How to Treat Chickenpox, What Rules The Patient Should Follow|

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What is the disease?

Chicken pox is a particular type of virus infection. The virus is named varicella zoster.

What time of year is it?

This disease can happen at any time of the year. However, the incidence of these patients increases as the seasons change. As a result, in the spring, the disease is likely to suffer.

Who is at greater risk of getting this disease?

Infants have a very low immune function. As a result, children are more affected by this disease. However, the elderly person who has not been vaccinated with this disease also has the possibility of becoming chickenpox.

How to Treat Chickenpox, What Rules The Patient Should Follow
How to treat chickenpox? Does chickenpox have any treatment?

What are the symptoms of the disease?

It takes 12 to 16 days for the varicella-zoster to grow and become active after it has entered the body. (Incubation period). The disease becomes infectious for the last two to three days of the incubation period. Now, in the prefix –

  • There is a lot of pain in the thighs, hands, feet, and head.
  • Cold, cough.
  • After that, the rash started to come out all over the body. By doing Rash can also come out of the neck. Rashes are fluid and reddish. If the rash burst, it could create a rash wound.
  • Rash usually lasts from 5 to 10 days. Someone’s rash haircut. Then it dries. However, the patient has to rest for two to three weeks even after the rash is mixed.

This disease is very contagious?

Yes, that’s right The virus can enter the body of a healthy human being through the air or through the patient’s saliva. That is, through coughing, the virus can spread to the air and from there the danger of entering the body of a healthy human being.

Again, the clothes of the patient, the saliva juice on the sheet and the other from there Virus infection can occur in the body. So if anyone in the family has this illness, he has to be kept in a separate room completely.

The patient needs to separate the useful things. Only those who have received chickenpox vaccine or who have previously had chickenpox can serve the patient. However, after 5 to 10 days, the rashes are dry and the mussel leaves.

These cases are also prone to spread infection. So if the rash is dry, keep the case separate. Freeze a paper bag and burn it. And the chickenpox is out of the house after three weeks. Get out, meet healthy people.

What are the treatments?

How to Treat Chickenpox, What Rules The Patient Should Follow
How to treat chickenpox? Does chickenpox have any treatment?

You should rest at home for 2 to 3 weeks. Lots of fluids to eat. Chickenpox does not have any drugs like that. Symptom-based medicine is to be given. That is, fever reduction drugs, fever or cold medicines.

But yes, you need to be clean. Therefore, daily bathing in antiseptic soap with medicinal water. Rash hair follicles should be given antiallergic tablets.

Is rash out or bad? There is a possibility of staining?

During this time the body’s immune system is low. As a result, there is a risk of developing another lesion if the rash is removed. Therefore, the patient is given an anti-allergic tablet to reduce itching. In addition, calamine-laced garments are applied. It also reduces itching.

Is it useful to wash the water in a bath or a bath of dab-turmeric, or a bath of neem-turmeric?

Antiseptic properties of neem and turmeric. Contains. So dilute the neem-turmeric, When bathing in neem-turmeric soaking water. No problem. And drinking dab water is more beneficial than bathing in dub water.

Why is it said to be very careful when pox?

You need to be very careful as the body’s immune system is reduced. If not, patients pneumonia is prone to bronchitis. Besides, some have digestive problems. Therefore, it is good to follow the rules.

Do you have to eat vegetarian in chicken pox?

Not at all. Patients with chicken pox will eat normal foods. Can eat fish, meat, eggs. Besides, pulses, saji-rice will be eaten. No problem just eating extra spices and oily food. Digestive problems can arise.

Apart from this, many patients have a rash in the mouth and lips. As a result, the patient cannot eat much. Therefore, the body becomes weak. Then playing vegetarian will make the body more vulnerable.

So the patient can eat a half-boiled egg if desired. Hot (rasgalela) can also be given without diabetes. It is best to eat something like hot soup.

What is the way to prevent disease?

Chicken pox vaccine was taken. The best way to prevent.

Chicken pox The patient can eat fish, meat, eggs, normal foods.

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