. Cigarettes or tobacco can cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, kidneys, and cervix. Chewing tobacco products can range from cancer of the mouth to cancer of the pancreas.

Passive smoking or other cigarette smoking and its smoke can enter your body and catch your lung cancer. Avoid tobacco. Stay hundreds of hands away from cigarettes, spices, gutkha, gurakhu, khaini, etc. tobacco products. You can easily comply with it. You can also warn others about this.

Eat healthy food and drink. Avoid junk food, process flowers. Raise your baby by feeding him normal food, not couture powder. Feed pulses, rice, vegetables.

Mothers say put more vegetables and fruits in the daily diet of the family. Don’t get overwhelmed by eating too much. Obesity is a sign of ill health. Diabetes causes a lot of anger in the body. It is the nature of today’s mothers to feed their young children unnecessarily without eating pulses, rice, and vegetables.

What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?
What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?

These children will become victims of diabetes and various diseases in the future. Stop eating a high-calorie diet, sweet, refined sugar from the beginning. Try to have a slim figure.

Absolutely avoid alcohol. Now people who have saved a lot of money are starting to party and drink alcohol to improve their status and are calling for colon cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and breast cancer.

Avoid spicy foods. The World Health Organization’s branch, the International Agency for Cancer, reports that eating more canned food and meat can lead to cancer.

Keep the body active, maintain proper body weight. Don’t be lazy. Prostate, breast, lung, colon, and kidney cancers can be largely prevented by keeping the body functioning while maintaining proper body weight. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer.

Raj doesn’t have to go to the gym to keep his body working. 150 minutes of Arabic exercise a week is enough. Otherwise, the body will be active only after playing 30 minutes of regular work. Protect the body from the rising sun.

Those at risk should be vaccinated. Sex workers or those involved in polygamy should be vaccinated against the hepatitis-B vaccine to prevent infection with liver cancer or the human papillomavirus.

Dangerous habits should be given up. Injection needles should be discarded once. Unprotected sex life should be avoided.

Regular medical check-ups are required. In order to eliminate the possibility of skin, colon, and breast cancer, it is necessary to get regular check-ups from a doctor.

It is not difficult to follow these general rules of health, but it is helpful in preventing cancer. If it happens, it will happen and if it happens, it will die.

But this fixed idea is not correct. Certain genes found in hereditary sources are responsible for five to ten percent of cancers. The key to getting rid of the rest of cancer depends on your goodwill.

What foods should not be eaten to avoid cancer?

Avoiding canned foods, eating nutritious foods, including fresh vegetables, and eliminating alcohol and cigarettes and tobacco products, regular physical activity, maintaining proper body weight, and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of cancer by one-third.

So the last word is:

Little Step Can Make Big Differences to Your Health, Start Making Change Today.

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