The outbreak of pox is extremely painful. Take the scum of this disease।

The outbreak of pox is extremely painful. Take the scum of this disease।

The spring season arrives at the end of winter. Nature cuts through all its roughness and becomes colored in various colors. Whatever the color of spring, the appearance of spring or pox on the body can be very painful. Anyone of any age can suffer from spring or pox rage. This rage is special for children and the elderly. Find out the scum of this Disease

What kind of spring Disease is it?

Spring rags are of two types: water spring and grassy spring. Although the nectar is eradicated from the world through public health and relentless vaccination, there are still waterborne or chicken pox. This rag is basically a virus. Attack of varicella virus is caused by waterborne or chicken pox.

When is this Disease the most ?

Under the influence of temperature manipulation, the virus is most active during spring and autumn. So this time the outbreak of spring or chicken pox is highest.

What are the symptoms of anger ?

Reggie can understand about his own reggae. Sneeze, cough with fever. Aqueous rash emerges. At this time, immediately seek medical help. Doctor. According to Pragyan, he gives only medicines for fever, sneezing and cough.

How does this Disease spread ?

A person who is infected with waterborne or chicken pox rages should stay away from coughs, spits, sneezes and coughs. The pelvis that comes out of Reggie’s should not come in contact with it. As long as the pulp comes out, the rag spreads. Reggie has to be kept in a separate room and his house. Keep it clean.

What types of problems can pregnant women have ?

The outbreak of pox is extremely painful. Take the scum of this disease।

Embryos are formed during the first stage of pregnancy. So in the first stage, this rag is under the gynecologist. He is undergoing treatment and should be treated according to his advice. There is no problem with this rag during the last phase of the pregnancy.

If a woman’s spring or chicken pox is pregnant, is it possible for a pregnant baby to have this Disease ?

No, the unborn baby is infected with this rage. There is absolutely no chance of it happening. | The placenta does not spread from the mother’s body to the baby’s body.

What is the patient’s diet during this time ?

This rage reduces the body’s immune system. So you can eat a dietary diet such as Pratin. Prenatal immunity.
Increases strength. Can eat fish, meat, eggs. |

How is it possible to avoid this ?

It is possible to avoid this rage through infant vaccination and public awareness at an early age.

Is it possible to heal the wounds of spring or chicken pox ?

Currently the medical system is very advanced. Once Reggie is fully healed, following the advice of a dermatologist, it is possible to recover from wounds very quickly.

Once a person has this Patient, what can happen again ?

No, once a person is infected with this rage it cannot happen again. Against Reggie’s body. Immunity becomes the force to fight.

This article was written by The Monthly Magazine SUSTHA

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