The Life Force of Watermelon Seeds is Hidden|

From the doctor, nutritionists all say the same thing, if the watermelon has a healthy heart, then the watermelon seeds are hidden in the life force.

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The average reading, watermelon has started to come into the market. Extreme heat from the refrigerator to bite into one-sided watermelon means the body is cold, mind-consuming.

Experts say watermelons contain a lot of antioxidants. This fruit helps to lose weight. Watermelon reduces stress, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lungs. Cancer and breast reduce the risk of cancer.

Watermelon’s keratinoid keeps the eyes well. This fruit is called citrulline. Amina acids help to increase sexual power. Bone is formed by playing watermelon. Watermelon regulates blood pressure due to the presence of various amino acids in the body. Coronary heart disease stops.

Watermelon contains vitamin B. Research says, vitamins. B converts food into energy. According to Niacin, Vitamin B maintains the nervous system and the nervous system.

This is the quality of watermelon. And watermelon seeds? Many sprouted watermelon seeds into the fruit with red gourmet juices. Then the real thing is left out. From physicians to nutritionists. It says that if there is life in the watermelon Heart, then hidden in watermelon seeds Vitality Absolutely multiply.

Meet The amount of protein is gone throughout the day. Need to get 60 percent of it One cup of watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds contain lots of magnesium.

The report says, Magnesium controls blood pressure. One cup of watermelon dried grains contains 51 grams of fat. 11 percent of them. Saturated Fat. The rest is poly saturated, mana saturated and omega-6 fatty acids. According to a report by the

American Heart Association, pulse, and poly saturated fat lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Omega-6 fatty acids control high blood pressure. Increases the brightness of the skin. Pratin is in it, the seeds of watermelon.

Lots of iron. Increases hair strength, reduces hair fall. The hair is not thin. The hair is not dry. Nutritionists say, in a container. With watermelon seeds. Cover with boiling water for 25 minutes in 500 ml water. The water can be cooled and consumed. Diabetics who drink this water daily will say, Tata, bye.

In the dried watermelon seeds can be mixed with tea Watermelon The seeds contain arginine amino acids very good for the heart.

The Life Force of Watermelon Seeds is Hidden|

But The top lining of the seed is matta. As a result, Chew to eat. The mixture can be eaten in a mixer. Watermelon seeds are more beneficial than Amanda or Sunflower seeds.

However, Those who have high uric acid need to eat according to the opinion of the doctor. According to nutritionist Arita Khan, watermelon seeds are particularly important in nutrition.

Studies have shown that on the one hand, blood sugar is regulated in the watermelon seeds, while on the other hand the daily requirement of magnesium from one cup of watermelon seeds. A lot is available.

The biggest thing is, it’s a low-calorie rich diet. Calories are available from 30 grams of watermelon seeds(150). Watermelon seeds are good to have.

It contains high levels of ingredients. MUFA and PUFA.This helps reduce bad cholesterol from the body. Zinc increases the digestive capacity. Watermelon seeds are best to eat. Keep the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Move the seeds over the baking seat. Rest in 15 minutes.

Will go With this, lemon juice and salt can be avoided for taste. However. It is best not to use sugar or oil. And deep-fry. Don’t go. Then the quality of the seeds in the watermelon will be greatly damaged.

Dr. Kalyan Chakraborty, A professor at Vidhan Chandra Agricultural University, says that his water has many herbs, just as indigestible as watermelon fruit.

Knowing the quality of the watermelon seeds can not be ignored. Biochemical analysis revealed that the watermelon seeds contain various types of mineral salts.

There are copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium, Leah, etc. Watermelon seeds control the action of the heart and blood pressure. Second, the watermelon seeds increase bone strength.

Accelerates the normal growth of bone. Thirdly, it has a healthy fat that relieves fat loss in the body. Fourth, by playing the seeds of watermelon, blood sugar is under control. Fifth, playing the watermelon seeds increases the brightness of the hair and skin. |

Watermelons contain 92 percent water. As a result, the fruit is very useful for those who want to be reggae. Again. Playing watermelon eliminates the deficiency of Pratin. According to experts, one cup of watermelon seeds can be consumed in a week.

By playing watermelon and its seeds, hair and nails grow. Increases the smoothness of the skin. Muscle structure improves. Arginine in this seed has a good effect on insulin in the blood.

Expands Watermelon seeds are the source of the mineral, fiber, and nutrients. It contains vitamins C and other nutrients that reduce the risk of asthma. Oil made from watermelon seeds. Greatly beneficial. Eliminates skin infections. Reduces body odor.

To relieve headaches In vain Lycopene contained in the watermelon seeds is helpful in cancer prevention. Playing this fruit regularly eliminates fatigue, reduces anger.

Work on dry cough Gives Food is good for digestion. Knee pain is reduced. Helps to eliminate anemia. By mixing salt with watermelon, the gas, acidity is removed.

The Life Force of Watermelon Seeds is Hidden|

Nutritionists say

In the morning in the gym, Half an hour before departure, 2 cups (400-500 gm.) watermelon can be eaten. Watermelon contains Vitamin B-6. Which is very important for the nervous system. Vitamin B works to break down protein.

As a result, watermelon is a very beneficial fruit for those who eat a lot of protein-rich foods. Also, watermelon contains vitamin C which increases the immune system.

Stay in the water Citrulline is converted to arginine. It helps to open the blood vessels. The result is increased blood circulation. Many supplements. As arginine. Them. For watermelon and its seeds, natural source.

After crushing the watermelon seeds in a mixer machine, add a few drops of lemon juice and sugar to the refrigerator. It will be a while Then when the mixture is applied to the mouth, the skin will increase. Dead cells and bacteria are eliminated.

Watermelon seeds do not clot blood as they are a good source of potassium. Normal blood transfusion reduces the risk of heart disease. This seed contains choline to eliminate inflammation of the body. By doing Helps to increase memory. Not only that, but sleep is also good.

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