The magic touch of steam on the skin is minimal. The cost of money and time is negligible. Bring elegance to the moment. The name of this magic is Steam.

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Spring in the middle of a dense forest. Steam has accumulated on all four sides according to the clouds. An Absolutely beautiful in the smoky region. Or the fragrant smoke wafting inside the palace.

Behind that fog is the shadow of the princess. We are familiar with such scenes or fantasies in classical literature, pictures, or pictures based on history. It seems that there is a deep connection between beauty and this cloudy vapor or smoke.

However, in the old days, the beauties really took care of their appearance with the help of a little hot steam. Then there was no parlor, no hairdresser. It is learned that hot water vapor was their favorite to play form in that era.

I.e. steam therapy. Steam mast in facials even at this time. The benefits of steam can be easily found at home.

How to steam to bring beauty to the face? The easy way and free of cost.
How to steam to bring beauty to the face? The easy way and free of cost.


The use of steam to preserve beauty was very popular in ancient Greece and Rome. In this country, the Mughal interior also liked ‘facial steam’. And now the women are working outside the house to cope with the monsoon climate. So the need to take steam has also increased.

Useful friend

The main function of steam is to penetrate the inner layer of the skin and remove dust. Touching the hot ramp makes the upper part of the skin sweat. The mouth of the ram well opens, and the frozen oil that has fallen on it comes out.

Steam also removes the layer of dead cells. It increases blood circulation, so the face is brighter. This circulation increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The skin is tight and plump, looks younger.

The vapors stimulate the oil glands, leaving the skin naturally moisturized. Destroying bacteria eliminates the problem of acne and acne. Regular steam increases the skin’s ability to heal, cosmetics and makeup work better.

Not just water

Liquor with purified water and tea leaves can be used for steam. It is better to understand the skin type and mix special ingredients in that liquid.

Oily skin:

Put some fresh basil leaves in the solution. Just before steaming, give two or three drops of tea tree oil.

Dry skin:

Boil the liquid by mixing dried rose petals and buds. You can mix chamomile, lavender extract.

Mixed skin:

Three drops of lavender extract, geranium essential oil. This solution also works on sensitive, skin. If you have acne problems, you can give eucalyptus oil. For faded skin, mix three drops of orange peel and three drops of lemon essential oil. All the ingredients are easily matched in the cosmetics store.

Three loads of steam

You can take steam by tilting your head over a pot of hot water or steaming oil in hot water in your mouth and using a home facial steamer machine (readily available, cut to size).

Before taking steam, you must clean your face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Tie the hair tightly. The process of taking steam is different in all three cases.


Choose a high-altitude chair for the table on which you will place the water jug. It will not be difficult to keep your head tilted for a while sitting in that chair. Beauty when the body is completely relaxed
The whole routine matches the results.

Fill the pot with gas according to the amount of water. When the water starts to boil, give herbs. After that there are less than two-three minutes left, need. Carefully pour the essential oil into the jug or bowl on the table.

Lean over the pot and bring your face and throat in contact with the hot steam. Place on a clean, soft, large bowl over the head. The mouth should be at least six inches away from the water. Take steam for five to ten minutes.

Worm Towel:

Dip one foot into warm running water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Drain the water. Lay down comfortably and leave the towel loose on your face. The forehead, eyes, and throat will all be covered. However, it should not be difficult to breathe. Rest for five minutes in this way.

Electrical steamer:

If you heat the water yourself, the heat decreases after a while. This steamer will solve that problem. Because it is electrical, the usage of the leaflet has to be followed literally.

When you mix herbs and oil, it is also written there. The tube of the steamer from which the steam will escape is usually kept ten inches away from the mouth and throat. Steam for a couple of minutes, then steam for another two minutes.

Caution is also important.

The skin should not be burnt by the touch of steam. Although it does not cause major damage to the skin can be scarred.

Keep your eyes closed while taking steam.

In the case of a warm towel method, do not rub the towel on the skin. The towel should not be too hot.

Take a two-minute break with steam. Understand whether the heat of the steam is being tolerated by the skin. Steam again after one minute…

It is better to take steam one day a week. In the case of very dry or sensitive skin, therapy may be continued at intervals of three weeks during the rainy season.

Do not take steam if there is any infection on the skin.

After taking the steam, sprinkle lukewarm water on the skin and dry it in the air of the fan. Apply moisturizer, serum, or anti-aging cream.

After that, even if the finger is rubbed on the forehead, cheeks, eyelids, and throat, the newly stimulated skin will have blood circulation. And the glow of your skin will catch everyone’s eye.

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