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Overcoming the current age of raising your child properly|

Most of the time, children move away from their busy lives. As a result, they consumed loneliness and loneliness. Being alone does not mean loneliness, but they have to provide the means to live in their own mind.
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Every parent is busy with various tasks throughout the day. In keeping with the era, the joint family is also a nuclear. Spending time with your child, | One or two have come to a halt when the playmates list is broken.

As a result, Khuddeti has become an all-day companion. | The annoyance of being alone all day, boredom on top of it, is devouring childhood.

The result is frustration The baby is bound. In some cases, its consequences are dire. Therefore, the state of unity in the dark will make the child happy and happy.

Where is the problem

In most cases, parents do not know the reason for the child’s frustration. Often times, the child’s house is filled with expensive toys, books of brand names. But sitting in the middle of the baby’s face No smile As if anything.  

He is not interested. Because he has no mind. Hutte then wants to run to her side. From the front. Or go to the backyard and want to catch two ants. The first problem. The gap between what parents are giving and what the child is asking for. General Chat Chat Lounge


Lack of peer-to-peer companionship. Most of the time, the child’s companion. Grandparents, grandmas or caregivers at home all the time. They are the baby’s mind Can’t reach it.

Thirdly Everyday’s routine.

Parenting consultant Powell Gheas. He said, “The routine of what a child will not do during his time in Barreno is a routine. Go through Need it too But. It is important to break the routine occasionally.

Suppose he was drawing during the weekend. Goes to class One day, he canceled his drawing class and took him instead to eat ice cream. You will see the joy of that day and how long it will be remembered. “

There are still problems. Children. The only thing that the elders do when they are alone is to start doing it. In the air Grandma at home has been watching serials on TV all day.

The child also started watching serials with him. Dil. As a result, before age increases. Many mature thoughts begin to form. Which may seem like a puck to you again.

What can be done?

Much depends on who is there to look after the child. | Take responsibility As a result, he will have to figure out how to talk to the child, what kind of game to play with him.

He even has to take occasional breaks to break your routine. If so, you trust him to be your closest friend. Learn to do As a result, even if you are not near her, she is close to a friend all the time.

You can teach planting, soil preparation etc. Bauhaus can be kept in the backyard. He will spend a lot of time watching the birds there. General Chat Chat Lounge

He will also have to change his diet in order to cut boredom. Many fish are similar to fish or fish The cook is razor. Suddenly there is a day in the middle of the week. In the afternoon he can cook the food in his mind.

It may be Choumin or Biriyani. But one day a week, that rule is broken Whether it’s the menu or not. Maintain her nutritional nutrition throughout the rest of the day.

Many times, he does not go back to work. As a result, some work goes on mobile or laptop. At that time if your child comes and wants to play or talk to you, turn him over but instead play ten minutes with him. Make a story with him. Setukui was in his mind.

You can keep the crust at home. (Of course, he is a good friend. And if the child is a little older, he can also take care of him. Then he will spend some of his time there too. But it is important to allow them to be at times. That is how he got the hang of something new in the lonely world.

Very useful information

  • Don’t give your child more toys, colors or gifts than you need. Let the less things find happiness
  • Do not hand the mobile over to your child for entertaining or because you do not have time. Instead, you can show a variety of Do It Yourself shows based on your child’s interest. If he gets interested he will try to make it himself. But the screen time should be fixed to thickness.
  • It is also important to make friends with the book. They have to be taken to the bookstore. Touch and fill books if you can’t read them…
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