Restless mentality? In the beginning, be careful that you need to get Ayurveda treatment

Restless mentality? In the beginning, be careful that you need to get Ayurveda treatment

Restless mentality? In the beginning, be careful that you need to get Ayurveda treatment As the rhythm of our life has changed with the advancement of science, the mental state is changing rapidly. If You Aney Problem Please Use Google Tranclate
Restless mentality? In the beginning, be careful that you need to get Ayurveda treatment

One hundred years ago today, emotional rage was not so evident. But as civilization is approaching, psychological distress is increasing as the modern version of science advances.

It is too late, yet problems need to be eliminated from the dark. In order to increase mental awareness, parents need to be educated not only at the school level, but also in the childhood so that the mental aspect can be maintained.

Psychologists say that if the mental aspects are not easy from the child’s age, then the next steps of life cannot be easy. In fact, people in our country have not yet become so health conscious.

The mind has a special role to play in health. That too could not be realized. Not only that, 5 percent of our body is rag. (According to the World Health Organization (1 percent)) we still do not understand the psychological cause, or we have not been able to move.

As a result, the number of people suffering from mental rage from house to house is increasing day by day. There will be days when it comes to | We will see that we are all mentally ill.

Toothache, abdominal pain, headaches feel like there is trouble, something needs to be done. Likewise, when instability arises without cause, or because of unsteadiness, it is difficult to understand.

And it is advisable to consult a Monareg expert at the outset. But where we neglect to know the problems of the body, we have to worry about the rage of the mind.

Many choose suicide as the simplest reason why they cannot control their minds. Mental illness is also behind the crime. If there is proper counseling for criminals, rapists, murderers, then they will find that they are all mentally ill.

Healthy minded people. Nothing can do that. That is why a variety of attempts are made to bring about physical punishment and change (the prison cell is called a brochure), but the main thing remains to be neglected. That is, it is not known who is working at the corner for purification of mind or mental state.

Even though some companies are trying, it is so small that it cannot exploit a large section of society. Changes in mental structure and unstable mentality have to take place at an early age. When you get old, suffer from mental or physical anger, then recovering and spending a lot of time is healthy.

Why the restlessness? Some will say tension (this is now everyone. Face to face), some will say that they are not managing themselves, some will say severe turbulence, some will say uncertain life, some will say body is beating, some will say financial problems, some will say, I cannot take pressure from work, study, etc.

Some will say I do not understand what the mind wants, some will say what I do not want, some will say everything is not in the mind, some will say family, society, country. Responsible, some will say others are responsible. Someone said. | No, I’m responsible.

I am responsible for my instability. Because if the observation can be taken in the privacy of the mind for a while then it will be seen that the instability of my mind is my own.

It is healthy to remove this instability if desired Can be kept in mind. The name of a healthy body, the name of a healthy mind, can be proved. | If the mind is unstable all day, low motivation to work, sleep disruption, weakness is seen without reason, joy.

Excitement decreases, unnecessary anxiety continues, there is no anger in the corner but it seems ill, itchy mood, it does not feel good in the corner, what to do good.

No worries, repeated death threats, suicidal thoughts repeatedly, body relaxing, disregard for food, all things lost, not wishing, always thinking freely, never mind in the room outside.

Wanting to quarrel, not wanting to talk to anyone again, going wrong, trying to think again and again but remember, always frustration Do it. In this situation, it should be noted that we have become unstable. |

Since we do not have the proper knowledge of the activities of the mind, we try to avoid thinking of them as a simple matter. In the latter case, various mental disorders start with depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia.

Physical problems include high blood pressure, nerve problems, insomnia, constipation, headaches and heart problems. That’s all. Due to the increase in the descent of the rag.

The restlessness of his mind, even though it is a minor matter, is taking shape and inviting different rages. . In the words, restless mind causes danger.

Many accidents are caused by instability or haste. It always seems like time is running out, I have to run before that. By doing this, many accidents are happening as well as many accidents. – Lately, kids love to hack, hack to get something, and to do something, it becomes so unstable that they fail in love and cause physical breakdown.

All I want right now – this mentality is causing turmoil in the family and in practical life. The survey found that between 15 and 20 percent of girls have abortions before marriage.30/40 hundreds of wombs use therapeutic drugs, which is causing problems later. Boys are about 5 percent addicted to this disorder

Or getting involved in criminal activity, at the corners or not. Genitalia from infant age | The cause of friction or masturbation is instability.

The tendency to commit various crimes in old age, at the root of suicidal tendencies, is also unstable.

Mindset Restlessness is a type of mental disorder. Sometimes the effects of genes are from heritage, sometimes from catastrophic events, sometimes from mismatches, sometimes from excessive demands, or from reforms. Again from infant age.

Neglect of parents, human beings in the hands of others, daycare, excessive expectations, inability to take up challenges, neglect and bodily harm.

All that is known, the question now, the mind is healthy. What needs to be done to keep up.

According to Patanjali, five states of mind

It is crazy.
Stupid means material.
Scattered, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Concentration is completely at an angle Immerse yourself in something.
There is no connection with the outside world. |
These situations are at different times of life May appear Don’t worry about it, worry |

 Don’t worry about it, but get out of it
We have to find a way. That can help-
Meditation (Simple Raj Meditation, Extremely Effective).
Pranayama | Knowledge (reading all those books is a problem. The solution can be found).
Parents, teachers and teachers need help.
Psychiatrist / psychiatrist.

To calm the restless mind.

From the young age, everyone needs to practice simple meditation or meditation. Mind There is no alternative to keeping it calm and steady.

Meditation is regarded as one of the spiritual steps of the nearly five-year-old traditional Indian magnetism. Which is one of the ways of spiritual development.

Tension, worrying life, mental depression, frenzy, insomnia are being used in meditation. Not only medical science, sports medicine is also increasingly used in sports today.

The rage needs to be slaughtered at least once a year.
Disturbed, agitated, unstable in the mind. Avoid watching books, movies, serials in the corner.

Must have Various, including books written by Swami Vivekananda Need to read spiritual books. Kisha’s | Adolescents or teenagers need to read the policy story.

Need to read different words.

• Parents, teachers and teachers can provide the first solution to the problem. In that case, they need help.

• Keeping the mind busy in Creative Work. | Need to Instability begins with negative thoughts and failures From thinking. A life free from worry (positive thinking) helps to eliminate instability.

Remain It is better to practice dirt, which pollutes the mind. This leads to instability.

Avoid doubt, disbelief, hatred, anger Let’s go. If that is not possible, and for a long time
If you continue, then the help of the Monabe at the corner. Need to be taken

• All of these have to be adapted to practice. About what I don’t have. It should be forgotten by tanatina.
Always be busy Retirement only The mind will become restless. | The mind is restless from various tensions. The book is the first point to overcome the tension. Then spirituality.

• Don’t hold anything in the corner. It adds to the tension. | Adjust yourself with the speed of time, you will see that you can remain calm.

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