How to protect your child in the virtual world?

How to protect your child in the virtual world?

Virtual life has almost consumed real life. Learn how to protect your child from virtual life.

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Everyone is a little familiar with the new normal life after the lockdown. For now, online classes are the only hope for study! But isn’t your child getting too attracted to digital life in the space of online classes? Keep an eye on him…

The reason must be found

Payal Ghaesh, a parent consultant, said, “Why are you addicted to digital? We have to find out the reason first. It is often seen that the child sits at home with the phone to get rid of the quarrel or unrest of the parents at home.

Some homes do not have a chat environment. Then they find food in the virtual world. ” Many children may not hold phones or laptops until online classes begin. But now they are taking this thing in hand, learning to use it. As a result, the attraction towards him is also increasing.

What to do

Need to balance virtual and real life. For reading, digital is definitely a medium for learning. But it is not always the partner who has to draw this line.

It is important to teach the child to do housework, watering the trees and caring for the trees through routine. If the child is interested, you can also take his help in cooking.Even if there are no restrictions on the street, leave him in a messy place inside the house.

How to protect your child in the virtual world?
How to protect your child in the virtual world?

It can be a roof, a window sill or a porch. Let him write, draw or sit in silence and look at the sky. Let him be in his power. You can also give a telescope there. With it you can see different kinds of birds. Friendship with nature will be formed.

It is important to keep the phone away from the child when he is young. At that time, give him funny books, toys, colors … If he is a fan of any cartoon character, cut that. You can buy a book written on it without using the phone. That book is Hake’s child’s companion.

Psychiatrist Abir Mukherjee said, “If we can change the behavioral use of digital addiction, the addiction will go away. If you don’t have a range of sports, you can buy carom, luda, chess, etc. Baird games. ” Start playing with the child yourself.

When the child grows up, he should not be forced. Try to mix in the opinion of a friend. Introduce her to the taste-smell-color that there is a beautiful life beyond digital life. Maybe your child also wants to get rid of this addiction, extend that hand.

Many lie on the bed, eat, and even use the phone in the bathroom. It is important to change this habit. Create a mobile, laptop storage space i.e. digital space inside the house.

Suppose he put it all in a room or on a table. That will work digitally, in that room or on that table. Then when he leaves that place, he will be able to leave the virtual world mentally and set foot in real life. Although difficult at first, this method is quite effective.

You can bring new fish to Aquacium or Fish Bale and release it. You will also get a companion to spend time at home. And to take care of the fish, to clean the water will take a lot of time.

How to protect your child in the virtual world?
How to protect your child in the virtual world?

Don’t do what you do

Payal Ghaesh said, “Many times parents also become digitally dependent. He also handed over the mobile phone so that the child would not be disturbed. This should not be done. ” Remember, digital detox has to do with the whole family together.

Since everyone is spending a lot of time under the same roof now, there is a need to increase mutual understanding. So parents do not watch their favorite movie series?

Must see. That time must be taken wisely, behind the child.
Take a good picture with your child on holiday or at leisure and watch it together. He will be happy and will learn to trust you. If you forbid him later, he will listen.

Don’t tell the child to stop the work by scolding at first, it will reduce the work. Instead, create a story and chat environment at home. Involve your child in it.

Tell the story of his childhood and you will see that the child is also interested and leaves the phone and takes part in that discussion.

The first difficulty is in creating any habit. But digital and real life. It will be healthy only if you can balance. And this habit of the child has to be taken seriously by the parents.

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