Shopping malls, doors of various stores are finally opening. But don’t forget the virus when shopping. Get rid of coronaviruses and learn shopping guidelines.

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Being joyful, being scared again! Seeing the variety of Unlocked Phase One, many people are shaking with hope and apprehension. India is gradually rising in the list of global infections.

But apart from the containment zone, offices and shops and shopping malls have been opened in the country. Work is going on, life is returning to a rhythm. There is also the fear of infection.

But people were under house arrest for so long. As a result, both the will and the need for the outsider will increase. What to do now?

Experts say, adhere to the principle of survival of the fittest. As the vaccine arrives, various strategies to combat the virus become part of the body and daily ‘systems’ or habits. To survive in a hostile environment, various organisms have brought about self-defense, physical changes.

People have to do the same. To avoid corona, make certain habits or precautions part of the physiological process. Understand which of these will be your shield when shopping.

Let’s be careful

Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?
Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?

General Physician Dr. Subir Kumar Mandal advised covering the body as much as possible. Wear full sleeve or three quarter sleeve dress, foot-covered dress. Cover hair, cover head with hat, scarf, bandana.

Exclude all accessories. There must be a big matte mask. It is better to wear a face shield with a full face. If you don’t have power, you will wear powerless glasses or sunglasses. Shoes and bags should be washed in soapy water.

Extra mask in the bag, water bottle, soap, alcohol-containing sanitizer, tissue paper mast. If you have two or four wheels, it is best to drive yourself.

In addition to maintaining social distance, it is important to have adequate air and air for public transport. That means the windows will be open, the AC is off.

Sanitizer is being sprayed on the hands or body as soon as you enter the store or shopping arcade. Body heat is being measured. Even after that, wash your hands with your own soap for twenty seconds.

Go up and down ordinary or escalators. Do not hold the handle. If you use the elevator, wrap your finger in a matte napkin and press the switch and throw it in the dustbin.

Do not push the door with your hands when covering any store. If there is no automatic or sliding door or if the worker does not open it, open the door by pushing with the foot. Transact through a mobile app, not money or card.

Reverse hand game

Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?
Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?

Maintain distance rules as much as possible, do not face anyone. Talk backward or sideways.

The carts or bags that are given from the shop while shopping is being disinfected after one use. However, after gloves, cut or hold the handle of the bag. You can also put the tissue in the place of catch. As soon as the work is done, throw away the tissue.

Use the ‘reverse hand’ for World Health Organization advice, clothing selection, or any other purpose. The more the hand moves, the more it unknowingly goes to the nose and mouth. This habit will reduce that fear.

Give it a try?

Shops are wary of trial room use. Very few people are being allowed. The house is being sanitized after each use. The clothes that the buyer canceled with the trial are being kept in isolation for a few days and then returned to the rack after being dressed in a special way according to the rules.

If you touch the product or the hanger to test, then trustworthy disposable napkins. Best of all, if you have ever worn a garment, type, or size, or used a product, buy it.

Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?
Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?

If you are unsure about the size of your dress or shoes, choose the material according to all of them. You will be able to shop by saving touch. Remember, many stores do not allow things to change.

When shopping crawling…

After so many days of shopping, the mind will want whatever the berale sees. Adhere to a balance between necessity and fancy. Go shopping with a list of what you need.

If you go to the store, you will see the slope of New Normal Fashion. Summer hoods, designer masks, lovely cloth bags, crosses, pandemic face-gear, use, and throw makeup.

Seeing and hearing all this will fill your mind and bag. And at the moment they need cosmetics to have decreased. If you also want to buy a new lipstick or eye-makeup, refrain from trying it. Recognize familiar colors, familiar brands.

Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?
Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?

Instead, buy basic cosmetics like moisturizer, gloss, lacquer, foundation, etc. Even after this, if you want to see something, but according to the safety rules. All come home and set aside. Use every three days.

After returning home

If the store does not offer a washable packet, set it aside for a few days when you return home. Even if it is new, wash, and use all kinds of ingredients after three days. When you bring grains, crush and wash it. Artificial colors will also differ from the virus.

home Wash backglasses (sanitizer for anti-glare lenses). Open the mask, wash, and apply soap by hand.

Look at the water while bathing. Tears come to the nose through the intestines. Wash your nose again and your mouth will water. Then pull the throat and remove the mucus and wash the face.

Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?
Shopping guidelines! How to avoid coronavirus when shopping?

Shampoo, soap, everything outside of the wash is a must. ”The virus covers the body through the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. So keep them covered outside, don’t forget to touch them. Sometimes you have to wash your hands with soap before handing.

After a few days of trying the rules – it will become a habit, will become part of the new normal lifestyle. Washing hands before and after catching something, covering the face will become a habit for everyone.

Don’t let the virus stop you from shopping, eating, good living. So be aware, stay well, stay healthy.

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