How to take care of the eyes To avoid the danger of newborns and teenagers? 1

How to take care of the eyes To avoid the danger of newborns and teenagers? 1

Late after catching eye problems in children. Therefore, a regular eye examination is necessary. The main purpose of this article is to take care of the eyes of teenagers from newborns.

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There is a proverb (lost in the eyes …) of all the limbs, the eye is the most valuable. Incidentally, we may be neglecting this organ. As soon as eye problems are caught in old age, it takes time in childhood.

Many times the parents do not care that the child is mischievous. Physicians, however, insist on regular eye examinations. And it should be done from the age of six.

At what age is the test important?

In the words of pediatrician Apurba Ghosh, “Doctors perform a preliminary examination after the birth of the baby. After that a checkup at the age of six months is urgent. Baby cornea, visual axis. It’s okay to have glaucoma, or Ala’s reaction to reflexes should be checked within six months.

These are part of the child’s routine checkup. As the baby gets a little older, he needs to see if his eye movements are right. He swings to the right and left with the toy or torch given to him, what he is doing when he holds a brightly colored toy in front of him, he hears a sound, he is looking at it and how many degrees the eyeball is moving, whether the color of the eyeball is normal or not. To be noticed.

If you notice any abnormality in the eyes, you must inform the doctor. It is better to get the eye test done once a year from the age of three-four years.

How to understand the problem

How to take care of the eyes To avoid the danger of newborns and teenagers? 1
How to take care of the eyes To avoid the danger of newborns and teenagers? 1

Even very young children may have eye contact. Glasses are always seen in the eyes of a two-three year old child. But most of the time it takes time to catch the problem.

Orthopedist Gargi Chowdhury said: Or looking at a book and making a mistake … Parents think children are immature.

We don’t think it’s a problem with his eyes. Both the school teacher and the parents need to keep an eye on whether the child is showing these symptoms. In that case, eye examination and necessary treatment is urgent.

There are many problems while playing. The baby may not be able to catch the ball, the reflex is low. There are countless examples of glasses being used to correct vision at a young age. In this case, the awareness and activism of the parents is real.

Dr. Apurba Ghaesh was talking about one of his experiences, “One of the parents came to see their five-year-old child. I generally advised to see a pediatric ophthalmologist.”

They were surprised but went to the doctor. Tests show that the child’s eye power is minus 13! But it could not be explained for so many days. That is why it is important to check the eyes of a child once in three to four-five years.

Is there a specific reason behind the appearance of the baby’s eyes from an early age? “These are birth defects. If caught early, it will be fine. If someone’s eyeball is a little different, it is also fixed through glasses. But many do not care. Avoid saying Lakshmi Tara, ”commented Dr. Grass. “

Take care

Some eye problems are congenital, some are due to lifestyle. Parents can understand if the child has eye problems after being admitted to school. Even before that, some of the symptoms can be seen to determine if the child has a problem with the eyes

Repeated rubbing of the eyes, blinking of the eyes, watering. Problems with eyebrows or eye tracking when looking at something. Talking without looking directly into the eyes. Premature delivery or any physical complications of the mother during pregnancy can cause eye problems in the baby.

Care in advance

Experts are not talking about eye care separately. However, if you notice a problem, you should consult a doctor immediately. Lifestyle eye problems can be controlled if you are careful.

Orthopedist Gargi Chowdhury said, “At home, parents need to make sure that the child’s screen time is not too long. Mobile, computer control, do not bring the phone too close to the eyes.

Now that online is being studied, extra caution is needed. You have to keep your distance while watching TV. ” Teenagers tend to play video games in dark rooms. This puts more pressure on the eyes. This habit needs to stop.

Pediatricians can do eye examinations at a very young age. However, in case of any special illness, a pediatric ophthalmologist should be consulted. The child should be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist once the child is three or four years old.

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