Way to cure neck, waist pain In dire situations of COVID-19

Due to lockdowns, housebreaks, long hours of work on the laptop, screen time increases, neck, waist, and muscle aches are many. The only way to cure that pain is in this article.

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Lockdown, house arrest, and long hours working on laptops. These three situations are related to each other. Many people are spending less than daily calories due to barring outside. Those who used to go to the market regularly, according to the exercise.

Again on the shoulder of the office bag, who would slip, break the stairs … That way he would stay active. But due to the almost daily routine, almost all of the people’s muscles are disturbed.

Screentime has also increased to handle office work. This causes pain in the neck, waist, finger press, back, joint. Most people are having problems sitting in the wrong way and working on laptops.

Way to cure neck, waist pain In dire situations of COVID-19
Way to cure neck, waist pain In dire situations of COVID-19

Why is the pain?

According to experts, sitting in a particular posture for a long time There is pressure on the neck-waist muscles. The laptop or tab should be along two eye lines. But it never happens in the workplace. If you work at risk, the neck muscles will be stressed.

Due to the closure of the house, sleep time has also increased. Excessive sleepiness, back pain, and back pain will only increase. As a result, the pain increases.

There is no option to work on a laptop. But if you look at things, you will be healthy. It can work seamlessly. Similarly, Anish Raghupati, a specialist in acupressure-graphology, said in some ways.

Twenty-Twenty-Twenty Rule:

Change the posture for a couple of minutes consecutively. Take a break for 20 seconds. Look at something at a distance of 20 feet. The green plants in front of the house are good. If you do not feel comfortable, take a walk inside the house. Then sit down again.

Don’t look at the screen at one end. Occasionally remove the eyelids. When working on a computer, anti-glare glass can reduce the pressure on the eye when working. Relax your eyes after closing the laptop.

It is best not to work on a laptop on a bed. You can sit in the dining table chair and work. It is best to sit back on a wooden chair.

Muscle cramps from stress. Eat light snacks, such as biscuits and cornflakes, at work. You can also eat fruit juice.

Those who have pain problems can bathe in warm-hot water. You will find comfort in it. The hair will wash in cold water.

For pain in the neck, spread the legs over two or three pillows. However, do not put a pillow on your head. It increases blood circulation in the neck. If the pain is high, you can take a nap for three to four hours.

  • Eat less meat if the mass cramp is increased. Never work in the dark or in the dark.
  • If you have diabetes-sinus-migraine problems, stay on an empty stomach.

Work the pillow on the back or on the bottom of the pouch, so that the pain doesn’t go away. Take a musical break from half an hour to forty-five minutes at work.

In addition, there are a few easy to keep the body moving Suggested exercise. Fitness expert Chinmoy Roy. If you can do these exercises for half an hour every time, you will find comfort.

To strengthen the neck muscles:

Way to cure neck, waist pain In dire situations of COVID-19
Way to cure neck, waist pain In dire situations of COVID-19
Shelder Wall Slide Exercises:

Lean the back on the wall. With your two hands on the wall, straighten your head. Raise your hand 12 times, rest. Three sets this way.

Wall Chin Tucked:

Stand on the wall. The head will also be on the wall with a skirt. Push the throat over your neck, shake your head and say yes. Repeatedly, three should be set. For those who have pain at the waist or when moving forward, after sitting down, the following exercises are:

Single Leg Bridge:

Lie down and lie on the floor. Keep both knees one foot away from the waist. Empty the waist. Put one foot on the ground and lift the other leg to zero. Hold the two legs up for ten seconds. Do it 4-6 times.

Wall Press Dead Bug:

Lie down on the wall with your hands on your back. Stretch the bike back and forth, extending the right and left legs and bring your knees to the chest. You have to be active to keep your body healthy during these difficult times.

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