Nocturia and Nocturnal Enuresis a Social Problem ? What is the solution ?

Both Nocturia and Nocturnal Enuresis can be symptoms of multiple diseases. Therefore it is important to take special precautions and consult your urologist.
Nocturia and Nocturnal Enuresis a Social Problem ? What is the solution ?

Often, older people have urological urologist doctors to urinate frequently overnight. Come on It’s not just older people who come. People of almost all ages can suffer from this problem.

In the elderly, this problem becomes apparent because of night. Insomnia then causes fatigue, and this fatigue can have a profound effect on the work of the day. Once in the night, once you fall asleep.

Waking up to urinate is normal, especially in older people, but having multiple sleep-deprived urine is not OK and is a symptom of any underlying abnormality. This is called Nocturnal Frequency or Nocturia in English.

To be fair, it’s rage. No, but many may be common signs of anger. With this, if the bed is inadvertently excreted in the sleep, which is called Nocturnal Eneuresis, there is no end to the disturbance. Both nocturnal aneurysms and nocturia can be symptoms of multiple rages. Therefore, be very careful, and consult your urologist.

Why Nocturia?

 Six to eight hours a night, getting up to urinate twice or more during sleep and then falling asleep again is extremely exhausting. The most common cause of this symptom is excessive watering during the day or before going to bed.

One of our most popular ideas is the abundance of kidney beans. You have to drink – which is not always true. Because of a sporting body’s demand for water and day-to-day air-conditioned control. The function of sitting officers cannot be equal to the amount of water in the body. If you drink too much water, you have to give up urine.

There are other important reasons for excessive urination

3) Problems with prostate or bladder or both.
2) Nervous problems in or below the spine. 3) The problem of excess urine formation at night (after bedtime).Diabetes or heart problems.
4) Use of some blood suppressor or cardiovascular drugs.

It is important to remember that at night, inadvertently beds carry some very important anger symptoms for an elderly person. Therefore, if you accidentally leave urine in bed, you should consult a doctor without wasting time.

Learn the answers to these questions when consulting your urologist –

1) What is the source of this problem? Do special tests?
2) Is it possible to make a change in your lifestyle?
3) Are there special treatments like surgery? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
4) Is there a need for medical treatment for a lifetime, or will limited treatment provide relief?

• Can the urologist doctor Babu get special tests to help you diagnose?

1) Urine Culture and Sensitivity Testing will tell if you have urine infection.
2) Creatinine and sugar test in the blood is the test for your kidney health test.
3) The bladder and kidney intracranialgraph will tell you the amount of urine in your kidney and kidney.
4) Urodynamic examination helps to quell the urinary tract and diagnose the source of anger due to nervous and prostate problems.
5) Cystoscopy – The camera can be used to see the path of urinary tract infection.

After urination, your urologist will be able to get rid of your urge with a doctor’s medication or microsurgery or both. But even a few lifestyle changes can help you get back to a healthy life, such as –

1)Do not drink excess water or refrain from drinking before shaving at night.
2) Changes in heart rate or blood pressure medication. |
3) If the two legs are swollen, most of the time, instead of hanging the legs up.

4) Eat bread instead of rice at night.
5) During the day to get a little sleep on the bed.

Lifestyle changes and doctors. Counseling and Treatment It is possible to get rid of nocturia and nocturnal aneurysms, and to resuscitate life.

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Nocturia and Nocturnal Enuresis a Social Problem ? What is the solution ?
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