Many people suffer from migraine pain, but this disease can be cured without medication instead of habit. We will learn how to treat migraines accurately without medication.

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monthly tied for three to four days. Sometimes it hurts two or three times a month to make it difficult for Raj to work. Headache is a very common symptom.

It takes a long time to understand which headache is a migraine and which is not, but the doctors. Its symptoms are clearly defined.

Symptoms of migraine

In this case, the head is shaking. It seems to be hurting from the inside of the head. In the words of General Physician Subir Kumar Mandal, “Migraine pain usually occurs on one side of the head, right or left. The direction may change from time to time. However, this is not to say that there can be no pain on either side of the head. There may be nausea.

Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)
Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)

Ophthalmologist Sumit Chowdhury said that there was discomfort in the eyes before the pain started. In many cases, there is a twinkle in the eye. As if something was moving in front of one’s eyes. In addition, many glaucoma patients have migraine problems.

What is the source of this pain?

Migraine-induced rage. If there is someone in the family, chances are high. This pain occurs when the trigeminal nerve of the brain is stimulated. Physicians like to say that this pain occurs when the balance of a chemical called serotonin is disturbed.

Who is more?

Migraine problems are more common in women than in men. The reason is the harmonic division. The prevalence of migraine is higher in women due to estrogen hormones. So many girls start migraine problems with the first menstrual period at puberty.

Again, this problem goes away after many menopause. Migraine problems are more common in women who take oral contraceptive pills.

Again when women have surgery on the uterus, some of the hormonal therapy drugs are often given. In that case, also their migraine problem appears anew.


Painkillers are usually given for migraine pain. However, playing it for a long time can cause other side effects. If the patient starts taking any painkillers on their own, the consequences can be even direr.

Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)
Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)

Therefore, the advice of a doctor is needed first and foremost. Patients with high blood pressure are reduced in the dose of the drug. It is very comfortable.

Migraine instead of eating habits Can be controlled. For those who have migraines, excess coffee is harmful. However, many migraine medications contain coffee ingredients. So moderate coffee relieves migraine pain. It is better to avoid chocolate, red wine, dry feet, cheese.

Beneficial oils:

Massage on the head with eucalyptus oil and mint oil gives relief. As well as the more symptoms, the less it is.

If the patient consumes lavender oil, it works in fifteen minutes.

patients discretion:

There are many perfumes that increase the pain of patients. These are always personal. So patients need to understand, which food is having problems, which smell is increasing the pain. Only then can the doctor help.


Almonds, walnuts can be eaten as they are rich in magnesium. Ginger powder is beneficial in chewing. Even if cooked in sunflower oil, it is good for patients.

Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)
Ways to avoid migraines( Accurate treatment of migraine pain)

Use of glasses:

Migraine patients often cannot tolerate allergies. They are given tinted glasses to keep their eyes cool. This gives a lot of comfort to the patients’ eyes.

Migraine pain is not completely cured. However, this pain can be controlled instead of a lifestyle.

Relieve pain

Migraine pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. But there is excessive vomiting. Excessive vomiting may be a symptom of another disease.

Migraine pain is periodic. After three or four days in a row, it is completely healed. I will be back again. If you have more than one rava per month, you must seek the help of a doctor.

Since this pain has to be dealt with, patients need to be as careful as possible.

It is better to control the pain by changing the diet and lifestyle. The doctors think.

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