How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)

No fewer people have asthma, diabetes, or regular steroids. How will they be safe during the Coronavirus crisis? Advice on how to stay in this article.

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Someone has asthma problems. Someone has diabetes. Due to complex surgery, one has to take regular steroid type medicines again. In the meantime, the panic that surrounds the Coronavirus has caused these patients to spend their days in fear.

What do you do with asthma, diabetes, or steroid-dependent people in this situation? But why? Before getting this answer, you need to know better about asthma or diabetes.


It is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Prolonged inflammation can reduce the normal diameter of the airways. As a result, the airways become very sensitive. Later, various symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, chest pain and chest pressure, etc. As you get older, the problem gets worse.

However, through regular treatment, the disease can be controlled. Neglecting complicates the problem. Then, the effective diameter decreases as the mucus inside the airways increases. If the airway is completely blocked, there is danger of death. There is no specific age for asthma or asthma. It is not an infectious disease.

How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)
How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)

Causes of Asthma Disease

Asthma or asthma can be caused by various reasons. In many cases, this rage is likely to occur for hundreds of reasons, sometimes for environmental reasons.

  • If someone has the disease in the first place, others have a chance of getting infected with this disease.
  • Excessive pollution is one of the causes of this anger. Smoking is also likely to affect this rage. Those who smoke are dependent on themselves, as well as passive smokers.
  • If anyone is allergic to any food, dust, flower molecules, etc., they should be avoided. If allergies increase, there is a possibility of increasing respiratory tract attacks.
  • Asthma can also occur from dust mites, flower insects, bird feathers, fungi, and the East.
  • Asthma also fears some drugs.
  • Mental stress can also increase the severity of asthma in many cases.
  • Some also have allergy problems from beef, shrimp, hilsa fish, eggs, puddings, eggplant, sweet pumpkin. It may also cause respiratory problems.
  • For some, aroma, mosquito coils and pesticides can increase the odor of breathing.


Diabetes is not unknown to any of us. In the situation now, it is difficult for a family to have a diabetic patient. The American Diabetes Association says it’s a disease that will never go away. But it can be controlled.

Diabetes is a metabolism. This disease occurs when there is a complete or relative deficiency of the hormone called insulin in our body. This increases the amount of glucose in the blood. The glucose comes out through the urine. Because of this, diabetes patients have frequent urination.

Because of this, a large amount of glucose bar occurs from the patient’s body. In it, the cells of the body cannot produce progenetic energy. The result may look weak. If diabetes is not properly controlled, a variety of physical complications, including vascular, nerve, kidney, eye and heart problems can occur.

There are three types of diabetes. In the first case, absolutely no insulin is produced. All these patients have to take insulin injections. In the second case, insulin is produced, however, in very small quantities. Patients with this type of diabetes do not need to take insulin injections. However, the rules are to eat medicines.

Usually, people over the age of 30 are more likely to have this type of diabetes. Lately, however, the prevalence of such diabetes is increasing at all ages. Many people also have diabetes during their pregnancy. In that case, however, the problem is after delivery. No more. However, some medicines may be needed during pregnancy.

How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)
How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)

Symptoms of the disease

All of these patients have frequent urination. Too much water gets thirsty, it gets more hungry. Even if you eat properly, you lose weight. Fatigue and weakness are present. Sight decreases. It does not dry easily when cut or any wound. Various skin rashes occur.

How horrible can the coronavirus be for those who suffer from asthma and diabetes?

Pulmonologist Dr. Rajadhar said, “This is a very difficult time for those with asthma or those who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or who have diabetes.

All these patients need to be very careful now. Because their immunity is low, they do not want to cure any disease. Those who have this type of disease are more likely to die if they suffer from coronavirus. ”

What should be done to such patients in these complex situations?

Dr. Rajadhar asked to follow some guidelines. According to him, “In the case of such patients, the lockdown period does not have to be out of the house at all. Must be in self-isolation.

Even if the lockdown goes up, it’s best not to leave them for several months. ” He also advised to comply with some of the issues. For those who have asthma or COPD, their pneumonia vaccine is important. Although taking the flu vaccine, there is still uncertainty about how effective it will be for coronas.

The flu vaccine is likely to cause fever. In this critical situation, it becomes complicated to determine what causes the fever. Therefore, Dr. Rajadhar is advised not to take the flu vaccine but only the pneumonia vaccine.

If diabetes sufferers can also take the pneumonia vaccine, that is fine.
The only goal is to keep the body healthy at this time. So you need to eat medicines regularly. Asthma patients should take inhalers as per rules.

Diabetic patients who take insulin also need to take regular insulin injections. To increase immunity, regular exercise should be done. Protein should be eaten. It is important to have vitamin C in the diet.

Diabetes patients have to adhere to a diet that can be controlled under glucose again. Diabetes patients will not be able to gain weight in any way. Avoid hospitalization if you do not need it. Contact a physician by phone or e-mail.

But if there is excess, you need to be admitted to the hospital. The question is, how safe is it to take such patients to the hospital?

How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)
How to Stay Safe for Coronavirus Crisis? (Asthma, Diabetes)

At the moment, the patient is being examined before entering the hospital. With little signs of coronas being kept in the isolation ward. Otherwise, patients are being kept separate in the general ward.

Dr. Rajadhar said, “There is no zeitgeist between these two wards.
Hospital doctors, nurses or other staff have also been divided. Those who are involved in treating patients with coronavirus, but all of them are completely different in the hospital.

In addition, the general rules of caution, which apply to all, such as the eyes, the mouth, the hands not to nose, repeated washing hands, adherence to hygiene … more. Diabetes and asthma should be kept in mind.

People who regularly take steroid drugs.

For those who regularly take steroid type medicines due to various diseases, this situation is also a crisis. Because they too have low immunity. Therefore, Dr. Rajadhar advised, “All of these patients do not have to go outside the house to Berena at all. It is also important for them to be in self-isolation. ”

In addition, according to patients with asthma and diabetes, they also have to follow all the rules. To increase immunity, you need to follow the diet. Corona has now become a terror to the world. The number of victims is increasing. So everyone has to be very careful, adhere to hygiene. However, it is possible to stay healthy.

Whatever you do

  • The coronavirus is first infected with the airways. When a lung infection later, it can become pneumonia. So be careful, patients with asthma should not have cough in any way
  • Walking can be done on the roof or porch of the house to control glucose.
  • Outside food should be avoided. At this time, easily digestible foods should be eaten.
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