Don't know English properly? What happened to that?

Problems with English? What happened to that? Solving problems is very easy!

Dude you know, my son’s Bangla doesn’t come right ‘Shame it could be, but that’s not all, I hide because properly English doesn’t come …Problems with English

Problems with English? What happened to that? Solving problems is very easy!

Would it be an exaggeration to say that the Bengali boy could not know Bangla? Many do not lower their head in such a way. But if you don’t know English! Then? Many people will be embarrassed to be humiliated. Look around a little.

Goes from the so-called society for not speaking English. Swallow, scare people, scatter people. Many people suffer from depression due to depression. But why this inferiority? What is the remedy? Before the International Mother Language Day, I will know why there is so much complexity with the English language, not just mother tongue…


Engagement is seen in many with English language. This inclination is quite noticeable among the students of Bangla Medium. When it comes to job hunting, especially at the end of education, many people suffer from serious inferiority for not knowing English properly.

Not only when entering the professional world, but also in association with a social boundary, we see people who are not fluent in English, how they feel compelled to join others. Good to say, they hang themselves. Knowing English is not a state victory. Speaking English is a great achievement – where is the place to think of it? It is a problem for those who think, rather than them.

There is According to other languages, English is only one language. The nonsense of the English actually proves the long-standing British rule over us, the colossal influence of colonialism. Many of us are English. I prefer the language a lot.

One can very well express a topic in his native tongue. But if someone else publishes the same thing in English, then. His acceptance becomes too much for us. It is good to say, the same thing in his native language and speaking in English is his quality. As if we had to jump a lot. This trend is most commonly seen in those who are evaluating.

Mostly. In this case we can observe a bias towards English. But when one looks at English for this one-sided mood. Knowing that he is slowing him down in the course of improving his life or in evaluating others, humility can very easily devour him.

The importance of English?

We now appreciate his smartness if anyone speaks English well. Smart if you can speak English or Unsmart.

In a society where smartness or acceptability is judged by knowing or not knowing English, in which society, knowing the English language becomes a major criterion or determinant in all respects, the importance of knowing English comes naturally to any person in that society. Lack of confidence.

In some cases, it is possible to know someone English, pass the exam. Mark’s got it too. But that is what is stuck. Ignorance is responsible, but ignorance is not responsible, at the root of the act of not being able to speak English.

Lack of confidence.

 Laughter if you can’t speak English. The pot is to be! In this panic, many know as much as they do. Felin. It’s much more shameful not to know your mother tongue than that. Was supposed to happen But we see us not knowing the mother tongue

Not ashamed, but about how comfortable I can speak the language of others. We think too much.

  What To do

 Whether we speak English or not, society is our assessment. No matter what, many of us simply cannot take it. I find myself falling apart from the rest in suffering. This is the problem. There are several things to do to overcome.

Bridge of Conjunction English:

If you refuse to speak English Don’t go. If people from three different languages ​​work together. Either way, there is a common or common language impulse to intercede. Each one has a different language. It is not possible to know. This place is a special English language.

Significant. Knowing English is not, however, an indicator of our smartness, intelligence, intelligence or knowledge, but just a part of setting up a zigzag. Kjo. English is the priority here in the field of communication. It’s all of us. First you have to understand. So the answer to why you should know the English language is to be clear to yourself first.

Emphasize the subject, not the language:

Problems with English? What happened to that? Solving problems is very easy!

If you only need to know English to keep working, how much skill or excellence. With language I can say, that can be a matter of consideration at any time. When someone is studying medicine or engineering, he is in the future.

Don’t do any operations or build an architect with his English language skills. Instead, he will teach you medical science knowledge or engineering education. Either medical or engineering. The books or pamphlets to read are written in English. But with the subjective knowledge or skills that they gain, they work in future works.

The english language Skill or knowledge is secondary in this field. So those who read about anything. If you are thinking that I am not proficient in English then I will study about how to do it through English. The answer to this question should first be made clear to yourself.

Whether or not there is an etymology in the English language is not considered here. In all these cases, it is necessary to know English only for the sake of understanding. Although for some professions it is good to know English. Very important For example, if you think, be an English news channel editor or an English language professor.

Will or work in a foreign country embassy, ​​but enough English language skills. But in the professional field speak English. If it is not the criteria for the first evaluation, then it is worth continuing to work. Know your English.

Not a joke:

English is one of five languages. Not an elephant thing. But we ourselves have such a passion for English, that we are uneducated without knowing English, and that we are all-knowing.

And this is the reason why we suffer from a lack of confidence when we have little English pronunciation, spelling mistakes or syntax errors. Not only that, the person who has the fluency in English pronunciation. Or in English not so rude, we despise him. In fact, our humble mentality is revealed.

A little more confidence:

Many times, the person who is English. Being ridiculed for not being able to say, he also has a clear answer for knowing or not knowing the English language, yet his confidence in these criticisms or laughter goes down the drain.

At the same time, as much English language skills as he has, he lacks confidence. So this is the situation in Macabella. We need to be a little more confident.

Not afraid to make mistakes:

Our biggest obstacle to learning anything new is the fear of making a mistake. It is not possible to learn anything if you can overcome this fear in the dark. “Mistakes can happen, but I will not fall into the trap” – this mental preparation must be kept in advance.

If someone is wrong, you must learn from that mistake. If you make a mistake, then you will not be able to persevere. You have to accept the mistake. Remember, mistakes come from the wrong place. But maybe. If you go wrong, you cannot express yourself clearly if there is a conflict.

Climate change:

Anything that matters properly or. Wanted to be able to do or say accurately. Yet, there can be something wrong with human beings. It can be not only English, but also in one’s native tongue. However, if the other language is wrong, it is not as bad as in English.

The slightest flaw, however, is seen as huge. In this regard, our society should understand that being a little wrong in English is not a matter of moving into the world. By knowing or not knowing this one language, one can judge a person’s overall worthiness, ability, talent.

Cohabitation with language:

To know any language well, it is necessary to have intercourse with him. That is, if you know English well, you have to listen to English more often, read English books, practice writing. Have to do Watch English Movies on Python

Mother tongue in higher education:

In higher education, textbooks are often not available in Bangla or any regional language. In that case, we have to be English-oriented. Therefore, it is necessary to study some more in their own language. So that there is also the possibility of higher education in regional or Bengali language.

There is so much work to be done with the English language, it is not right to prejudice the fact that the language should be given royal honor by sitting in the seat of special dignity. Instead of thinking more about how to use your mother tongue in a larger field, you need to think more.

No language classification:

We have been categorizing languages ​​all the time. We focus on language, whether it’s first class or second class. I don’t believe in any categorization of language. Mother tongue is ours. | Lots of life language, near language.

The first language we utter after crying is our mother tongue. We are the language of emotions. | I can think of myself in my opinion. But in the royal place where we place English, we think it belongs to society The language of the elite community is essentially a curse on British colonial rule. The ban should go somewhere in the society.

Problems with English? What happened to that? Solving problems is very easy!
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