Give the surrounding relationships time to keep a good mind in the lockdown

Take the time to keep a close eye on the relationships around you in the lockdown, but here are the details of how to do it.

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How many things come back in retirement before my eyes. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the game, when the squirrel is given more than two hazmi with the retail items of the house, or in the afternoon, in the middle of the game, the uncle or the mother of the friend of the next house …

There were so many relationships at one time. Those who were not blood relatives but were the ultimate guardians. Again the PC-grandparents of the house were no less than the mother.

Grandmother, anti … Someone’s lap was a safe haven for a good night’s sleep, even though I didn’t find my mother’s area busy with household chores. How many such relationships have been suppressed on the way to the shadow of noon sunlight

Give the surrounding relationships time to keep a good mind in the lockdown
Give the surrounding relationships time to keep a good mind in the lockdown

Looking back, they can be seen. But cannot be touched. They can also start looking for a lockdown.

Wearing a knee-length frock, Pujo used to sit in a pendulum and share his thoughts with someone. How did he look! It can also be traced. He too may be surprised.

One day you can call two friends on video and at least you can add that old one again. Relationships that have not been seen for many days can still be found. And in relationships as well? I did not see him for more than a day!

For the man next door, Raj used to fill water at night and keep it near his head. That was about seven years ago. After that, in the daily monotony, that care has been hidden. We didn’t see each other well in the middle of the race from morning till night.

O’s shirt is on after bathing. How many days have they not been given? Don’t try to do that one day, how does he feel.

After endless work all day, family members may want to sit down and have tea together. Ask the person who makes Raj tea to sit down one day, make a cup of tea yourself, and sit next to him. Stay with a few biscuits. If you can cook, you can also make some mouthwash.

After that, enjoy the tea with the smiling face hidden in the cup of tea under his mouth.

The girl is growing up. The distance is also increasing. I don’t have a mind to study. What do you do with the door all day! Hidden singing. Reprimand if caught. And rule. He may not have even noticed when the quicksand entered.

Don’t lean on him all day and look at your beloved treasure from a little distance. Try to understand exactly what he wants. He has to understand that the girl has not only grown up but has also become mature. Do you remember the last time you talked to your daughter?

At least start the conversation with your own story You see, the girl will come forward to you. ‘Let the mother eat’ or ‘Let the mother go. It will be a night to come back ‘. It is better to open a border of a Luda and sit with your parents.

If you have something like that at hand, ‘Mom, how are you?’ This is the beginning of a new story. The novel will also give up on the story. Maybe you will find out how much you don’t know about your childhood. It is also an ideal time to discuss with your parents if you have any doubts.

Give the surrounding relationships time to keep a good mind in the lockdown
Give the surrounding relationships time to keep a good mind in the lockdown

must also take the news of the mind of the parents! Uncle, aunt, uncle … tell me how many relationships around! Have you met each of them in the last year? What happened? If not, you can try a phone call.

You will see exactly where the talk ended, maybe from there, the stalks will match the relationship. In Khurtuta, Pistuta, try dialing the number of Dada or Bain. The call list will start accumulating on that number on the phone. Create new relationships with new ones.

Daily in our house, Those who make life easier, many of them may not be able to come to work now. Their lack is going to be felt very well now. Maybe he never had time to search his mind all day. Stand by them at this difficult time. Let’s also make a call to the house help number. You see, he must be happy about that. You too will gain confidence by speaking.

With a biscuit, you can also build a new relationship with the cock crowing on the veranda. Or with bougainvillea or maltilata growing along with the window grill.

You can give a little rice to the dogs and cats in front of the house. You will see that at the end of the day the bag will be full. At the end of it all, the relationship with your mind should be intact. Listen to the mind and try to understand what it wants.

If you are good, your surroundings will also become beautiful. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. At this time, relatives, friends, friends, little by little, moved away, this time it was their turn to pull. Get started with either …

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