How to take care of your own body while under house arrest

At this time I have to do more work at home. Naturally, hands and feet are getting rough. Beautiful nails are breaking? So how to take care of your own body while under house arrest, is his advice.

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Now that the housemaid has not come, most of the house has to do all the work itself. From washing dishes to cleaning the house, cooking, washing clothes – doing so much work together, the condition of the hands and feet is naturally getting worse. Beautifully filed nails are going to break.

There is no way to go to the parlor at this time. No one is in a good mood as he is a prisoner at home. On top of that, when they look at their hands and feet again, the mood gets worse. It is also important to keep yourself beautiful to keep a good mind. So you can take care of your hands, feet, and nails while sitting at home. For him, one can rely on some domestic methods.

How to take care of your own body while under house arrest

Regular use of moisturizer

I have to fetch water to do all the housework. Different types of detergents, soaps have to be used. Normally the skin of the hands and feet is getting rough. Many of them are also having problems with foot fractures.

It is important to use moisturizer as a rule. You don’t have to leave the house now, so after bathing, you can apply any cream or lotion with moisturizer. Apply at bedtime. If the skin is rougher after washing dishes or washing clothes, you can still apply moisturizer.

Use of gloves

Alkaline soap must be used when washing dishes or washing clothes. The use of alkali causes severe damage to the skin. So if gloves can be worn after washing dishes or washing clothes, it is best. When washing clothes, do not wear bare feet and wear slippers so that soapy water does not get on the feet.

Exfoliation is also important

At the time of going to work, dead cells are accumulating in the skin of the hands and feet. These dead cells cause the skin to become rough. This reduces the sheen of the skin. However, dead cells can be removed with a very simple homemade banana scrub.

For this, make a pack by mixing an equal amount of olive oil and sugar. You can also replace coconut oil with olive oil. Rub it well on hands and feet for five minutes. Then rinse with cold water. This will lift the dead cells and brighten your skin.


Manicures can be easily treated at home. In a small bowl or container that can be dipped in both hands, take a small amount of warm water. Heat the water as much as you can tolerate. Mix one tablespoon of shampoo in it. If you have lemon at home, you can mix lemon juice in it. This time after dipping your hands in it for 15-20 minutes, you have to rub the nails with any brush. Finally, wash your hands in cold water.

You can cut your nails and file beautifully while doing a manicure. Because it is wet in water, the nails are soft and easy to cut. At the end of all, you need to massage both hands with any moisturizer for 5 minutes. It will also increase blood circulation. As a result, hand fatigue will be reduced as a result of working all day.

How to take care of your own body while under house arrest


It will take a little bigger pot to do a pedicure, so that it is convenient to keep the feet dipped. According to the manicure, feet should be dipped in lukewarm water mixed with shampoo and lemon juice for 20-30 minutes. Then rub the toes, nails, and soles of the feet with a brush. Rubbing the feet with Khama or foot scrub removes dead cells. If the foot is cracked and dirt is stuck, it becomes clear.

Make a pack by mixing salt with half a lemon juice and rubbing it makes your feet brighter. Finally, wash your feet in cold water and cut your nails. People who have problems with cracked feet will try to keep their feet as dry as possible. Now, as much as you have to do at home, you can do manicure and pedicure at home once a week.

Nail care

The condition of the nails is also the same now. It is better to cut the nails at this time. Even if the nails are trimmed, it can be beautifully filed. If you have olive oil at home, you can massage your nails with olive oil before going to bed at night. If not, you can also use Vaseline.

When you apply the cream on your hands and feet, massage your nails with that cream. This will harden the nails and remove the yellow feeling. In many cases, when I go to cut grain, my hands get black spots. In that case, lemon juice is applied. It will clean the nails. Nutrition is very important to keep nails well. So you need to eat foods with vitamin B, protein, calcium, iodine, iron.

In addition to boosting immunity, the nails will be good. But it is very important to drink water according to the rules. If the nails are beautiful, the beauty of hands and feet also increases. Applying nail polish also makes the hands and feet look good. If you have any nail polish at home, you can apply it after nail care. If you have more than one nail polish, then you can do different designs.

You can also apply nail polish of contrast color on each nail. Cutting paper, designing and putting on nails, wearing nail polish on it gives a different look. However, keep in mind, do not keep the same nail polish on the nails for more than a week. And do not use anything sharp to lift the nail polish. In that case, you must use the remover. Leave the nails white for a few hours after applying the nail polish. Then apply the desired nail color again.

How to take care of your own body while under house arrest

Nail polish

There is also a possibility of nail-biting as a result of using more water and alkaline soap at this time. Coconut oil is very beneficial for him. Before going to bed, apply coconut oil on the sore part of your fingernails and toenails. After 15-20 minutes, wash your fingernails and toenails thoroughly, it will be comfortable. The pain will go away very soon.

In addition, if you have a food soda at home, then you can use it to heal nails. After doing manicure or pedicure at home, make a paste by mixing baking soda and water and apply it on your hands or feet where there are nails, for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your hands or feet in cold water. If you repeat this method three or four times, you will get good results.

If you have olive oil at home, you can mix it well with lemon juice and massage it lightly on the nails and the surrounding area. It gives comfort very quickly. If you massage with olive oil three or four times a day, you will get good results.

It is also important to keep yourself beautiful during the lockdown period. So don’t forget to take care of yourself even if you are at home.

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