Coronavirus is the leading cause of death worldwide. Again, the number of people infected with the virus is increasing in India. How many of us are in danger?

One virus is increasing the number of deaths. Humans are infected with viruses, the body is sick and in some cases death even before they understand anything.

The coronavirus has resulted in panic. To date, no cure for this drug or drug has been found. It is estimated that at the very end of the year 2019 people were infected with the first virus in Wuhan, China.

The death toll and the number of deaths and injuries have increased to such an extent that the quarantine camp. Is in place. A temporary hospital has been built in a hurry. Still China. Since the virus has spread to the world. An international media says it has entered every continent except Antarctica. Don’t.

According to the most recent survey and tone, the number of victims has increased by 90000 in 73 countries. The death toll is not less. Flights to China and Berena have been closed altogether. Tourist access has been temporarily banned in several countries.

This virus from China. Many countries in Southeast Asia. Japan has temporarily shut down the traditional Cherry Ross Festival. Again, the virus has spread in the West. In some countries, including Italy, France, Germany, panic has been triggered.

Although most of them came from Italy. In Kolkata, a Japanese woman is infected with the virus. Assuming he was hospitalized. Tapanutor has started in India since the caddish fair of the virus. What is the danger here? Can the ban be banned at all?

What is coronavirus?

That means sunrise. The virus is not named because it has several cuts in the sun’s rays. The coronavirus is not new at all. This virus is known as COVID-19. This means the Karnavirus Identified-2019. The name of the recently discovered virus was found in the first of 2019.

Carnivorous is actually a species. It can spread to all animals other than humans. Gene swaps. If it does, it can infect other animals or birds. Some of the other subtypes of the viruses in the virus have already spread their incidence on the earth.

Such as SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) 7 MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus). Again. The cyanine flu can also be diagnosed. Almost all of them are influenza species.

Why is Coronavirus returning?

Such viruses themselves have to survive for five to seven years. Genes are exchanging. However, after the genetic change, the virus. When it spreads again to humans, it appears once or twice a year. Sometimes pestilence takes shape.

Once again Later, it is frozen. According to the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory, the virus itself. The genes change. Medicine expert Arunshu Talukdar says, “Our body produces antibodies to prevent any virus. It is possible to suppress any virus that way. A slight fever, according to feeling cold. This is how the problem is overcome by people.

Let’s say the SARS virus. At the time its anti-virus doses were created. Or that the power of the SARS virus has been reduced by the human body itself. It turns out, SARS can no longer harm people. The body is able to kill itself when it enters. In order to survive, such viruses themselves change some of the structure of protein. It is the religion of life in it.

Therefore, when the new virus arrives, it is initially difficult to identify him as Macabella. ” | Found in the human body. There is a slight resemblance to the coronavirus found in the animal’s body with the structure or formation of the kiranavirus. Therefore, it has been thought that the infection has spread from the body to the animal. | Kill animals or sacrifice or flesh.

At the time of the cut, blood can enter the body through the eyes, mouth, etc. However, it is still unclear what animal and how it entered the human body. Another way of saying, it can be, it’s found in humans The structure of the virus has changed and it has entered a new form.

Symptoms of coronavirus

If you suffer from coronavirus. The most common symptoms are influenza. Colds, coughs, fever, headache. However, breathing is also seen with him. Dr. Talukdar says, “When we breathe, it goes straight to the lungs.

The virus that binds the nerve to the mucus epithelium, which is in the airway. After they build the nest, they swell and swell. As a result, oxygen and carbon dioxide are blocked. And this virus is very. Early descent. It is seen that every cell in the lungs attacks the airways very fast. By doing,

Therefore, if the virus is infected, the consequences can be worse. ” However, it is also worth noting that those who die from cancer are killed. Well, most of them are elderly, infants and others infected with rage. That is, those who have less resistance to reggae power have died.

Hope for Coronavirus

But will this situation continue like this? In a few months, when the body will understand the type of virus, doctors automatically assume that antibodies will be made in everyone’s body. Then it will naturally decrease. The prevalence of the coronavirus, its ability to control and even the destructiveness.

Are there drugs at all?

 As the number of infections continues to increase, efforts are being made to find a cervical virus suppressant. Two or three drugs have been found that are partly working on rabies-infected. In fact, it is time to prove that the drug is working

American The Atlanta Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently developed a drug-making protocol with non-viral drugs and certain drugs. However, as it is still on the path to drug discovery, some awareness is necessary.

What to do

Of course, those who have been infected with the virus. Have to stay away It can only be spread through the sneezing of the victim. That is, the victims should be identified and kept separate for up to 28 days. This will reduce the fear of being infected by him.

However, the expert and professor of medicine. Amitabh Nandi says, “If in India this virus is among many. On the contrary, the big question is how much quarantine can be found there, leaving the victims isolated. But, of course, all those affected so far in India are from outside. “

The victim must be wearing a mask. If corona starts spreading in any area, healthy people will also have to wear masks. As it reduces the risk of infection from an infected person,

so does the fear of being infected. However, market movement is not a mask, in this case, the most effective N-95 Type mask. But if you do not find it, you can use another mask as an alternative.

It is best to stay at least three to four feet away from the victims. It is possible to know whether someone unknown or unknown is infected. In that case, avoid touching.

Well, in the words of the Talukdar, “The virus is very soft, blessed. It can breed only in wet conditions. As a result, while maintaining a distance of three to four feet during cough and cough etc., the virus does not come so far.

And once on the floor or. If the virus dries up in the air, it will attack again. Could not The virus will not survive if the temperature rises. ” The result is normally permissible. That is, with the increase of heat, the incidence of coronavirus will decrease.

Under these circumstances, it is very important to match the basic hygiene. Dr. Nandi. He says, “When returning home from the road, one must leave clothes in a special place and clean hands thoroughly.” The street’s bare hands should not be put in the mouth.

In the eye Giving a hand, the eyes should also be in a trance. No Sanitizer, sanitizing spray must be kept. ” It is advisable to wash hands frequently. UNICEF. In a video to raise awareness. They are. Their advice is to do well with soap for at least two seconds. It is recommended to wash your hands in the mud.

If an inbred woman is infected with the virus, from her. The evidence of whether the unborn child will be infected has not yet been confirmed.

Symptoms of Coronavirus, Coronavirus in Children, What to Do to Prevent Coronavirus

Before Cross the borderline

The terror of the coronavirus is around the world. Many universities have been closed for temporary periods. Local festivities have been closed. Many people choose a European country, or Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, and Tilsit according to the east.

As a result, the number of affected countries is increasing, should those countries be visited in the next few months? “Not at all like me,” says Bha, Nandi. However, Dr. Talukdar says, “Many countries have already told us not to go there. However, as there is no need to panic, there is no need to be indifferent.

If anyone is careful, you can go. But if you are afraid, it is better to cancel the journey. Whether it’s an evil power hack or a virus. In such cases, the incidence of cervical cancer will lessen, as doctors hope, as they do to ordinary people. Be advised to be aware. It will be healthy in itself.

Children need to be made aware

In school, children often do not notice when playing outside. Speaking of general hygiene. How do you make them aware? As much as possible Tell the crowd to avoid.

The virus can spread from door handles, railing, elevator lounges, computer mouse, pen-pencils used by others. Many times it is not possible to touch these things.

Therefore, the child is repeatedly insensitive, in no way should he touch his mouth or crush his eyes. Home | You must wash your hands with soap again. The sanitizer should be used on hand in Prayagon. If cough and cough are any | Do not cover your face with hands.

Rather, bring the elbow to the mouth to avoid it. Or have to use a tissue. Then you have to throw it away. In the dustbin. No mask will be worn day after day. Even within the mask | The virus can spread. If the mask is bare, it is important to throw it away

Symptoms of Coronavirus, Coronavirus in Children, What to Do to Prevent Coronavirus
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