Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases.

Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases.

To keep the body healthy and cured of thousands of diseases, we have divided this article into three parts: Triphala, Amalki Haritaki, Bahra. We hope that by reading these 6 articles, your problems will be solved.
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Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne, to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases.


This amazing result of the work is completely | Indian herbs. It contains. Honey-acid-salt-bitter-bitter-bitter A combination of juices. This is the view of the Vedic Muni-sages. They put it first in the field of health care and treatment. It is said in the Yajurveda on 1/4/3 Sukta. Must eat for enhancement.

At that time, a variety of products mixed together and made a crust. Frustrated and consumed in mourning. Due to baking with ghee it is quick. | Don’t waste The name of this medicine is Pindabwat. | Oden. Different types of Oddan | They knew. | The name of the Amanaki was made, the name was’ Amalk odan.

Later on, after a variety of tests, this medicine was made by the invaluable medicine called ‘Chavanprash’, which is still astonishing to us today. And this fruit is imported during these seasons.

The raw amalgamation comes, at least until the end of spring. Although it is an herbal fruit, this time it is considered a lavender fruit for the Indians. Now let’s see what kind of study the Vedas have in the aftermath. Then | How to save it, | How to eat, how to use or to maintain health and cure anger.

Vedic studies followed by Samhita and subsequent studies.

Amalki is said to be “virtuous,” especially in the bloodstream
He is an antidepressant, extremely fertile and chemically. Amlaki contains acidic juice because of the air, sweet juice.

Because of the coldness of the bile and the rough, and because of the juice being absorbed in the body, it destroys the cuff. And chemistry, bureaucracy, marrow, labor, thirst, inflammation, and alleviation of delusions. It has been used in various ways for the treatment of rage.

In the use of salutations, some of them will be discussed. | Diarrhea, gonorrhea, heartburn, eye rage, liver problems, blood clots, hair and skin problems, honeydew, arthritis rages, premature ejaculation

It is used in vitamin C rich fruits. It has about 2500-3500 mg in 100 grams of raw acacia. In the dry The tamarind powder contains Vitamin C 600| Milligrams Fresh fruit increases body strength. By the way, keep the urine and urine clean.

It contains praetin, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, C, to a small extent, etc. The acidic body causes impediments to the carbohydrate crushing. It contains high potency. Anti-oxidants, as well as polyphenols, fountains, amino acids, amino acids.

As a result, what is deposited in the body can spoil the bladder. Radicals are the cause of many diseases and very harmful. Bureaucracy May increase insulin and alleviate hormone problems. It also does weight.

Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne, to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases.

How to Reservation ?

  • If the raw acacia juice is not mixed in quantity and kept in the raid for a few days, it will last for years. |
  • Amalkee’s mother was created. Goes Tuktak can be eaten. * 1. Mix the honey in a piece of pomegranate. If you stay in Raid for a few days, there will be several days.
  • When the amaliki is dried, it can be kept well for 2-4 years.
  • The raw acidity is mixed with salt and turmeric. When the water boils well, it cools. Keep in glass containers with water for several days. Will remain
  • The raw sour cream is crushed and mixed with salt and kept in the raid for a long time.
  • Dried amalgam is good for good. Put the boy in a glass container well. 3 months to a year if kept in the face. Will be up to

How To Eat

  • You can eat raw salmon with a little salt.Raw tamarind juice can be consumed.
  • In the morning, after eating raw rice and eating raw rice, the raw acid is chewed.
  • You can eat a spicy curry. Cumin is tossed in a piece of raw rhubarb and cooked with a little salt and sugar. Of course, you can cook it by mixing potatoes / Ranglu / Pumpkin. At the end, it is better to mix a little pestabata or sesame bowl.
  • Radish in water at night or hot in dry Soak the water the next morning
  • Dried pomegranate powder can be consumed in quantity.
  • You can mix it with a piece of raw rhubarb with honey. |
  • Amla juice can be made by eating,You can buy this juice from the market and eat it every morning.
  • Amalkee marabba makes mau go all year long.
  • raw syrup mixed with 60-70 percent sugar in the juice can be eaten whole year by making syrup.
  • As long as it is available raw, eat it. Then eat tamarind in the dry. After boiling the tamarind in the dry, make the water syrup and mix it with the salt in the boiling acidity and then dry it. If you put it in the mouth will work.
  • Rip out the seeds and marrow. Can eat It is quality in the opinion of the bureaucrats. ১৩. Many people eat aromaki with rice, but it does not contain vitamin C but all other qualities are intact.

Tactical use.

There is no end to the quality of the amalgamation. It can be used singly and in combination with other products, which is the result of a long survey. How to use a few rag cases will help, so to speak. Being |

But let’s say one thing: Amalkee is a famous jag. The medicine is Triphala. It contains greenery, amalgama and bahra. This is an amazing formula. By the way – Triphala just cleans the teeth. But not In different ways Multiply this Triphala.

Controlling diabetes:

Medium-sized raw omelets can be eaten in the morning on a blanket. Or in baking powder or yellow powder. In the morning, you can eat 2-3 grams in the morning before emptying and eating at night. Do not suddenly stop taking other medicines. If the condition improves, the treatment is advised by the doctor. Can change

Cholesterol, Heart and Kidney:

Eat raw raw sour cream in the morning and evening On an empty stomach for 1 Or dried tamarind powder 2-3 grams. You can eat with water only 2 times a day. Amlaki juice can be consumed in 20 ml and in the morning and evening. It is possible to curb cholesterol growth.

‘Triglyceride and other bad cholesterol levels lower well. Increase cholesterol levels in oil. It is best to feed on the blanket. Atherosclerosis can occur if triglyceride and LDL cholesterol accumulate in the arteries for a long time. This can lead to heart attacks and kidney and brain problems. | Regularly eating

raw and drying the acidity may return to normal. For this reason, the medicines that you take earlier, cannot be stopped suddenly. Adjustment of medication and diet should be done at the consultation of the physician and by examining the information of various tests.

Triphala, bronchial asthma, acne, to keep the body healthy and cure thousands of diseases.

To prevent premature ejaculation:

Chew every morning and evening. | Khan is a medium-sized raw omelet. When you don’t get it. Amlaki powder to make 2-3 grams 2. Can eat the bar Amlaki juice will be the same benefit by taking 20 ml of it 2 times per day.

To extract toxin:

Raw acidity is empty in the morning and evening. Chew one on the stomach. Or make 3 grams of tamarind powder 2 times or more.Amlaki juice can be eaten twice with 20 ml. The liver will be in the well. Constipation and anemia will be removed.

Lung and heart weakness:

The mother of the amalgama packed with sugar. Eat 10 grams of food every day. If you have diabetes. Raw acidity 1 to 2 times or. Amalki can drink water in Vizana. 8-10 grams cups of radish in the dry at night. Soak them in water for the next morning. Eat the boy in the morning and evening.

Increase in physical ability:

Eat the tamarind powder in 3 grams powder (2-3 teaspoons) once in the morning. You can eat 2 times on Prayajan. Raw. As long as the bureaucracy is available, Good to eat

Sour, indigestible, in taste:

5-6 grams of dried tamarind cupcakes by soaking them in cold or hot water at night. The next morning, eat on the empty plate. Wet If the amalgamake salt and dry in the raid, the mouth will be formed.

Regression and delivery weakness:

Emeralds can be eaten in the previous mold with powdered jaggery.

In allergies:

Acne is crushed in any allergy. 3 part, yellow powder 2 percent, Nimtapa powder. Mix 1 percent together in the morning and evening. Calipate should be eaten in 2 grams dose. It isIn any skin rash, honey, liver function can be used to laugh.

Problems that do not cure long-term use. In that case, mustard seeds should be mixed with 4 percent powder mixed with the aforementioned mixture. The albugia is the botanical name of this head. Lebeck. Special name is Desi Shirish. Contacts.

In the wounds of the stomach:

In drying, mix 3-5 grams of amalgama into Dhanmuri-Patalpata evenly and cover it with 4-5 grams of water at night. The next morning the boy drank half of that water in the morning and evening in the caliphate. If other medications are in progress, do not stop them suddenly and follow the doctor’s advice.

To increase intellect-memory-intelligence:

Every morning, a medium-sized raw amalgam is chewed after eating rice at noon. Each year it will be played as long as it is found raw.

Stomach cramps:

Dry the potatoes in acidic water and dry the bowl around the navel. By this the air will be drained and the urine will be normal.
With this, if you can drink water in Amalkhi Vizana in dry for a few days, it will be convenient with all the means.

To clear skin dirt:

Mix a little coconut oil in the tamarind flour and mix well and knead it well. When dry, bathe in warm hot water. Have to use one or two days a week.

To keep the hair good:

100 grams coconut oil 10 grams Soaking the tamarind powder for 2-3 days. Then warm the lid and put the boy in cold water in the dew. Except for one day. Put it on the head for half an hour before bathing.

Protects body appearance:

 Amalkee’s pair matched. By the way Keep using the hack constantly. When You have to stop, you will find it. Wide range of writing on the realm. Contains. Now, make the habit of eating acidic. Then you can understand its consequences.

What the ladder says – beat the masters. | Last night Amalkir is also in pain. The role is no less. Morning and evening. Go eat One-day-or-one-day benefits.
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