Walk For Body Fitness? But When is Morning or Evening Walking?

Walk For Body Fitness? But when is Morning or Evening walking? This article suggests a reputed professor of cardiology at a very renowned hospital in Kolkata

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when to walk Thus, the direct answer will be unaccounted for. This is because there is a jag in the air with the amount of dust accumulated in the air.

Therefore, at that time. The dust is less in the air, at that time. Walking is good. As a result, dust levels are low in the morning air. Less There is traffic.

The problem is, the weather is cool again in the morning, the wind is heavy. As a result, air pollutants also come down to the ground. So even if the dust is low, the body. The effects of pollution are not that low.

Again in the afternoon, the dust is high in the air, traffic levels are high! So when to walk is not a big deal. The big thing is, to walk seamlessly Do you have enough time in your hand? If there is time you can walk in the morning, and in the afternoon you can also walk.

Now, if anyone says, I have two. Time to walk, then? In that case, the question will be: What kind of physical benefit does that person want to walk? Are you looking for the overall benefit of the body or wanting to increase muscle mass as well.

Exercise has been shown in the afternoon to increase muscle function. Warm-up in the body, no special velocity is required for walking. In addition, it is best to walk in the afternoon in the winter and less prone to cold sores.

Where to walk?

  • Choose a place to walk where you will be walking again and again. No need to stand or walk for a long time at the same speed without interruption.
  • Walk to the flat. At this point, there may be foot injuries in the hostel, and there is the possibility of stumbling. Hatter speed may be interrupted.

How to walk

The average healthy person has to walk with laughter. As the mats talk, the body sweats.

Walk For Body Fitness? But When is Morning or Evening Walking?

How long do you walk

Normally you should walk for 35 to 45 minutes. You have to walk five days a week. If you can, walk every day of the week.

In that case, the metabolic rate of the body will increase, hunger will increase, digestion of food, weight loss will be reduced, fear of nerve rage will decrease, anxiety will decrease, mood will improve. Remember, in the hotel.

All the muscles in the body are circulated. Decreased blood cholesterol levels are good. Cholesterol levels increase. Although joint blood pressure can be low, a few joints can maintain the mobility of various organs.

Even those whose heart does not work well are physicians. Walking wisely will produce good results. Walking Heart Neurological Circuit | Is improving. As a result, the heart will not be able to stop working.


Not just walking. To eat Be restrained. Vegetables should be kept on the legs. According to rice, bread, potatoes. Reduce the intake of carbohydrate foods. The funny thing is, the haunting habit. If you are in the midst of eating slowly, you are in moderation. Encourage healthy living. So start walking today.

Please discuss with your doctor at least once before applying any of the terms and conditions of this article. Then if you have a dot it will be cleared.

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