To keep the body healthy and cured of thousands of diseases, we have divided this article into six parts: Triphala, Amalki Haritaki, Bahra. We hope that by reading these 6 articles, your problems will be solved.

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Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases. Part 2

Haritaki is our well known trifler. An important element. It is used in effect. Usually | Seeds without fruit seeds in turned dry Used in various rags as medicinal drugs. It is used as a single product Yes, so are other medicines
Used in conjunction with the product. As it is | There is internal projection, so is external projection.

According to Ayurveda, Haritaki is a Trident ruler and essentially a ruler. As a result of greenery | Tannins, sugars or carbohydrates, aminoacids, phosphoric acid, succinic. | Acids etc. are also available. Turned green fruit is available from January to April. | The green fruits that are submerged in water, ie heavy ones, are commonly used.

When the raw bark is dried in green, it is called wild bark. This warrior green powder or powder. Works well in constipation or constipation. By doing

Haritaki’s crushed paste made in boiling water, pain and swelling as a paste coating in place of pain and swelling. Both are down.

Haritaki’s blow with boiling water, pancha. Etc. Washing the skin lightly. Put the green powder in there. Fruit is available in the well.

The green GI tract and liver enzymes help to reduce erosion. As a result, enjoy the greenery. If the food is digested, it also increases appetite.

The greenery is air-conditioned and gentle. So if you accept the greenery. As the air deposited in the colon is easily excreted through airway, excretion is also satisfactory.

Haritaki plays again and sits. The perilitic movement of the colon decreases. And water congestion increases as a result. Frequent stools are closed.

If the mouth and throat are sore, the green fruit can be used to boil and boil it with boiling water. Because green water, according to Ayurveda, is antibacterial and acne-resistant. |

Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases. Part 2

There are some biochemistry in the greenery that help to reduce cardiovascular and brain impairment. This is why greenery is used successfully in various types of nerve problems.

Haritaki is the source of the flow in the well, that is, the various vesicles or veins in our body if taken properly. Stay clear

Green is an effective role in maintaining the health of our skin, so it is used differently to cure various skin rages.

According to Ayurveda, green formula is used in combination with other ayurvedic medicines for prolonged fever due to urinary problems and fever.

In the case of colds, coughs, throat problems, respiratory rashes, applying greenery results in good results. Because greenery helps keep the respiratory system relatively healthy.

It is used in combination with other Ayurvedic medicines to remove the white discharge of women, uterus, and sperm in men.

According to Ayurveda, the ayurveda is aptly mentioned in the Ayurveda scriptures as to how to consume the season according to the season when the chemistry is nourishing and to get this nutrient properly. For example, in autumn with sugars or sugar during the rainy season, with dry sugar, ie dry ginger powder, with peopal powder in winter, honey with spring and jaggery in summer. It has been called the seasonal heterodox in Ayurvedic scriptures.

Again, in Ayurveda Scripture, green beans are consumed with bataj rage ghee; | How to take a green field any longer. It was said. But in some cases, greenery should not be accepted. This is also said in Ayurveda scriptures. Excessive, ie extremely thin, extremely thin, thirsty, dry mouth, pregnant women, nausea or newborn urinary bleeding weakness. Because greenery is the main ingredient in pharmaceuticals such as cosmetic and warm.

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Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases. Part 2

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