Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.

Protect Your Child From COVID-19 and Dengue Outbreaks.

Don’t worry if the children are vaccinated for a month or two. Beware of coronavirus and dengue outbreaks in the coming days.#(protect COVID-19 and dengue).

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Doctors diagnosed the children with house arrest at the beginning of the coronavirus infection. That diagnosis is still valid.

But what to do if the children are sick or it is time for their vaccination?

Unless urgently, doctors have banned children from being taken to chambers or hospitals for the past two months. Common minor problems have been treated over the phone.

But now, besides running lockdown, various discounts are being given in various cases. As a result, there is a fear that the infection will increase in the coming days. So extra caution is needed for children.

Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.
Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.

Vaccine related

We have recently seen in the media that children are being vaccinated in the event of a lockdown. Somewhere there is a problem at the vaccine site, somewhere there is no situation to provide services in the hospital. Especially in the suburbs, mango, and marginal areas, the problems are much more acute.

But gradually trying to normalize the service. But try to give the most urgent vaccines now. With the exception of those that are necessary for newborns, there will be no problem if the rest of the vaccine is given in a couple of months.

Talk to your doctor about your child’s immunization chart and decide which ones are important. For example, BCG, OPV, Hepatitis B in newborns. After that, one-and-a-half-month-old babies should be vaccinated against rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccine.

Pediatrician Apurba Ghosh said that the process of vaccination of children is going on in accordance with the hygiene rules. Some days manipulation will not be a problem.

He also said that the problem of getting a vaccine will be solved in the coming days
The transportation system is getting smoother, there will be some complications till then.

Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.
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Danger of dengue

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time of year. Not done on one side, dengue on the other. Both parents and physicians are concerned about keeping the children safe. Sanitizing the house, not allowing water to accumulate anywhere around, spraying mosquito repellent regularly … but these have to be continued.

It is said that dengue mosquitoes do not bite at night, yet children sleep inside the mosquito nets at night. Lots of fluid to eat. Feed the baby enough water, fruit juice. And if you can boil water and feed it, it is better.

Parents also need to be especially aware of child safety. So parents have to follow the rules.

Other diseases

Children are prone to colds and fevers in hot weather. Sweating but cold. Bathe the baby well once a day. And when the body gets sweaty, wipe it, and change the clothes.

When it starts raining, warm the water lightly while taking a bath. If the child is sick, rely on the doctor’s advice. At the same time, it is important to inform the doctor about the condition of the child properly. If he understands the situation is complicated, he will want to see the child himself.

Maintain physical distance when taking the child to the hospital or doctor’s chambers. When you come back, change the baby’s clothes and wash your hands and feet with soap.

If the child has a chronic problem, it is not possible to stop his treatment. In all these cases, the doctor’s advice is the last word.

Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.
Protect your child from COVID-19 and dengue outbreaks.

Emergency information

But there is little hope in so many crises. Children are less likely to get sick if they stay at home as a result of the lockdown. Colds and fevers, stomach ailments, and common ailments are rare.

‘There is an advantage to being in isolation. It spreads germs less. The habit of repeatedly rubbing his hands on it has become ingrained in us. As a result, very few examples of common ailments were found. Decreased pollution is also one of the reasons.

Apart from this, the stomach upset is also getting less as the outside food is stopped, commented the doctor Apurba Ghosh.

Parents and other members of the household need to be extra careful when having children at home. If the parents have to go out, then they have to come back, wash their hands and feet well and change their clothes. Then take off the outer garment.

Make a separate place to keep the bag taken outside, sanitize the mobile phone regularly to avoid the reach of the baby.

Dr. According to Ghaesh, “We all wash our hands and apply sanitizer. But wearing a ring on my hand. Now ring, watch … keep them open. ”

Everyone has to make cleanliness a routine.

Parents who are involved in medical, police, or other emergency services have no choice but to isolate themselves. All you have to do is look at the faces of the children and the rest of the family.

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