What are the benefits of makeup? What is the harm of makeup?

What are the benefits of makeup? What is the harm of makeup?

We are not worried about makeup. As much as I do not use anonymous cosmetics. Why, if you know the correct propagation tactics, then it is the soil.

using the Foundation

We often think that writing a foundation makes sense. Can go So the foundation color is the lightest, I apply it on the skin. But one thing is good to know, if the foundation takes a very brighter or darker shade, it does not blend in with the color of the skin, but rather leaves the artificiality with it.

So choose the foundation by adjusting the color of your skin. Remember, the foundation’s job is not to make you oblige. The foundation’s mission is to add an inviting tone to your skin.

The envy is brilliant. The skin should be the target of foundation prog. Not change the color of the skin. * In most cases, we see the foundation hand pryag. To do

If you can beautifully blend it with the skin of your finger, there is nothing wrong with it. But many do not patiently blend well with foundation skin. The best alternative for them is the Blender Sponge. Foundation. Blender can be blended very well with a sponge. As much as blending. Better yet, the foundation’s passion seems more authentic.

What are the benefits of makeup? What is the harm of makeup?
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use of a blusher

Blusher creates a red or a slight glow in the skin, making the face look more glamorous, salty. However this is where the red aura is on the face. Not at all there. In certain parts, this red aura fits. Basically, a blusher is applied to the bone or part of the cheekbone.

However, some of the tips in this case are more perfect if done in the results. Will be For example, if you have a long and ragged face, half an inch between the cheeks. Use the blusher to move the jaw. It takes a mouth full. From cheekbone to cheekbone to cheekbone to middle of cheek. Rasher has to be installed.

It takes the mouth a little longer. Trikona or panmukha chikabane to pull the blusher along the hair line along the ear. At the square, pull the blusher from the bottom of the chickens. It reduces the charcoal feel of the face.

Is makeup harmful ?

Makeup means the penetration of thousands of chemicals into the skin. It does not improve the skin damage book. However, if taken with precaution, makeup can do no harm to the skin. After makeup it is necessary to remove or remove it from the skin on time. This will require deep cleansing.

How to clean makeup?

First, you need to massage the oil with a cream / makeup removal cream or coconut oil. Then wet Wipe the face with a cotton cleaner. After washing face with facewash, the face will be completely clean and makeup free.

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