How to resolve your child's misbehavior

How to solve your child’s misbehavior

Nose fingering, hair spraying, nails eating, many abuses are seen in children. You can keep your child away from it if it does not make sense.

Many times it is seen that your child is developing a new habit. Maybe it is sitting there with a finger in the mouth. It stopped, then started eating nails. Many people can even shave their own hair again, even pull the hair of the people around.

Many children are chewing on anything they mouth. Maybe he bought a toy car to play with. Except for a while, the car has no tires. At that moment, he opened it and put it in his mouth, then retired and sank. Such behavior is not uncommon in children. But the problem is elsewhere.

Where is the problem

Whether it’s a toy or his finger, whatever he sees in his face, dirt can go through his stomach. Stomach problems can occur. Flu season may include cold cough or viral illness.

Nausea, such as eating nails or fingering noses, can be infected by cutting into the nostrils or nails.

What can be done ?

Don’t rebuke your child. The first thing to keep in mind, is that the child does not force him to do anything. The more you rule, the more you talk … but the more it grows.

So the first step is to ignore these issues before him. If he does not notice the matter himself, he may at one time stop napping or cutting hair.

Psychiatrist doctors say that

Bring your child’s all-day activity to the target. Give him a star for his well-being. If you can get five stars, you can commit him as a gift. If she repeats any misconduct, cut the star. First, you need to warn twice. If it still does not work, you can cut the star. But he will be aware.


It is necessary to identify the child’s misbehavior, which is not another. At one point in the subconscious, he may have nailed his teeth twice a day. Maybe he didn’t do it later,

It may be so. So it’s not badass. But if you start eating nails in the middle of any work, you have to understand that it has become a habit. Then be aware.

Talk to your child. As an adult, he has to talk. Ask him why he is doing this. Maybe his answer will solve the problem. Explain it in such a way that he understands.

For example, if she eats nails, tell her that her nails are starting to look bad. Also cut regular nails so that he does not eat nails.

If you point your finger to the nose on the other hand, tell the child that his friends will not play with him. Because his hand is getting dirty. Discuss each issue openly with him. Not just forbidding a child.

Think about it, you are not a victim of any abuse in front of him? Maybe he learned from seeing you. So be aware of your behavior and behavior first.

What to do

Don’t let a child abuse or discipline him or her. But his stubbornness will increase. As a result, he can still do it under your protection. So mean, not nonsense. Don’t discuss his downside all the time. Praise him occasionally for his good work. It will encourage them to do good.

Do not lose patience. Remember, he is a child. Even if you tell him something, he can repeat it. Do not lose patience. On the contrary, he must be convinced that you have suffered. It will work. However, keep in mind that one, to change the habit, does not become another partner.

Often times, the drug is caught away from the mobile. As a result, one has to be aware of that.

How do you explain your child ?

  • How to explain them depends a lot on the age of the child.
  • When you learn how to speak, start talking to him.
  • Explain everything with logic Just don’t say ‘don’t do this’ or ‘don’t do that’ rule.
  • Explain clearly what he will do.
  • When the child is a little older, he can talk to his friends or older siblings, and you can explain it to them. He would listen to a friend.
How to resolve your child's misbehavior
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