How to use masks to avoid corona? When is the mask important?

Corona is shaking in panic around the world. In the meantime, a few people have died. So how to use this mask to avoid corona? Know that this article in the details is very interesting?

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The masks in the market. The price is increasing. However, there are different opinions as to who should wear the mask, how to wear it. But the mask is tinkering with the growing scandal of the sanitizer.

Many concepts, therefore, verify the cause before buying or wearing a mask, knowing exactly what information is available. Doctors, nurses, scavengers, ambulance drivers … all fall under that.

The use of two types of masks is commonly referred to in health workers, surgical and N95. Doctors generally divide patients into three parts. ‘Suspected’ means those who do not come in contact with the victims. ‘Preble, that is.

The symptoms of the coronavirus are obvious and ‘confirmed, that is, in the Corona test, which is positive. In contact with these three types of people. Come, a lot of them. Surgical and N95 masks are divided accordingly. But what do ordinary people do?

When to wear a mask?

How to use masks to avoid corona? When is the mask important?

According to the World Health Organization, a healthy average person will wear a mask only when approaching suspected. There are a lot of colds and coughs, fever this season. If anything, you must wear a mask. Although it does not have coronary flu, cold exposure to cold or cold infections can be avoided.

However, since we do not know when on the road to Berena to buy pragmatic goods, one can still wear a mask if the road is not suspended. But if one is completely healthy himself and the other is at a distance of one and a half meters at all times. It is not necessary to wear a mask.

How about a mask?

How to use masks to avoid corona? When is the mask important?

Cotton masks have no value. Many artisans have started with masks. But it’s important to know, Terilyn Masks made of types of cloth. There are elements that make up the static electricity. As a result, when the virus is exposed to the mask, it may not work.

But ordinary cotton masks can contain the virus. Many are now wearing large handkerchiefs due to a lack of masks. In that case, use a handkerchief or scarf made of silk. The Three Ply Surgical Mask can also be used, as it is made of terry lin.

How to wear a mask?

How to use masks to avoid corona? When is the mask important?

Never wear a mask or a silk scarf. Even when wearing a mask, the nose and mouth will not go to any hair. The mask has a thin metallic section. It is better if it is pressed on the nose.

It will not allow air or virus to enter inside the top of the mask. Never touch the core of the mask while masking. Disposable mask by opening the strap lightly. Throw it in the dustbin. According to the rules, it is important to dispose of the mask.

How to use masks to avoid corona? When is the mask important?

Mask is the last thing?

Not at all. More important than a mask. Alcohol sanitizer hack or soap water … if not repeatedly washed with it, there is no benefit to wearing a mask.

Remember that

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. The spikes of the coronavirus are protruding with protein and the upper layer is fat. Therefore, in the words of Dr. Subirkumar Mandal, “If you get butter or dalda in the dish, you need to rub it with soap and hot water. In hand sanitizers, germs die, it is recommended to have 70% alcohol. In my opinion, soap is much more dependable than sanitizer in this situation.

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