As much care is needed during pregnancy, as much care is needed by the mother after delivery, to have an emergency fit with her, know How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

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The body needs to be more aware after birth. At this time the mother’s body is weak. He needs care. Remember, you have to be fit to take care of your lovely baby.

That said, don’t forget to exercise a lot and eat less after a few days of delivery. Just as the body changes step by step when you become a mother, in the same way, you will gradually regain your appearance.

There is no quick fix. Emphasize fitness rather than losing weight and getting slim. It is very important for the mother to be fit to take care of the baby.

Many people are also getting the confidence to keep babysitters in fear of coronavirus. Arrange to keep him at home if possible. Those who do not have that way, they have to take all the responsibility themselves.

How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.
How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

In this case, take the help of everyone in the house, it is very difficult for the mother to do all the work of the newborn alone. However, if you keep some things in mind during the past pregnancy period, you will be back to the previous opinion.

Exactly when to start physical exercise?

It all depends on your body. Under normal circumstances, you have to walk a little from the day after having a child. However, in this case, follow the doctor.

Normal delivery is easier to return to normal. In the case of cesarean delivery, the mother’s body is a little weak. However, every day after the delivery of the child will take a little walk. Gradually increase the walking time.

How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.
How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

The real challenge is to take the newborn home. Breastfeeding, putting the baby to sleep, changing nappies, washing clothes … etc will continue in time. On top of that is the night’s sleep.

So when the baby sleeps, you also take a little sleep. Even if you do not sleep deep, at least take a power nap.

According to fitness expert Soumen Das, walking is the most important exercise for this time. Walk three or four times a day. If you have a roof or a veranda, it is better to walk inside the house.

Waking up, walking in the afternoon, and after heavy meals will keep the body fit. It takes a mother two to three months to start exercising. Even if he gains weight, don’t think.

How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.
How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

After two or three months of delivery, start light exercise at home with the advice of a doctor. Avoid park, walk on the street due to coronavirus. Keep walking on the roof, porch, or front of the house. Walking slowly at the beginning, this time increases both speed and time.

At this time the body becomes heavy, especially the abdominal part. Two exercises are ideal for the abdomen. Crunches and Leg Rise Holding.

First, start with ten crunches a day. Increase it later. In the case of leg rise, try to walk for at least ten seconds at first. You can do this exercise twice a day.

The mother’s body also needs energy. You can do this only through strength training exercises, which is especially important at this time. Wall push up 10-12 times in three sets. You can do squats, three sets at 10 o’clock. Increase the target in a gap of one week.

Soumen Das is emphasizing on stretching to get rid of the heavy feeling of the body. “Not all types of stretching can be done at this time.

How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.
How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

Stand with your back to the wall, and raise your arms. This time keeps stretching the body. Stretch the body upwards with the mass above the toe. In this case do 20 counts. You can do this exercise four times a day, his advice.

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing. Mothers’ bodies are weaker at this time. So experts are advising deep breathing to keep the lungs well.

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. You can do this several times a day for 10 times. If there is no discomfort in the body. You can also do spot jogging from three months after childbirth.

In the context of diet

Doctors recommend taking some vitamins until three months after childbirth. Iron, folic acid, etc. However, he will take all the medicines after discussing it with the doctor. And don’t lose weight because you have gained weight.

How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.
How to stay fit in the interest of the future child.

A mother needs protein, carbohydrates, and fats due to breastfeeding and a weak body. Plenty of water with that. Think about diet from three to four months after delivery.

If the child is breastfeeding, the mother should not eat outside food at all. Sweet and fatty foods should be eaten with understanding. Put green cereals, fruits, any one of the proteins on the diet. Understand the body and make a chart following the advice of a dietitian.

Good to know

Since you are breastfeeding, take care of that part of the body. Stay clean. You can do breast line exercises with expert advice.

A couple of months after delivery, the floor does not swell. Abdominal pressure when getting up from the floor. Heavy things are absolutely forbidden.

A special type of post-pregnancy bent is available for reducing belly fat. You can wear it with the advice of a doctor.

Inform the doctor if you feel any discomfort in the stitches during cesarean delivery.

Remember that staying fit is more important than losing weight. According to expert advice, it is possible to do full physical exercise within six months of delivery

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