How to smooth the skin from the house in case of lockdown?

You can easily get smooth and smooth skin without going out. How to find out in this article.

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There is no way to get to the parlor in the event of a lockdown. There is also a dilemma as to when the parlor will open, whether it will be okay to go there at all, even if the lockdown is over. Although skincare can be taken, waxing is not possible.

But who does not like ramekin shiny skin! But the way? Many people use hair removal cream or razor as a solution. Regular use of razors can make the skin rough. Increases hair growth. Again, the possibility of side effects in hair removal cream is not completely avoided.

So pick up Ram. Many people think that waxing is safe. But how is waxing possible at home? Although some waxing creams are available in the market, lockdown. There is no hope of getting it in the period. However, you can make your own waxing cream.

How to smooth the skin from the house in case of lockdown?

The process of making waxing cream.

In a bowl with a cup of water and a cup of sugar, make a thick juice. The juice must be shaken until it is sticky, otherwise, it may stick to the floor. Then add some honey and lemon juice in the glue juice.

This will make the glue feel more. Once the mixture is ready, it should be taken down and left for a while. Use it only when it is a little cold. Apply the mixture lightly on the feet or hands, wherever you are walking, and see if you can tolerate the heat.

It is also important to remember that when the mixture is completely cold, the ram will not rise well. However, if anyone wants, he can make a mixture and leave it. Reheat while waxing.

How to wax

Before waxing, the powder should be applied in the specified area. As a result, the skin will become dry at least a little. It is recommended to keep the skin dry during waxing. It comes up well in Regula. So do not apply any cream or oil before waxing. This time with a wooden spoon, apply the mixture on the hands or feet, where you will wax.

Then cover the area with a soft cotton cloth. After keeping the cloth for two-three minutes One has to pull it up. Ram’s growth has to be pulled in the opposite direction. In this way, the unwanted ram can be slowly removed. When the wax is over, wash your hands and feet well in cold water. It is better not to apply soap immediately after waxing.

How to smooth the skin from the house in case of lockdown?

The way to oil unwanted rame on the lips

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of milk to make a mixture. Apply the mixture on the lips for a while with your fingers. When it is dry, gently remove it. After that, the place should be washed in cold water.

Doing this for four weeks in a row can be beneficial. You can also apply this mixture to the rest of the face except the eyes. Also, mix cornflower and sugar with the white part of the egg and leave the paste on the upper lip for 30 minutes. When dry, peel off. Doing this twice a week for a month will pay off.

The benefits of waxing

Regular waxing reduces the growth of RAM. If there is a black spot on the underarms, it tends to decrease. Once waxed, after a couple of weeks, new ram starts to appear again. So for many days ramekin shiny skin is available.

Skin care after waxing

Many people get rashes on the skin after applying oil. The place turns red. Sometimes it is quite irritating again. So after waxing, you have to apply ice well there. If you have after shaving cream at home, you can also apply it.

Waxing should not be done immediately after waxing. If you are going to use it for special needs, make sure that the waxed skin does not get red. And you must apply sunscreen on the barrel. If you have skin allergies after waxing, you can apply talcum powder. And after waxing, you can lightly massage any moisturizing lotion.

If so, what are you thinking? Instead of relying on a parlor, start waxing at home. Waxing in this way also reduces the chances of side effects. You can still wax this way to take care of your skin even if you have a lockdown.

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