Tips for a nutritious meal in a small menu In lockdown situation

Locked-in home stock is limited in lockdown situations. Learn Tips for a nutritious meal in a small menu In a lockdown situation.

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It is not yet known how many days of house arrest there will be. In this situation, from grain to rice, pulses, everything must be kept within budget. It is also important to maintain adequate nutrients in the diet. Therefore, it is necessary to make such a plan with a home-made meal so that the nutrients are retained within the menu.

Tips for a nutritious meal in a small menu In lockdown situation

Whatever you do

First of all, keep in mind that sunshine should be applied to the body. Dietician Priya Agarwal said that I would like to eat sunshine so that I would have to wake up in the morning and take some sun. Between six and eight in the morning, the ideal time to stay in the sun. This time of day is not available during off-day holidays.

So now you can use that time. You will get vitamin D from the sun. Sunlight also helps the body to absorb magnesium, potassium and calcium from foods. It makes the bones strong but the body is healthy. ”

You can make a bottle of infused or detox water daily and eat at home. Use the handheld material for that. For example, if there are basil plants in the house, take some leaves from them and mix them in a pot of water. You can also add some ginger and cinnamon.

Sprout salad can be eaten any day. And they are easy to make at home. Dip the stalk, pulses, whatever you will find in the water for two or three days. When the seeds germinate, make a salad with cucumber, onion cucumber.

Put hot soup on breakfast. Whatever you get on hand, prepare it with tomatoes, pulses, etc. Spread some chili jaggery and salt. If you have butter you can give it on top. If there is chicken or egg, then cook it well and spread it on the cookie and taste will increase.

Dietitian Quail. Palachaudhuri said, “the patient should be carbohydrate. On the menu, place food such as rice, bread from which you get energy. At this time, the body has to provide energy. ” However, rice or bread is not too often. You can also emphasize salads, soups at other times of the day by having rice at lunch.

According to Priya, “panta rice is also very useful at this time. Formatted rice is also of great quality. – It is not too difficult to make. Take water in a container the next night and soak the excess rice in it. The next morning, you can eat panta rice with the help of mushrooms, onions. ” Then the rest of the day’s food should reduce the amount of grains.

It is also important to eat nuts. But not all kinds of nuts are available now. So rely on peanuts. Not rusted nuts, however. Soak almonds in water for three to four hours.

Vegetable salad will also have to be eaten by Rage. It creates an alkaline base in the body, which is immune to bacteria or viruses. However, the amount of salt in this salad is small. But as salt grows, it will become acidic.

It is important to remember to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. You should wash dishes with soap well before cooking. Especially before serving. Bring the grains from the market and wash them in the raid and dry only after refrigeration.

If you do not have diabetes or obesity, Daily can eat potatoes one at a time. You can eat two dates each day.

Don’t do whatever

If you are sitting at home, do not start to adhere to a strict diet, because of the fear of weight gain. Feeding the right way you can start exercising to control weight.

It is best not to eat cold food. Eat hot hot food. In the afternoon, eat hot hot rice, pulses, any vegetables, whatever you eat. Instead, choose easy-to-eat foods

Daily is not enough to provide enough nutrients to the body without eating a lot of food. Rather, choose foods that are wise so that your body can get proper nutrition.

What to feed the children

Tips for a nutritious meal in a small menu In lockdown situation

If he is under two years of age, he must give milk. But first check whether it is Fresh Milk. Give cow milk and feed it well. However, if you are not sure whether milk is fresh or not, then it is best to rely on Baby Food “(Formula Milk).

We need to breastfeed until the age of ten. But if you do not get it, pulses, rice, fish, curry, some amount of cashew, amanda will have to meet that demand. Many children eat rage eggs. In that case, lay eggs with quarter boiled or half boiled eggs.

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