What is the most important idea about following an online diet?

How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01

Staying at home is a chore, but you can use this time to reduce your extra body weight by combining some exercise and some diet.

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Many people are doing a lot of research at home on how to lose weight using the lockdown time. Since outside food is almost closed at this time, even if you want to lose weight, it can be done in an easy way.

Make a diet chart with home-cooked food at home, as well as exercise. Many have not had the opportunity to go to the gym for so long in lockdown. If you continue to combine diet and exercise after the lockdown and at home, you will get results in hand.

Many are eating repeatedly throughout the day under the pressure of work from ham. Physical work has been reduced because no one is going to the barracks outside again.

It also has the opposite side. Because Didi is not coming to help with the housework, many people are coming down with their waists tied, washing the house, washing the dishes and washing the clothes. However, if you think you will lose weight by doing all this, you will make a mistake.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. So keep track of the day from the start, losing weight at regular intervals?

Strict diet

How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01
How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01

Even those who follow a strict diet may not be able to follow this lockdown. On top of that is the thought of food rationing. So when making a diet, you have to rely on home-cooked food.

Food spoilage or overeating will not work at all.

Rely on old snacks in the form of breadcrumbs instead of fancy food or grilled food. And pay attention to how much you eat at one go.

Clinical nutritionist Hina Nafis said, “Many people think about what to eat when they are at home. It is important to keep in mind what you eat and how much you eat. You can eat buttermilk, popcorn and spicy butter for breakfast. ”

However, for those who are accustomed to going out regularly, the food at home may not be good.

Hina Nafis also reminded about mental health, “Lately many people are suffering from depression or depression due to various reasons.

If you don’t want to eat daily Chire-Muri, you can make something delicious at home or you can order it from outside one time and eat it. It will temporarily improve the mood.

Again, those who are running a restaurant or coming to deliver to your home will have to stand by them. ” But keep in mind that ‘Chit Day’ should be one day a week.

Put foods made from common household ingredients on the diet chart, advice Hina. You can make khichuri with rice, mug dal and all kinds of seasonal grains, give minimum ghee. Khichuri can also be made with oats or dahlia.

You can also eat oats with fruits, nuts and milk, without sugar. It is not difficult to make a delicious snack by wrapping chicken, eggs or cheese in flour bread.

Make a sandwich with brown bread mixed with cucumber, onion, capsicum, corn etc. Reduce the amount of rice-bread and increase the amount of pulses, salads, vegetable soups, fruits in any match.

If you don’t like to eat fruit, you can mix it with yogurt and eat it as a smoothie. If you are hungry in the middle of work, you can keep the skin wet, cucumber, dates, etc. close at hand to move your face.

Many people choose intermittent fasting to lose weight fast. However, if you have problems with diabetes, acidity, peptic ulcer, it is better not to follow.

How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01
How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01

Again, after eating for a long time, there is a tendency to eat more. So try to control your weight by eating small amounts repeatedly.

Gym at home

You can start at home instead of going to gym, arabics, pilates, zumba or yoga classes. Instead of trying to lose five pounds in five weeks, go for a slow but steady approach. However, keep a weight calculation every couple of weeks, only then you will be able to understand the results.

Fitness expert Soumen Das gave some basic exercise tips.

How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01
How to reduce excess body weight from home.#01

Now that the amount of dust in the air is relatively low, get up and do basic stretching and deep breathing exercises. This will increase the efficiency of the lungs.

After that, eat something light and do three or four sets of push ups and squats. Gradually increase the number, such exercises will help increase muscle strength.

Jumping jack with rest, do spot jogging for 15 minutes Fast. There is no pair to burn calories.

When you sit at work, take a three-minute break every 30 minutes. Occasionally do neck and waist exercises. Back muscle pens and joint pens do not fit easily,

Even if you spend all day at home, eating well and regular exercise can keep you fit. If you can follow the rules, you will lose weight without the obligation of strict diet or gym.

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