What causes recurrent headaches and what is the treatment?

This article discusses in detail the causes of recurrent headaches, how to understand if it is a problem, what is the treatment, and how to be aware before headaches occur.

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The human head is the best part of the body. It manages and affects all the organs of the body. So when there is a pain in the head, there is a lot of rhythm in life. A person who has never had a headache in life, it is really rare…

Occasionally there is a headache, but many of the daily partner. Many times the pain suddenly decreases on its own.

The cause of the headache

Headaches or pain can occur at any age. There is no specific information as to why headaches occur. However, in many cases, there are multiple causes with different symptoms Many. It is painful to sneeze or tingle or to hit with a hammer. It is accompanied by swelling of the veins on both sides of the forehead, redness of the eyes, tears, accompanied by neck pain or nausea or vomiting.

Headaches can be caused by a minor or serious illness. It is usually associated with stress, fever, hypertension, malaria, sinus, toothache, meningitis, migraine, eye disease or tumors, etc.

What causes recurrent headaches and what is the treatment?
What causes recurrent headaches and what is the treatment?


This pain is usually on one side of the head. The throbbing pain, it feels like someone is hitting with a hammer. The smell increases the pain, it is called cynophobia, it may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

The veins on the side of the head that is in pain become swollen. There is also dizziness, blurred vision in the eyes, etc. In many cases, the patient feels the prognosis before the onset of the disease. However, migraine pain increases for some reason.

Such as intense heat or ala, loud noises, lack of sleep or insomnia, mental and physical stress, excessively fatty foods, being on an empty stomach, excessive smoking, prolonged exposure to television or computer, or migraines during menstruation in girls may increase.


There are two types of sinusitis – acute and chronic. Headaches are very common. It is usually caused by a viral infection or allergy. Sinusitis is more common during colds and menopause. The pain starts in the front of the forehead where there is a sinus cavity and spreads to the whole head. The head tingles, there is pain on the side of the face.

A lot of the time the nose is closed. How can there be fever, sore throat along with numbing pain? In chronic cases, its effect is very painful. Some tests are needed for this.


Cervical spondylosis is usually associated with headaches. Spondylosis means inflammation or pain in the spine. This is a very common problem nowadays. Cervical spondylolisthesis is pain or soreness in the back of the head or neck. There is a type of pain.

In many cases, the pain spreads to both sides of the hand. However, those who do not exercise, are lazy or work long hours or spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

What causes recurrent headaches and what is the treatment?

Eye problems

Headaches are often a problem with eye irritation. This problem is more common in schoolchildren. In many cases, many students have difficulty seeing school blackbirds, blurred vision, and are more likely to suffer from myopia or minus power, in which case they use homeopathic medicines or It is beneficial. If the problem is not caught in negligence, but almost Is headache.


Recurrent headaches should never be neglected, should be treated in consultation with an appropriate physician. Fever almost causes a slight headache, neck pain with a stiff neck, stiff neck, difficulty moving the neck, etc. Symptoms. Encephalitis, Maybe due to meningitis, etc. Gastritis, constipation, or allergies may also occur.

If you wake up in the morning with a headache and nausea and vomiting, be careful. The pain is accompanied by blurred vision, dizziness, numbness in one side of the arms and legs, tangled speech, convulsions, hearing problems, sore throat, swallowing. In case of symptoms like difficulty, incoherent speech, difficulty in movement, etc., it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

The cause of these pains may be tumors or ascetic diseases. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of headaches. Very few of those who suffer from headaches can cause brain tumors.

There is a special relationship between mental turmoil and headaches, in which case the practice of pranayama is necessary to keep the mind calm. Headaches are a very serious problem, so to get rid of them, first of all, everyone has to take a handful of painkillers or painkillers which have become a habit.

What causes recurrent headaches and what is the treatment?
  • Stay away from loud noises, loud noises, strong smells.
  • Should not be on an empty stomach for a long time.
  • Beware of sudden cold or heat. For example, change of air or air conditioning, do not go directly to the heat from the house.
  • Eye power should be checked once a year.
  • You need to practice regular exercise and exercise.
  • Need to sleep at regular intervals.
  • It is necessary to maintain the correct posture of walking, walking, lying down, and working.
  • Avoid sitting in front of the television or computer continuously.
  • It is better to practice pranayama to reduce stress.


Some tests are usually needed to find out the exact cause of the headache, such as blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc.
Treatment is arranged by diagnosing the exact cause of the symptoms.


I can say that there is a suitable treatment for headaches in hemopathy. As a result, it is possible to get rid of certain surgical treatments in many cases. According to hemopathy, there are many medicines, some of which are mentioned.

Mark Sol,
Netram Muir,

There are also many other medications that are given according to the symptoms of the disease. Homeopathic treatment is done on the basis of Mayajam. In addition, there are some references to the disease as a one-sided disease in homeopathic science. Migraine is one of them and its treatment is difficult. It is recommended to treat it.

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