How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

Even if the daily mental therapy rules of the children is stopped due to the lockdown, the children with special abilities will gradually learn from home. How to learn? This article covers all the details.

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People are slowly learning to cope with the emergency situation of lockdown. But the problem is different for children with special abilities. Every day, all the children who learn small things through special therapy, who take a little longer to learn or who can’t explain themselves all the time, are greatly affected by the lockdown.

Coronavirus, quarantine, lockdown … these words are not easy to understand. As a result, the sudden closure of the school, the encirclement of the parents within the four walls of the house, is known. Not meeting Aunty …

All in all, the situation is not entirely binding on them. The discontinuation of regular therapy has had an impact on their daily routine. But what is the way out of this problem in this situation?

How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

Not all losses are inevitable.

A child can easily use A-A-B or A-B-C to differentiate intelligent quotient. D does not learn. It is difficult for anyone to understand the instructions of the parent or teacher. Someone is restless. No one can do even a small thing on their own. Behind it are autism, Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, dyslexia, cystic fibrosis, etc.

However, through special therapy, the hidden talents in the child can be found and become unique. But in the same way that the lockdown has slowed down the pace of human life, special children have also been affected.

There is no rush to go anywhere lazy to spend the day when there is a holiday. There are no hard and fast rules for waking up. Many times parents may think, “He should sleep a little longer.” The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. Shreyashree Kundu, the course coordinator at Alkendu Baedh Niketan, says, “It creates intense laziness in the child.

Even if you sleep in the lockdown until seven or ten, you have to get up at seven when the school opens. Prolonged unfamiliarity will hurt her. If the child gets a little annoyed after going to school, takes a pencil from a friend next door, and doesn’t want to work as a teacher, the reason may be that those two hours of sleep are less. ”

An eating disorder is a big problem. In many cases, chips or some ‘lavish food’ are given to the child to keep him quiet. Not only does this damage the eating cycle, but it can also affect their health. A little more attention should be paid to the body of a child with special abilities.

It is not right to assume that the therapist of the school, clinic, or center, the special educator will teach the child in a special way, the parents will know. So many times the parents are not able to follow the teaching method in the school.

Let’s assume, any addition or addition. There are three basic steps to learning: concrete, semi-concrete, and abstract. In the case of concrete, two and three pens are taught in front of the child.

How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

In the case of semi-concrete, it is taught by cutting the marks in the book. As in the abstract, the face is asked, how much will be if you do two and three years. This time the child who is now at the concrete level, teaching him in semi-concrete or abstract will not work, on the contrary, he will forget to learn at the concrete level.

As a result, the child has to start when the lockdown occurs and the school opens. From the very beginning, that is, as much as he learned, he will forget in the wrong way or in the wrong habit. The child’s learning speed will be affected.

In many cases, children also learn a lot through the game of six eggs. The guardian may have unknowingly allowed them to play a game that is not constructive or organizational. As a result, the child played for a long time, but nothing worked. But a lot of things can be taught to a child with special abilities through sports.

The rules are urgent, but not strict

During the lockdown, many clinics are conducting online classes from the school. Where online classes are not available, teaching is also being tried over the phone. But remember, the child spends most of the time in the lockdown episode with his family, with his parents by his side. As a result, parents can do most of the teaching in this episode.

How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

Trainers, therapists, special educators can show the way to teaching.

If there is no lockdown, the child has to be bound according to the rules. The rules of waking up, bathing, eating, etc. at the right time should not be broken. Remember, in this case, most children learn all the work through regular habits.

As a result, the child will get in trouble once the rules are broken. Udbhas teacher in charge Kakli Kar says, “But the rules are not very strict. Raj might have had the child in school, three hours. It is not possible to make him work at home for so long.

But he sat down to read for half an hour as per the rules. It is very difficult to keep some children in one place for 10 minutes. In that case, he should sit for at least 10 minutes.

Again, some children cannot be kept in one place. As a result, if he wants to leave the table and chair and sit on the ground while reading, he is allowed to do so.

Let there be rules for the comfort and convenience of the child. ”Special therapy is not possible in all cases. But some simple things can go on. Kakli Kar spoke about some such methods. All this work is important for the baby. E.g.


How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

Make a garland in simple words. Beads should be tied between the wires. Shoelaces, seat mats, and blunt needles can be given according to the child’s skills. But from the side of the baby at all times. His safety also needs to be taken care of. Eye-hand contact is done through bidding.


Mix rajma-Michaela in a bowl. Ask the child to separate it into two bowls. But this is not the case. One day you can mix money, a pencil, and a pencil in rice …


Although many people think that painting is not a good thing to do, many children are tired of painting. In that case, you have to paint with him tactfully. You can mix four colors in four bowls. This time a lot of soybeans can tell him, he should show five soybeans of the same color.

This will increase the child’s counting, coloring, eye-hand coordination skills. Dry and mix the colored soybeans. Separate it with the baby. His sorting skills will also increase.


Draw a picture of grain or animal on a sheet of paper yourself. Cut the other six leaves into pieces. Put glue on the drawing on the big page and tell the child that Put on top of large drawings on colored pieces of paper.

This will increase both the skills of coloring and pasting. Many times parents think that it works only if it is written in the book. But you can learn beyond the rules. For example, if the child is annoyed to write A-B-CD in the notebook, you can write with floor chalk.

The rules are regular

How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

The meaning of the rule is that it must be regular, repeated. And in this case, the work has to be done. There is no need to keep the baby separate while keeping him at home. It was also found that the child was in a two-story room all day.

As a result, one day he refused to go to the ground floor with his mother to buy food. Because he has adapted to the boundaries of the two-story house. He is very uncomfortable when he goes out. Give him a chance to socialize with everyone.

The child who is waiting for Raj to go to school, let him go, there is Paka outside. For him, his parents are all at home, well. If you explain it in love, the child will understand at some point.

The child’s physical activity is very important. Take it to the roof every afternoon. If it is not possible, help her with physical exercises by making rules on the verandah. Even if he jumps from one place to another, there is no harm in it.

Let daily eating sit with everyone in the house. Do not feed him in advance. Instead, everyone eats together while telling stories. Children overcome many fears as soon as they get into the habit. For example, special children often do not like to touch sticky things.

As a result, when he is asked to remove the boiled potato peel to increase eye-hand coordination and concentration, he will not do anything. So put boiled potatoes in a piece leaves. Try to explain with your hands that it is food. This will remove all the annoyances, dislikes, and fears from the sticky feeling of cooked potatoes.

Do small chores, such as putting clothes on the clothesline, pouring water from one bottle to another, washing your face with your own hands after eating, Kikuchi, etc. This regular habit is very important.

Parents also need rules

Parents also need to follow some rules. Shreya Kund says, “Measure the baby’s temperature every night before bed. They get sick quickly. Make an immunity drink with household items and feed it to Raj.

How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?
How to Teach Rules if Mental Therapy of Kids is Stopped Due to Lockdown?

It is important to wear masks and gloves even if there is a lockdown. Get into that habit slowly from now on. After bringing it from the market and cleaning it, vegetables taught him to put it in the basket. Let it be after the gloves.

Teach him the rules of the day, which are healthy and unhealthy foods. If you don’t understand this word, tell me which is good food and which is bad. Which should be done, which is not. ”

Most of the time children with special abilities do not have anything called retirement. Because he often sits where he is sitting. Retire him in the middle of studies. Let him play the game he loves to play.

There is no greater virtue than patience, in which case the child needs the patience of the parents the most. As a result, it seems difficult to learn, be patient with him. The child will learn, and the joy that parents will get by teaching him is unearthly!

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