Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house. This article is a complete health series. We hope it benefits you.

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Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Man’s body composition is one of the best examples of chatter. It can make the whole body stand like a straight building. It can bend in four corners and rotate backwards when needed ..

when man-made buildings can’t do that. The human body stands on two pillars, i.e. two legs .. that two legs can rotate the entire human body as it pleases without any effort. There are many joints in the human body … which give it mobility.

The human body It also supports the head made on top, the skull made with hard bones can move up, down, and on, both sides. The human body is relaxed even after the body is relaxed to provide rest to the pillars, and muscles of the body.

Really … what a wonder! Not only this, the arms, and hands are attached to the upper part of the building … which you put on the two sides of the building. | You can tell the wings too.

With the help of the muscles, and joints, the wings can perform all sorts of movements. This building protects all the inhabitants of its interior – vital organs, such as the heart, brain, lungs. Stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys, etc.

All of these organs work in very good coordination. The brain Guides all activities, creates plans, learns and refreshes memories of past events; The stomach, liver and intestines digest food and provide the body with energy; By lungs the body receives oxygen;

The heart provides nutrients and oxygen to the entire body, and aids in the removal of kidney failure. The vertebrae are the most important organs of the human body … which are made up of 33 small bones and are linked together. They form the main body of the human body.

It gives the body stability … because it cannot be completely at risk. Although it does show some flexibility. The spine is like a bamboo … which is held on the two bones of the buttocks … that are attached to the feet by the hip joints.

In the first 18 years of life, the spine grows and becomes more and more widespread … as the bamboo tree grows. For the rest of the life, the spine is diamond in its shape. And maintains our posture. The small bones in the spine are called Vatira (one) or Vatir (multiple).

All of these are combined with a Maloam packing. Is called a heater vortical disk. There are Seven vortices in the neck area … these are called ‘cervical spines’. On the back. The 12 dorsal spine is located in the middle 12 and the lower part of the back is called the lumbar spine The rest.

The Nine vaults correspond to each other and are called the sacrum and ‘cookies’. As you get older, it becomes normal for bones and joints to become weak. If they are not implemented properly, the risks increase.

When the damage to the subcutaneous vertebral and inter-vertebral discs causes tension in the neck, shoulder pain. And all the other types of symptoms are also evident. This disease is called ‘savannik pandelitis’.

The disease has become so common nowadays that about 70% of people are found to have mild and severe symptoms. In this article, we are going to talk about a wide range of pandemolitis, such as its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, | Ways to protect and treat chronic diseases, etc.

History of some patients

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Ashok Aluwalia was the regional manager of a multi-national company. They had to sit in front of the computer for several hours and people on the Internet. Had to maintain contact with.

His life was very busy, and one day he suddenly felt like he had a different kind of pain in his neck. If you rest a little in the beginning from the pain. Could be released … but day by day things started to deteriorate.

The pain came down to his hand and the fingers of his hand were paralyzed. When the pain became unbearable … he went to a bone doctor. The doctor told her to have an x-ray of the neck. The X-ray report revealed that he had pandalitis … which required special posture and exercise for treatment.

I am 35-year-old lawyer Omprakash and I am practicing in the Delhi High Court. By the grace of God my pantyhose is going well. I have to find solutions to my clients’ problems. I try my best to make it happen … so that I don’t lose a single case and it just happens to me. Ahn’s wife has to study.

For the past 2 months I have been sitting and reading books for a long time. , Because my shoulder was hurting. The pain relief took some time to ease, but then the condition became the same. I consult my family doctor.

He tells me that since I do no exercise and a comfortable life. Katah … he may have had some kind of deformity in my spine. He’s an X-bay of me. Suggest it to be done. After seeing the x-ray report, the doctor said that my subcutaneous pandalitis.

Have read He prescribed some pain relieving drugs, tied bananas in my neck and advised me to exercise regularly. I feel much better now than I ever have. Neck pain has also decreased greatly.

Joy Mehta is a 40-year-old Mumbai businessman … who has worked hard in his life. His job is to create some work plans and then create new construction projects.

For many nights, engaging in meetings with his subordinates, etc., is an integral part of his life-style. Because of this he could not make time for exercise. One day he suddenly felt Jamuna on his shoulder, a sore throat on his neck, and fingers feeling left out.

The pain was so severe that he had to rest at home for three days with a painkiller. The doctor revealed that he was suffering from subcutaneous pandalitis. After resting at home, physiotherapy and regular exercise, he is now back to work.

Which person is in cervical pandalitis? Influenced?

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

This problem is commonly seen in people over 55 years of age … but nowadays, the prevalence of this disease is spreading rapidly among people aged 35 to 45.


  • 01, it is a mechanical disorder.
  • 02, This is because of the tension in the muscles of the field
  • 03, the disease is due to the wrong posture or lack of exercise.
  • 04. Lying in bed with many pillows and keeping the neck in an unnatural position also affects the hierarchical column and tends to lean forward.
  • 05, tilting the spine to the front, damaging even when sitting halfway on the sofa.
  • 06, Persons who work continuously for hours after hours, such as the spine of writers or illustrators, etc. Leaning forward.
  • 07 For a long time, the back and neck muscles of the neck and neck muscles are suppressed.
  • 08As a result, the front of the bones and discs are under pressure as the spine is dilated to the front, causing fear of substantial damage.
  • 09. Many so-called executives sit in chairs in such a way that they do not allow them to remain in the correct currency. No chair should be taller than the height of the head.

It should be up to the edge of the shoulder … so that the thighs are extended from both sides and the body is perfectly straight. 09. Railway porters in India suffer from seizures despite such heavy burdens on their shoulders. No … because they do this every day. People who never exercise … their body. Quickly become diseased. |

Factors that increase the risk of psoriatic psoriasis

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Do not exercise the knee and keep it in the wrong position. There is a risk of getting this disease Grew Long working person, such as a computer operator, |

Too many computer users, clinical staff, writers, and a comfortable life This disease is more common in cutaneous executives. On the neck of such people The subdivision becomes pandelitis.

Due to excessive mental stress, there is constant pressure on the neck muscles. It is for this reason that the disease is most commonly seen in patients with depression. People who suffer from mental stress for a few years also fall into this category.

This disease has now become common among the housewives as well. Watching TV for several hours in the wrong posture can be a cause of the disease. 04. An old neck injury also causes the disease. | 05. Old age is still one of the leading causes of the disease.

What happens to cervical pandalitis?


Cervical pandalitis is a disease that causes deformities in the bones of the neck. In the middle of the subway Dick’s cushion. This is what happens when distortion occurs. It is also known as ‘subcutaneous atheritis’.

Who are affected by this?

Since this is a change in old age … this problem is often seen in the elderly. Up to the age of 60, 70% are female and | 85% of men have had symptoms of cervical pandalitis after X-ray of the neck … But in this modern age of competition, the problem is making its appearance among the youth. Even 35 years old now. | This problem has started since.

What exactly is it?

On the 7th neck, our whole life works to provide support to our head. The neck is the part of the spine that is the most dynamic. This causes more damage to these small bones if you move too much.

The eagle is known as the ‘C1-C7 Whittier’. As the disc gets worse on the disk … the distance between the vertebrae begins to decrease. The movement of the pods is also reduced. All these bones form a path on the back that leads to the mountain cord bar.

It collects all those naira … that go through the brain and go through the whole body. All of these masses have small holes … through which the upper parts of the neck, shoulders and arms and nerves are supplied. This is called the ‘Nerve Root’.

When the pace of the Vic is reduced due to | There is pressure on this nave root … that’s where the disease begins. In the early stages, which begin at the age of 20, water levels decrease in half-necked DK. Pace height due to this dehydration

Comes down Most are made of dick Part collagen fibers swell, and the outer covering of the dick spreads along the path of the nerve and nerve root. These symptoms of venous pressure gradually come to the fore.

Due to the low height of the dick and the constant movement of the neck bone, at the two ends of the suppressed vertebral units, the bone begins to feed on the hoof … called “after.” As a result, the veins also become narrower.

The bones of the seven vertebrae also have pressure on the joints and they become hypertrophy … causing the nerve root canal to become narrower. Survival. The ligaments fastened to the bones also become thick … Due to the pain they caused the neck to move. Lose their flexibility. The neck muscles create tension.

Mental stress and severe pandalitis

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

It is only after learning about cervical pandalitis that spiking occurs in the bones of the spinal cord. Unfortunately, this is a simple diagnostic, and often doctors and patients alike can’t understand it properly.

Most patients feel that they will be at greater risk than cancer patients. They also seem to think that cancer can still be cured … but they have no cure for this disease. If some decisions are better understood … then the disease can be relieved.

Bone is a living organism. We have forgotten this information … because of the bone in our brain That print exists … which we see through the skeleton shown in the film. There is some kind of movement in the bones. New bone is added or any old bone is itself

Moves away from the place. This information can be understood … if we keep in mind that the new bone Old bones can be joined together. In fact, bones are the only answer to our body

Either … that fits in with your original answers. When adding new bones to the body. Well … then as the pressure on the lower bone is removed, the bone reacts to the physical stress.

And when the pressure is removed, the bone becomes thin and absorbed. Modern civilization. As it is evolving … it is suffering from various stressful diseases. Stress, whether physical or mental, affects our body exactly.

Some of the factors that have been linked to stress – working long hours, steering and working on a post-work computer. Cervical problems give rise. Due to any mental injury, occupation, hobbies and stress.

There may be abnormalities on the posters … but people who are under more stress than necessary … they contract their muscles a bit too much. All these people are rightly called emotional stressors. Patient personality also plays an important role in the development of the disease.

Pandelitis is most often seen in patients who are all. Time is tiring, whether it be white-collar employees or those who have their brains to work. Do more than apply.

Heavy loads on the head do not cause this problem … because their muscles develop so much that they have no effect on weight. Persons with persistent thoughts are more prone to pandelitis.

Such people face more problems than other patients and may also need the help of a psychologist. A positive attitude is very important in the treatment of any disease. That is why our advice is to shake thoughts and keep your head up high.

Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Pancreatitis

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

What problems can I have?

The majority of patients with subclinical pandalitis have problems with narrowing of the nerve root. This condition is called ‘radiculopathy’. Patients often complain of pain in the neck and pain in the shoulders, arms and upper arms.

Often the troubles arise from the umatomol of the veins. If you shave or look upward, the pain may increase. Many complain of arm, hand or shoulder pains. Only about 5% of patients have symptoms of corneal cord narrowing or depression … called ‘myelopathy’.

The patient complains of tension, heavy feet or weakness, contraction of muscles and the nation. Even with a minor hit or jolt, such symptoms can suddenly appear in front. In many, the symptoms manifest slowly. Of myelopathy.

Patients often have difficulty with hand-to-hand tasks, such as buttons or writing. Both hands may feel cold or sore. Many times the brain stem ischemia due to the pressure of the vertebral artery … which may have to be corrected.

If a knot in the front of the mountain cord causes pressure on the hofogs … then swallowing food may be difficult.

What can be revealed by my testing? ‘

Patients with radiolopathy are weak, refreshed, or sensitive to the arms and arms. There may be complaints of diminishing. Neck pain can go down to the arms and shoulders and problems can reach the nerve root. Such patients feel pain in the arms and hands.

Your doctor may also notice the consonants, babinki and Hoffman signals. As the myopathy grows … the symptoms deepen. Many also experience light movements due to the slow movement of the spine.

Structure of the spinal cord

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

The vertebral column extends from the skull to the pelvis.

There is … by which it reaches the weight of the head and back to the foot. Gives It creates a gentle polar circle around the circle, protecting it … which goes down from the base of the brain.

The vertebral column is shaped like the English S-S … which increases its strength and flexibility, balances the back foot and the jerk while moving. Endures Adults can be seen in 26 vertebrae … though both of them are made by sacrum and cookies are fused vertebrae.

The primary structure of all vertebrae is similar. A small, skull-like bone is called a ‘stream hotter vertical dick’. It carries a cartilage pad with a jelly-like substance … that can withstand shock when hit, run or jump.

We can divide the vortexes into 5 parts according to their size, shape, role and condition. 7 The small, light and flexible vetiver rests on the flexible neck. All over the head is attached to the skull, shadow coins are used, and when attached to the axis, the coin of the head is rejected.

There are 12 thoracic vertebrae in the middle part of the spine … each of them connected to the ribs. 5. Large lumbar vertebrae … which are most of the weight of the back and head. Carries Three-angle sacrum prepared with 5 fuse bones, pelvis. Bonding to the bone creates a strong jet. Tail Bone contains 4 fused vertebrae.

The heart illusion of patients | (Chest pains vs. Savile pains).

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Many heart patients also suffer from subarachnoid pain. When they think of the Savior as Angina … they are often confused. They begin to think unnecessarily. It should always be kept in mind that neck and shoulders often cause pain due to convenience.

It is on either side of the shoulder or on the joint. This agony does not increase when one acts or moves, or it stops short. Often, agonizing hurts if you try too hard. And if you rest, it decreases.

This pain is usually felt on the left side of the chest. One simple way to understand the difference between angina and subclinical pandalitis is to place a 5 mg tablet called sorbrate below the tongue. It opens the heart vessels within minutes and is immediately relieved of chest pains.

On the other hand, the pains of subahkal cannot be alleviated. You can also learn about the pain of cervical cancer by using herbal remedies. Within a few hours the pain of the subahikal will subside … but if you pray, there will be no relief.

As long as you continue to take painkillers … Savior’s pains will be suppressed. Best of all, if you have ECG Get it If there is no change in the ECG during the agony … then you can assume that it is a pain in the eye.

Test for the detection of cervical pandemolitis

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

X-rays of the spine or neck can reveal those abnormalities … those. | Subhikal refers to pandalitis


X-rays can be useful to identify which of the following problems? | 01, Itter-Vertical Dick Pace Narrowing. 02. Interior osteophyte. 03. Pandelitis of flat jets. | 04. Osteophytes of un-convertible joints. | 05. A CT, can or spinal MRH. Can lead to diarrhea.

Computed Tomography (CT)

With the help of compound tomography, it is known about the changes in the bones caused by pandalitis. Could go Osteophytes can also be identified. Although C.T. Cannot be fully evaluated for disk by. It may be advisable to do a milligram to check the depth of the injury.

Myelograms. C. T

It’s called ‘Gold standard’. It is often applied to complex cases … which involve several stages of disease. With this help, complete information about bones and discs can be obtained. EMG It may be advisable to do so.

Manatic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Patients with cervical pandalitis with the help of Manatic Resonance Imaging (MRH). Melancholia can be done. With the help of MRI images, the doctor can diagnose Dick herniation, osteophytes and joint arthritis.

This is the Tea of ​​the Molamic Dick Hornification Okay … but many times more information may be needed. Subclinical pandalitis is often identified on the basis of symptoms and history.

By careful neurological examination it can be known that it involves a nerve root in which part complains of anguish or anemia … Where is the weakness felt or where is the response to the reflex changing? Imaging tests to test all of this. Advice is given.

The first test is X-ray. From this it can be seen that there is no difference between osteophytes, stenosis, the presence of compressed intervals between the uterus or the straight line of the saucepan. Do not have X-rays indicate whether the patient has cervical pandalitis.

More detailed information may be needed to know the cause of various symptoms. MRi Or copied tomography with the help of Myelograph, Nay Uttak and Blood. The effects of cervical pandalitis on the veins can be known.

MRi should be given priority … because it involves some sort of cutting. No need for injection. It is also a problem with the disc or spine. May suffer from seizures and the doctor examines the causes of the disease from a broader perspective.

Can see Although not much is known about Vatibar from all these pictures. Compressed. More information on this subject can be obtained by Tomography Maliopathy. To do it It also takes less time and costs less than MRi.

Many times there may be a need to adopt a serpent other than these two ways. With the help of Nerve Conduction Velocity EMG, or the Somatoids test, we can find out which nerve root has been diagnosed.

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Treatment of cervical pandalitis

Cervical pandalitis is a chronic disease … that develops over many years. Many times people think of it as a muscle ache or a wrinkle in the neck. When this situation reaches that stage, when life becomes very difficult … then.

People went to the doctor for refuge. Most patients will know about it only after the neck is X-rayed. Many people have C.T. Scan. Or MRi. It is also advisable to scan.

Most doctors prescribe pain relieving herbs … but it is rarely given. Improving posters and neck exercises is what we can call an ideal exercise for cervical pandalitis. For some patients, seva is available for some time. It is also advisable to wear eel collars.

Some patients may have to pay traction … for which they have none. Go to a physiotherapist or get traction at home. Arrange for planting. Alternative therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, massage with a variety of oils, stress management and nerve lifting are also effective.

For those patients who may have to make funeral arrangements … those who have severe pressure on the veins. Exercise is the best treatment for cervical cancer. Neck extension by most exercises. And the Lateral Movement is provided and the neck.

The emphasis is on strengthening the muscles. Three types of exercises are used for this. They are not afraid to jerk as they are subjected to yoga. We can divide the main exercises into the following categories: active exercise, passive exercise and resistance exercise.

Ways to Find Comfort in Suburban Pandelitis

  • 01. Relaxation
  • 02. Anesthetic herbs
  • 03. Active Exercise
  • 04. Inactive Exercise
  • 05. Preventive Exercise
  • 06. Supporting the neck by cervical collar
  • 07. Cervical drainage
  • 08. Acupressure
  • 09. Acupuncture
  • 10. Psychological stress management
  • 11. Massage
  • 12. Chiropractic
  • 13, treated by surgery.

01. Rest.

People suffering from subcutaneous pandalitis should be given ample rest to relax their neck and shoulder muscles. Neck pillows should be kept while lying in bed. The pillow should not be too soft or too hard. It should be round … so that the neck is smooth. Support edges. In this way the neck muscles will relax. Shrubs are also found in the currency of Capricorn. When lying down, the cheeks should be placed on the palms of the two hands. This will relieve the pain of being in the field.

02, pain relieving herb.

All of these herbs are often helpful … but they should only be taken if the pain is too much. 01. It is enough to take a paracetamol. Adults can take 2 mg of 500 mg 4 times a day. | 02. This is an anti-inflammatory herbal remedy. Some feel that it is more effective. It contains the Hobruffin Saint … which you can buy from a chemist’s shop. Consuming medications such as daclofenac, naproxen, and tolphinamic requires medical advice. People with asthma, high blood pressure, kidney disease or heart failure. Medicinal herbs should not be used. | If all of these herbs don’t work … then take herbs like codeine or dehydrocodin. Could go They are usually taken with paracetamol. Consuming this herb can cause constipation … so increase the water and fiber intake. | 03. If the pain is too much then the pain relieves like diapauseam to relax the muscles. Can take herbs.

03. Active Exercise

Stretching is a good way to relieve neck pain. It relieves muscles and relieves neck pain and tension. The diseased person will exercise intensely and stop exercising when the pain is increasing.

First Exercise:

  • 01. Stand straight and as far as possible, slowly move the head to the right.
  • 02. Then return the normal coin and rest the neck.
  • 03. Now slowly as much as possible, move the head to the left. |
  • 04. Once again, return the normal coin and rest the neck.

The second exercise

  • Slowly move your head back and look at the ceiling.

The third exercise:

  • 3. Stand upright and try to touch the left ear with the left shoulder.
  • 02. Then return the normal coin and rest the neck.
  • 03. Now try to align the right ear with the right shoulder.
  • 04, once again return to normal joints and rest the neck. 05, Holding the head up to the shoulders is very important.

The fourth exercise.

  • 01. Stand up straight and as far as possible, bring the two shoulders to the ear. |
  • 02. Fold the shoulders up to five times in this coin and then return to the normal currency. |
  • 03. As much as possible, pull the shoulders backwards.
  • 04, Fold the shoulders up to five times in this coin and then return to the normal currency. |
  • 05, follow the supplementary instructions of regular exercises. |
  • 06. If you stay on the same poster for a long time, neck muscles may suffer. |
  • 07. Do not exercise to move the head or neck too far front or back. |
  • 08. Do not move the head or neck quickly.
  • 09, Pawn Savings Extension
  • 10. Re-position your body.
  • 11, raise the head slightly and then slowly return to the normal posture. Repeat this exercise 10 to 10 times.
  • 12, Bring Your Body to the Beginning Coin And raise the head to the final stage. Repeat 8 to 10 times in
  • 13 phases of this exercise.
  • 14, There is no need to restrain the body in this exercise.

Niche Exercise

Stand upright, support the head with the right hand, and the neck with the right shoulder. Bring it to Min. While doing this, take a breath and exhale and then get back to normal Back seat Or do it in the opposite direction.

The flexibility of the neck muscles will get rid of the mantra. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times in both directions.

Prevention Exercise Cervical Stretch?

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Stretch pain and tension ease. Is available This method is effective in providing comfort.

Cervical extension

. Sitting on a chair and yourself Look at the ceiling of the room, pressing lightly over the forehead, lifting your neck up. Pull the neck in and pull it into the breath. Keep your head that way for a few seconds and return to normal posture and exhale.

Cervical Flexion:

Bend your neck to the dance and try to touch the chin with the chin. You can get the help of your hands. Inhale while inhaling downward. Hold on for a few seconds then return to normal currencies. Repeat this 3-4 times.

Cervical lateral falxion. Extension.

Stand up straight. Shake your head with your right hand and try to bend your neck to the right … so that you can stretch your shoulders without lifting your shoulders. This resulted in Felixion on the right

The effect will come up and on the left will be the extension effect. Neck strain and soreness – from both Will be released. Repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times in two directions. |

Left. Rotate Survival Right

Sit upright and lightly press your right hand over your chin, right to the shoulder Tilt and then apply the left hand, or tilt. Inhale while bending the neck. Exhale and exhale when returning to normal alcohol. This is 3 – 4 times a day. Repeat… to relieve neck pain.

Supporting the neck by the cervical collar.

  • 01. Support is provided to the neck in a reciprocal manner with the help of the collar collar (usually applied to the soft | collar).
  • 02. Symptomatic floor reduces neck mobility, collar to relieve pain. Or bandaging is one of the most effective ways.

Cervical traction.

Patients receive positive feedback through cervical traction and can be relieved of neck pain. By this, the muscles, ligaments and nerves of the cervical plexus (7 bones above the spine) receive tension. It reduces the distance between the extractable jets, relieves the pain. Most serious patients are not advised to wear it.


Acupressure is a basic healing art … based on an ancient Chinese and Japanese system. Subordinate The person giving acupressure with the finger of his hand is different from the patient’s body

Press on the point. It relieves pain and instability … Protects against mental illness and gains health. This is a way of treating the disease without any cuts or cuts … so that the patient is pressed to the bottom of the body, at different points.


Acupuncture is a medical treatment … to expose the mold to the bottom of the skin, so that it can stop the nausea. Can be corrected and re-balanced, resulting in relief from pain. Acupuncture treatment is based on the belief that if a balanced flow of the key is called (also called “chi”) … then health is maintained.

Could go It is One of the important vitality is that which is seen in all beings. It is on the way to all 12 bodies in the body Revolves around what are called ‘meridians’.

Each of these is associated with the particular organs and tantras of the body. Within the meridian system there are more than 1000 ‘Aku dots’. These are those special points in the body … that stimulate the flow of the key, which can be controlled.

Management of emotional stress.

Nowadays, the disease has become psychometric and it is believed that there should be proper management of cervical pandalitis resulting from mental stress.

In this way the patient can be relieved of neck pain. The treatment of the disease becomes very easy if you can relieve the patient from stress. The use of yoga, pranayama and mental stress can help relieve a person with neck pain.


Massage is applied by massage on the body’s soft tissues … so that blood flow can be accelerated and muscles can be relaxed. A variety of massage techniques are applied all over the world, such as Swedish, Deep Tish, Twi Na, Hawaah and so on.


This mechanism is based on the conclusion that the disease originates from abnormal functioning of the nervous system. Chiropractic uses his hands to streamline the normal movement of the nervous system … so that the body can start the process of self-control.

The word chiropractic is derived from the Greek word ‘kir’ meaning ‘hand’ and ‘parkticos’, meaning ‘skillful’. That’s how we say it. It may be that this is a tactical use of the hand.

Chiropractic is the placement of bones and joints by the application of your own hands and no further herbs or medicines are needed. That’s for sure Neither does it claim to have the diagnosis or treatment of the disease. It is based on the belief that the body itself has the healing power.

When the body is fully balanced … the immune system also works properly. Chiropractic seems to think that when there is some kind of deformity in the spine … then the immune system is disrupted.

He regarded the backbone as a major factor in deteriorating health. For this reason, he devoted his entire concentration to proper placement of the spine. |

Ttreated by surgeon

Which surgeon can recommend the following?

  • 01. If all the ways to cut and tear have failed.
  • 02. If the cord is not working properly.
  • 03. Due to this problem, if there is pain or weakness in the hands for a long time.

What to do and what not to do with the problem of swivel

Practical way to get rid of pain and dizziness in the house!

Avoid leaning forward, as this can cause nausea in the neck. Such patients are advised to keep the neck straight. It is advisable to raise them up to the level of their vision in order to read a newspaper or magazine.

Do not sit and watch TV until Dargh time. Take breaks occasionally. When it comes to advertising, do some neck exercises. Put a pillow under the bed or under the head to watch TV. Don’t see Pendelitis will worsen as it is bent at the front of the neck.

If you want to watch TV, then watch TV sitting on cervical TV, poster. With your mass upside down on your stomach Lie down and place the chin between his two hands.

Place the elbows on the ground and maintain a distance of less than one foot between the two elbows. If you suffer from pandalitis … then do not do anything that can cause body jerks … this can lead to further agony. If you need to press the rickshaw or go through a bad road, put the cervical collar on.

Do not drive for long periods of time. When you are at night or crowded streets. Gaza slopes, then your neck is tense for a long time. The neck and back of it. There may be an increase in pandemitis.

Such patients should not sleep in a soft bed. Sati is in a tight bed for them to sleep. Alcohol can go to bed. Apply the cervical pillow. If it is not found then it is too thin. Apply a pillow or a towel under the head while sleeping.

The people who sit at the chairs, do long-term study, are themselves. Cheb’s poster should be fixed or the table should be raised slightly upwards. Try to make sure their mane neck is not too thick. With some breaks in between work. Survival exercises can also be done in a specially made chair.

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