sex demand decreased ? Turn off these foods right away ।

sex demand decreased ? Turn off these foods right away ।

sex demand decreased ? Turn off these foods right away If there is a probable problem in this article then use Google Tranclate
sex demand decreased ? Turn off these foods right away

In the present world, many men suffer from infertility or fertility. At the root of this problem is the main | The role of men is in eating. Wrong | Or bad eating men body and reproduction |

It has a profound effect on health. Especially as men grow older, these “problems” have a clear appearance. This is why avoiding foods that diminish men’s sexual orientation and ability.

This diet contains testosterone, which in turn reduces the sexual desire and ability of men. If the menstruation is lost or reduced, those foods should be completely eliminated from the diet list.

As a result, all the men who are thinking about having children, have a shaft. Soy products should be omitted from this list because they lower the amount of sperm in men. Also, eating such foods increases the weight of people and increases the amount of estrogen in the body.

Excessive drinking sex and | Has the most detrimental effect on ability. Also drink alcohol and high calorie intake are always healthy people. Keeps doing | Foods that contain extra hormone.

It is best not to eat them. Some meat contains a lot of hormone. As a result such | Excessive meat intake destroys the body’s balance. | To consume more food than pyogen. As a result, people naturally gain weight. And weight gain resulting from sexual desire or needs Has a negative impact on.

sex demand decreased ? Turn off these foods right away

The type of food affects human age, premature aging. People between the ages of thirty-five and sixty, their bodies grow old before they age. And the old body naturally has a negative effect on sex. |

Priyanka is a nutritious food ingredient for maintaining a healthy body and youth. Palanquin, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, tea, fruit, eggs, nuts and various seeds, fish oils and dark chocolate should be kept on the regular food list.

Because these foods help maintain people’s health. | Exercising regularly is an essential duty of every human being. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, and other exercises that reduce calorie intake are all beneficial. Regular exercise helps keep the blood circulation in the body normal.

Also regular exercise can reduce depression, stress or stress. Prayajan for a healthy and beautiful life. | Cleanliness. At least eight to ten a day for wellness Drinking a glass of water. Different problems can occur if there is not enough water in the body.

Smoking and drinking cause serious harm. – Nicotine prevents blood clotting and reduces blood circulation in the body, thus preventing blood circulation in the body. |

Also, if there is any corner problem, treatment should be done. Walking in the open air for life in Valla, going shopping, light chatting, singing, etc. will help you to be in good spirits.

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